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Jaja’s Greek Mythology: Who Are The Olympians?

Jaja’s Greek Mythology: Who Are The Olympians?


Let me tell you something… Remember that after the war and all that business with the Titans whose names you might not remember, that the gods started getting married and stuff? Well this page functions to tell you which gods are the god of what, their domain, strengths and other stuff like that. These gods are Ranked from Most Powerful to the Less Strong gods. I will also tell you whether I like him or not…

Firstly, let me tell you that they are referred to as Olympians cause they live in Mount Olympus which I have mentioned in the last page, like we are, you know… Indonesians?

A Simple Guide To This Page:

  • Powers: These are the powers of the God/Goddess, most of them can shape-shift, and radiate power, but these are those that are exclusive to them
  • Domain: These are the areas they rule, or the subjects they do best on
  • Symbol: Their symbol… Basically if they bring a flag, this is the color or things they have in their flag
  • Sacred Animal: Animals that they see as an image of themselves…
  • Personality: This is for their personality, and how they behave
  • Known Relics/Weapons: This is usually the items they hold. This can be the weapon or relic of the said god
  • How Was He/She Born?: First thing that happens after they are born… May include how hard is it to give birth for them, and their parents
  • Official Spouse: Their official partner in “Till Death Do Us Part” But well, they cheat a lot, so there’s that
  • Daily Activities: Things they do in your average episode of Greek Mythology, which isn’t that average
  • One Sentence Philosophy: A joke I make regarding their personalities… If it’s funny leave a comment!
  • Do I Like Him/Her?: My thoughts on the god/goddess.. just a personal opinion

Zeus, The King Of The Universe

A statue of Zeus, complete with his Thunder Bolt
  • Powers: Lightning Bolts, Brewing Storms, and some more “Shocking” stuff, such as shape-shifting!
  • Domain: He is the God of The Sky, Thunderbolts, Storms, and he’s also King of Olympus.
  • Symbol: A Lightning Bolt
  • Sacred Animal: Eagles, cause those things fly on his domain
  • Personality: Stern, and Proud. You do not want to mess with his ego. Since he is king of the universe, he also has the right to kill you if he doesn’t like you, and no one can forbid you from doing that.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Zeus’s Bolt, the Shield Aegis, but that’s… a bit tricky… refer to Athena down below.
  • How Was He Born?: OK, well read here first, you might want to refer to that
  • Official Spouse: Hera, Goddess Of Marriage… but he does cheat on her… a lot… Which is weird, since Hera is the Goddess Of Marriage, and is VERY loyal to Zeus…
  • Daily Activities:
    • He rules over mortals and gods with high expectations!
    • He also decides how law is supposed to be passed and stuff, since in Greece kings decide punishment, and who is guilty or innocent..
    • Oh, and he finds mortal women for him to date and cheat on his wife on…
    • Oh, and the cream of the crop… Punishing mortals for not much of a reason.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: It is A King’s Job To Make Sure To Rule Without Getting Distrac… OH LOOK! A PRETTY GIRL!
  • Do I Like Him?: NO! there is nothing awesome with a King who doesn’t do his job properly, In fact to make things worse, Zeus isn’t loyal at all to his wife, he doesn’t even have any swag to make up for that. Sure, he’s king… Is he smart? Not really… There you go… Is he powerful? Ok, yeah he is, but… quoting Spider-man, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, and Zeus has no responsibility, almost at all.

Poseidon, God Of The Sea

Poseidon, Holding His Trident
  • Powers: The ability to manipulate water, and create Earthquakes, also he can communicate with any sea life!
  • Domain: He’s The God Of the Sea
  • Symbol: The Trident
  • Sacred Animal: Horses! He made them
  • Personality: A Stern but Laid-back King. Oh and he also gets Saltier than the Sea Waters cause he rarely gets what he wants (apart from Women), problem is Poseidon wants too much… He seems to get jealous very easily.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Poseidon’s Trident
  • How Was He Born?: He got eaten… but see Zeus
  • Official Spouse: Amphitrite, a Sea Nymph, but he also cheats on her…
  • Daily Activities:
    • Swimming around the ocean
    • Finding pretty mortals that walk near the sea
    • Commanding sea creatures to do as he pleases,
    • Trying his best to get what he wants.
    • Oh, and drowning people who forgot to sacrifice to him, tossing islands with Earthquakes each time he doesn’t get what he wants. (If you think a baby’s Tantrum is bad, you don’t know Poseidon’s tantrum…)
  • One Sentence Philosophy: I’m saltier than the sea
  • Do I Like Him?: Nah, he sucks, firstly, he has rage issues… and with his trident, he can toss islands and drown people when things don’t go his way, and secondly, with women, he’s probably cheated on his wife more than Zeus because at least Zeus’s wife is mad at him, and he has a week of redeeming himself and stuff, Amphitrite doesn’t get mad, so… err Poseidon can cheat on her without a single thought…

Hades, God Of The Dead

Hades With His Pet 3 Headed Dog
  • Powers: He rules the dead… There is a LOT of dead people.
  • Domain: He’s the God of The Dead, and God Of The Underworld
  • Symbol: Scepter
  • Sacred Animal: The Screech Owls cause… I got nothing… Maybe those are the scariest Owls
  • Personality: Bitter… He is an estranged person to the other gods, and he never gets any visits. He gets pretty bitter about it, and often times, he can’t really fuss about his luck, he just deals with it. At least he is grateful with what he has, unlike Zeus and Poseidon… also, By technicality, Hades isn’t an Olympian…
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Magneto’s Helmet… I mean… Helmet Of Darkness…
  • How Was He Born?: Same as Poseidon… He was born as a meal for his dad
  • Official Spouse: Persephone Goddess of Springtime… Oh, but he kidnapped her, and almost destroyed the entire population of mankind because of that… So there’s that… (but he doesn’t cheat on her that often, so that’s gratefulness for you!).
  • Daily Activities:
    • Watching dead people from his palace. ( Hades doesn’t really have too much activities, since most of his monster servants, or zombie servants do the job for him.)
    • He is rich, cause all the gold in the underground belongs to him, and he can hire anything he wants for free. If he is in the mood to have Piano Lessons? Bam! send Ghost Mozart to his palace!
    • So maybe… cause of the ever increasing population of the dead he gets richer every day, and access to less boring activities.
    • But probably he just stares at his monsters torturing the evil souls.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: I’m alive, but everything around me isn’t…
  • Do I Like Him?: Yeah I do… Despite all his weirdness, bitterness, and 1 star Reviews from people that visit the underworld and got out (Theseus and Hercules was some of them). He is a good guy… I mean, he doesn’t cheat on his wife (more than 2 times, later stories), and he hasn’t really punished a mortal for offending him, for lying to him? Sure! For cheating death? YEP, he does that. He’s a patient and grateful guy in a sense. (Okay, sure there is the kidnapping.. but hey, he’s lonely, cut him some slack)

Hera, Goddess Of Marriage

Hera, The Ancient Greece Equivalent Of Crazy Moms
  • Powers: Driving people crazy, making demigods suffer, shape-shifting, disguising herself (What’s the connection between this and marriage you might ask… I don’t know)
  • Domain: Marriage, Family Life, Motherhood, and most important of all… Making demigods and Zeus’s girlfriends suffer.
  • Symbol: A Peacock Feather
  • Sacred Animal: Cows, cause those things are motherly… I don’t really get this though, but if she insists, I wont cross her…
  • Personality: Firstly Hera has a HECK of an attitude. She basically has every possible method of making people annoyed, or sick of her. Also, when she gets offended, she’ll possibly find the worst indirect way of making you suffer (reminds me of some women in a bad mood). Hera does things pretty indirectly, but she is sneaky, and has lots of tricks to make someone suffer. Oh, and she is also a perfectionist.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: I’m not sure, Hera doesn’t have any cool weapons that I know of.
  • How Was She Born?:
    Unlike Hades and Poseidon and Zeus, there are some unmentioned things regarding this. Firstly, before she claimed her throne, she was sent to live with Uncle Oceanus by mother Rhea. Hera respected Oceanus not swaying to any women and pretty sea nymphs, and she felt she wants to have a husband that is just as loyal as Oceanus is to his wife. Hera decided she wants to claim her throne in Mount Olympus as the Goddess Of Marriage.
  • Official Spouse: Zeus…
  • Daily Activities:
    • Making Demigod sons of Zeus suffer
    • Finding Zeus’s latest girlfriends, and making sure they are in pain
    • Keeping the Olympian family intact by trying to resolve conflict.
    • You know, just your typical Goddess of Family life activities, making sure everyone in her family is perfect, and dumping those that aren’t
    • Oh and also, she does one thing right… she blesses newlyweds.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: So, that’s 1000 girlfriends of Zeus out of the way… 1000 to go!
  • Do I Like Her?: NOPE NOPE NOPE! She’s a perfectionist, and I already dislike women with too much of a temper, but really? Hera’s problem isn’t just her temper, but also her method of doing things, and as you might see below, those methods are totally not cool!

Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture

Demeter With This Month’s Harvest…
  • Powers: Making crops grow, or wither.
  • Domain: Plants, Growth, and Agriculture in general
  • Symbol: A Scythe, but the farming one… not the killing one
  • Sacred Animal: She doesn’t have one…
  • Personality: She’s pretty calm. She is overprotective of her daughter, Persephone, well even though she got kidnapped. She has some tantrum issues, and is very dangerous when mad. Demeter is a girl that’s well, she is in the middle, she’s not too scary like Hera, she’s not too calm either though. She enjoys nature, and plants as well. Although… She has her issues, such as her being overprotective, and some temper, but overall she’s a pretty good mom, sister, and Olympian.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Her farming scythe
  • How Was She Born?: As a meal for Kronos
  • Official Spouse: She isn’t married to anyone, but she has some short relationships with a few mortals.
  • Daily Activities:
    • Making crops grow, giving humans food
    • Chilling by the fields, watching, and smelling plants
    • Teaching farming techniques to humans who sacrifice to her
    • Well, that one time her daughter got kidnapped, she made plants wither, and made sure no human gets to eat… Because that’s the less calm Demeter
  • One Sentence Philosophy: My daughter got kidnapped! NOBODY GETS TO EAT!
  • Do I Like Her? Hmm… I’ll stay neutral, for several reasons… One being her letting personal emotions cloud her judgement, but she’s also an overall peaceful and kind goddess, with not much wrong things for her to do. She just wants to protect all of her daughters.

Ares, God Of War

Ares, Ready for War!
  • Powers: His eyes infuriate anyone who stare onto them, He has strength and combat skills beyond compare.
  • Domain: He’s the God of War! and more stuff involving war.
  • Symbol: War Helmet, and Wild Boar
  • Sacred Animal: Wild Boar, cause those things rage without any reason… Like him!
  • Personality: He has anger issues, so… he kills people, and has an addiction to Warfare… He’s dumb in a sense… He kills people instead of talking to them, that’s a… straightforward method. He’s your typical brute. Oh, and remember Wonder Woman’s Ares? Yeah, Greek Mythology Ares isn’t as smart as that Ares. At least Wonder Woman Ares used wits… Real Ares probably won’t understand what “wits” mean.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: His Sword, His fire breathing horses (Bubi fears regular horses, and trust me, she’ll fear that more), His battle armor.
  • How Was He Born?: He was born to Hera and Zeus… As a baby, Ares broke his Father’s finger, so he got sent to a Mountain Nymph that ended up taking care of him. As a child… He learned to fight and nearly killed people… a lot of times. See, this is why you shouldn’t let Nanny’s parent your child… They’ll be like Ares!
  • Official Spouse: He doesn’t marry anyone but has lots of girlfriends. The most notable one is Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.
  • Daily Activities:
    • Starting wars by staring at people
    • Fighting in those wars, while killing people…
    • He also spends time hurting people for no reason, especially those that offend him.
    • He also blesses people he likes with something called the Blessing Of Ares (again, the Greeks aren’t the most creative with names). Anyone blessed by him becomes invulnerable in combat.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: You think someone like Ares would have a philosophy? Nah… He’s a direct approach guy… “STAB! STAB! STAB!”.. Results are earned much faster
  • Do I Like Him?: NO! ! What do you think I am? I’m a thinker… Although he is cool and bad-ass, his coolness doesn’t beat out the fact he doesn’t think things through.

Athena, Goddess Of Wisdom

Athena, Complete With Battle Armor
  • Powers: The wisdom of ten thousand scholars, Unparalleled Strategies in the Art of War, enough to make Sun Tzu jealous.
  • Domain: She’s the Goddess of Warfare, (but the wise and strategy type, not the Ares kind.) Craft, and Wisdom
  • Symbol: Olive Trees, cause she made them…
  • Sacred Animal: Owls, cause the Greeks believe that Owls are the most wise animals, and their hoot-hoot sound at night are whispers of knowledge… OK… I won’t argue with that
  • Personality: She’s smart, but if you refer to some stories about Medusa, and Arachne, she doesn’t really use wisdom like her tagline states. She tries to use wisdom most of the times, but when I look at some things, she lets her personal emotions cloud her judgement that is supposed to have wisdom.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Her Shield, Aegis. That shield also has Medusa’s head put in front of it, and if you know a bit about Medusa, staring onto Medusa’s eyes will turn you to stone.
  • How Was She Born?:
    This is a bit tricky… Remember Metis? No? Well, She’s the Titan Of Pure Thought, and natural law, Kronos’s sister… Anyways, Zeus married Metis before he married Hera, and Athena was born from those 2… BUT WAIT! See, A prophecy stated that Metis’s children will be wiser than his father, Zeus felt contested, so he swallowed Metis… (hang on, with Zeus’s wisdom any child will be wiser than him)But unfortunately for Zeus, Metis was already carrying Athena, and once born inside Zeus’s stomach, Athena dissolved herself onto pure thought… I don’t know how, she just did… She then got onto Zeus’s head, and gave Zeus a headache. The other gods wondered how it happened, so Hephaestus, The Blacksmith God broke open Zeus’s head, and BAM! Athena came out with full battle armor, as an adult.
  • Official Spouse: She’s an eternal maiden, she doesn’t plan on marrying or dating anyone, although there is that one time she has a son, but that’s err… tricky… so other times…
  • Daily Activities: I’m not sure about this, but if you read a lot about Athena, she enjoys…
    • Inventing new techniques to improve mankind. S
    • She also likes learning new things, and practicing her combat skills… Much better… unlike her brother Ares…
  • One Sentence Philosophy: I will use wisdom to judge everything… Unless if it’s personal!
  • Do I Like Her?: Hmm… I don’t like everything she does, because I still think that punishing people for bragging (Arachne) or punishing an innocent woman that is tricked by a god (Medusa) is definitely over the line. She should’ve been wise enough to not let her personal thoughts cloud her wisdom. On the other hand, she’s a very useful goddess for the development of humans in Greek mythology… So, I’ll stay neutral for her..

Aphrodite, Goddess Of Love

Aphrodite… Admiring Herself
  • Powers: She can make people fall in love with anyone… Anyone who looks at her will see the most beautiful woman in their imagination, literally.
  • Domain: Love, Beauty, and everything related to either one of those, except Marriage, that’s Hera’s domain.
  • Symbol: Doves, the Greeks believe of doves as messengers of love.
  • Sacred Animal: Doves, oh what a surprise, since her symbol is also that…
  • Personality: She’s… Insecure… No joke… She fears that one day someone will be prettier than her, and she often finds other men to comfort her. Good-looking men, since her husband is ugly. She gets jealous pretty quickly, and she often compares herself to other women. If even the Goddess of Beauty and Love can be insecure about some things, then… listen to that song… “Cause you are beautiful… No matter what they say, words can’t bring you down!” (or something like that.) Anyways, she also enjoys attention a lot, and enjoys making mortals suffer with her love magic… She thinks it’s funny…
  • Known Relics/Weapons: A magical Girdle (or belt), that makes people fall in love with her in an instant.
  • How Was She Born?: Remember Ouranos? If you don’t read this… yeah she’s born from some of Ouranos’s body parts and seafoam. When she got to land, she met the three goddesses that each represent the seasons, except Winter. They dressed her up, and took her to Olympus, and all of the male gods wanted to marry her in an instant cause she’s pretty. Those male gods, poor them. Oh, but Hera gave Aphrodite the worst looking god of them all, Hephaestus to marry Aphrodite. Cause if a handsome god like Zeus, Poseidon, or Ares marries her, they’d probably fight 24/7, and the earth is a battle field. Aphrodite has that effect on people…
  • Official Spouse: Hephaestus. But! She has no kids with him, and lots of kids with lots of other men, and the gods… Ares, Hermes, and Dionysus… Poor Hephaestus…
  • Daily Activities:
    • Staring at herself in a mirror…
    • Putting make up on…
    • Making mortals (and gods) fall in love with each other.
    • Although, she has a son named Eros (or you might know the Roman Name: Cupid better), to do the third part of her job when she is too busy staring at herself and wearing makeup.
    • Oh, she also enjoys getting prayers and sacrifices by making people fall in love with people that barely notice you. Blame her if you are still single!
  • One Sentence Philosophy: I’m the prettiest… RIGHT?
  • Do I Like Her?: Nope… She’s pretty, but look at that personality, and daily activities… Should be enough to give you an image of what she does, and well… No reason to like her.

Apollo, God Of Music

Apollo Striking A Pose
  • Powers: His voice is mesmerizing, His ability and wordplay is godly (of course, he’s a god), His ability to play music instruments are incomparable, and… well… just read the domain part cause this is going to be tricky, he’s the god of a gazillion things.
  • Domain: OK… Apollo is the God of… Music, Archery, Poetry, Prophecies, Art, Medicine, Plagues, The Sun, Protector Of Young Men, Cattle herding, and Anything Artistic.
  • Symbol: The Lyre, The Sun.
  • Sacred Animal: Hang on, he doesn’t have any… but He has a sacred plant known as the Laurel. Used for Wreaths, as a symbol for kings to show their glory, he’s got taste!
  • Personality: He… is a narcissistic person in a sense. He thinks he’s basically the most awesome guy that’s a symbol of perfection. But hang on, he isn’t entirely narcissistic. Apollo like I said, also has taste, he chooses the most artistic and graceful things for him to be interested on, which yes, includes Women. Apollo shows as much gracefulness and flair as he can. I don’t see much bad personalities from Apollo apart from the slight narcissism, and his ego. Well, his ego isn’t as high as Zeus, but i can assure you, he’s got LOADS of Ego. Oh and one more thing… Apollo craves to be in the spotlight. He’ll do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. Luckily he’s got lots of tools to accomplish that.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: The Sun Chariot, in which he rides the sun on, His Lyre, and The Most Important Thing… His Golden Bow!
  • How Was He Born?:
    OK… Firstly, remember Zeus’s habit of dating girls and leaving them? Well, Apollo’s dad is Zeus, and his mom? A titan named Leto, who is the Titan of motherhood. But hang on… Apollo’s birth is all forms of tragedy. Firstly, remember Hera? What’s her daily job? Oh yes, making any offspring and girlfriends of Zeus suffer. She hates Leto too much, because Leto is pregnant with twins… Hera’s curse to Leto is that Leto cannot give birth on any land with roots, which is every land… (well almost every land)The curse isn’t over yet, cause Hera must be in a VERY bad mood (those moms, their mood when it’s bad is SCARY)… Hera summoned a giant serpent called Python to make Leto’s life 10 times more miserable. So, when Leto was in labor at the 7th month of pregnancy, no land would accept her because of Hera’s curse. And oh look! A giant serpent is chasing her!Okay, so she ran around Greece with a giant snake on her tail, while in labor, and isn’t allowed to give birth. Wow, I totally respect her. So where did she give birth? Well luckily there is an island that has no roots, but is drifting around and has no solid location. You know, like Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island! So she swum there, and gave birth there, causing roots to grow there, (cause Greek Mythology demands such logic), and giving the island now known as Delos, a firm and solid location on the map

    .Apollo’s birth actually came second to his twin sister, but, he took the spotlight in an instant. He grew up immediately to the size of a 7 year old, and he sang a song that impressed every goddess that assisted Apollo’s birth, which is basically every goddess, except Hera. When he was 1 week old, he already grew up to the age of 19, cause he’s a god, he could do that… He slayed the snake Python with his golden bow, he used Python’s body, dumped it onto a cave, that created fumes used to “hear the words of the gods” in the center of Greece and called it the main source of prophecies in all of Greece! There’s Apollo’s story, so wait for his sister’s turn.

  • Official Spouse: He plans on staying a bachelor forever, and he wants to date around as much as he can, try out as many girls he can date. (Reminds me of John Mayer). His most memorable girlfriends are the 9 Muses. Those are the incredibly beautiful goddesses who create any forms of art.
  • Daily Activities: Well, Apollo has a bunch of jobs. But, his main activities include:
    • Driving the sun chariot, from 5A.M. to 6 P.M. when the sun rises or sets, while singing or writing a song I suppose.
    • Making poetry in his free time
    • Trying out prophecies to mess around someone’s life with a stupid ques
    • Getting girls. (He is a total womanizer), Teenagers nowadays will probably put him as an Ancient Greece equivalent to any One Direction member. That reminds me, if I make a band, I’ll call it the Sons Of Apollo
    • When Helios is taking his job driving the sun chariot (the Greeks got confused between the two being Sun Gods), he probably spends his time making Apollo concerts, playing with his bow and arrow, and probably inventing new medicine.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: The sun literally rises and sets on me!
  • Do I Like Him?: Hmm… Yeah I do! Of course, firstly, as a music fan myself, having a god of Music is just awesome. Apollo is also pretty cool, and like him, I like being in the spotlight! The things I don’t like about him is his narcissism but well, it’s not that bad actually.

Artemis, Goddess Of The Hunt

Artemis, With Her Pet and Bow
  • Powers: OK, she’s got Archery and hunting skills beyond compare. She also has the ability to communicate and summon wildlife.
  • Domain: Hunting, Wildlife, Archery, (She’s better than Apollo), Protection of Women, and The Moon
  • Symbol: The Crescent Moon
  • Sacred Animal: Deer, cause those things are free to roam, like her!
  • Personality: So… Artemis HATES men. Why? I’ll state below, be patient, but her personality generally revolves on her need to defend women, and protecting wildlife. She’s motherly, but she doesn’t want to be a mother. She’s also probably the first ever feminist, and she fights for women rights. Like I stated above, she also doesn’t want to be “chained down” She dislikes the concept of marriage cause of how terrible men treats women back in Ancient Greece.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Her Silver Bow. Shaped like the crescent moon
  • How Was She Born?:
    See Apollo. But hold on! Before Apollo was born, she was born first, grew immediately to a 6 year old girl, and she helped with Apollo’s birth. After that, she wasted no time watching Apollo’s performance, because she probably got sick of it, Apollo probably spends his time in the womb singing and bragging about himself. That can really get to someone if you’re stuck together nonstop with a flashy, bragging god for 7 months straight.She instead flew to Zeus with Auntie Hestia, asked for some gifts, and permission to never get married. Her gifts are the fact she wants female followers around ages of 6-15, that are still Maidens, and she wanted them to be off limits for mortals and gods. She will teach them to hunt, and called them “The Hunters Of Artemis” Oh and she wants Hunting dogs too. Zeus grants it, cause, rich people loves to make Daddy’s Little Girl(s) happy.
  • Official Spouse: She doesn’t want to get married, or date anyone
  • Daily Activities:
    • She hunts down monsters that no heroes are taking care of, cause Apollo hasn’t prophecized about them being slain by heroes. (way to take care of your brothers mistakes).
    • She protects women, and helps with birth for women around Greece.
    • Oh, and probably she also does demonstrations about women rights like Laborers do when they feel they aren’t paid enough. (Oh wait, this is a different century)
    • Artemis also punishes people who doesn’t care about the environment, and anyone who hunts too much without a single sacrifice? Oh… She’ll destroy you… trust me on that. She once sent a HUGE WILD BOAR to a kingdom for hunting too much without any sacrifices to her. Don’t mess with Artemis, unless you want your family to Arte-miss you (I had to make that pun… sorry)
  • One Sentence Philosophy: Men Are Stupid Brutes!
  • Do I Like Her?: Hmm, I do like her taking care of the environment and fighting for women rights. I don’t like her that much though. She’s pretty cool, and trust me, she is among the nicer gods, and well I haven’t seen her do much things wrong cause of her personal ego. I can’t blame her too much actually for the hate for men, cause look at how much of a jerk the other male gods are.

Hephaestus, The Blacksmith God

Hephaestus, He Doesn’t Seem So Ugly To Me…
  • Powers: The ability to create fire, and immunity to it. Hephaestus also forges the best weapons, shields, jewelries and armors in all of Greece.
  • Domain: He’s the god of Fire, and blacksmithing.
  • Symbol: Hammer, cause he uses them for work.
  • Sacred Animal: Donkeys, cause… well, he’s crippled, but strong. Same goes for Donkeys, donkeys seem to be “crippled”, and clumsy, but they are strong, and still has some uses. Well, I’m clumsy too! (I don’t know about strong, but clumsy? sure)
  • Personality: Well, firstly you might want to read the “How was he born part”, because his personality generally revolves on it, and since I’m following a template and wants to be consistent in the template, I can’t do that. Firstly, Hephaestus is bitter, but his bitter isn’t like Hades’s. Hephaestus feels he just never gets respect. People judge the way he looks much than his gifts. Anyways, Hephaestus also cannot trust anything… He keeps getting betrayed over and over and over since he was born. He is also a hard working man, and he enjoys work, because at least if he is forging things, he can forget the bad things that has happened to him. Luckily he is overall  a nice guy.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Every single armor every Greek hero has, cause he makes all of the armor for the popular heroes like Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, and Jason. And of course, his Hammer
  • How Was He Born?:
    Hephaestus literally has no daddy. Unlike Theseus who has 2, Hephaestus was born from Hera’s hate to Zeus’s infidelity, which explains his personality in a sense. Because of science, Hephaestus came out being incomplete and err… “Facially Challenged” (OK, ugly…). So, Hera instead of being a proper mother, demonstrated a method of proper throwing.Hera tossed Hephaestus off onto the sea from Mount Olympus, because that’s the way the Goddess of Family life should behave, which at least makes me grateful with Bubi, even though she is moody and can be dangerous in a bad mood, at least she doesn’t toss babies away… Then again, I’m telling stories of a different milLuckily, Hephaestus was caught by a sea nymph named Thetis, however the fall made his incomplete body much more broken, as it crippled one of his legs. As a child, Hephaestus used the undersea volcanoes and used them to forge jewelries for Thetis, and planned his revenge for Hera. That’s a lot of thoughts for a teenager. Thank you world for giving me a low stress life!I could make a bit of a long story here since the childhood part here is until they take their thrones atop Mount Olympus, unfortunately Hephaestus was an adult when that happened. But this is a fun story, and it made Hera suffer which is a nice plot twist for a change, Goddess of making people suffer finally suffers.

    Hephaestus made a special throne of Gold and Jewels for Hera, and when he returned, he gifted her the throne to symbolize him claiming his throne at mount Olympus. Unfortunately, the throne was a trap, and Hera became trapped in it. For a pretty long time Hera whimpered while netted in the throne, and Hephaestus enjoyed his vengeance. Well, until Dionysus, the god of wine convinced him to release Hera. Which was the end of her suffering. Too bad…

  • Official Spouse: Aphrodite, but he gets cheated on a lot, and so does he cheat her, but who cares about these 2.
  • Daily Activities: Working… Pretty much that… He’s a workaholic, spending time making lots of stuffs, like Swords, shields, armor, bows, arrows, thrones, Automatons (also known as Magical Robots), and anything made out of steel that he wants to make.
  • One Sentence Philosophy: I have friends! They’re these robots!
  • Do I Like Him?: Yeah I do, of course, anyone capable of making Hera beg for mercy is okay in my book, but not only that. Hephaestus gets betrayed so often, but he just gets on with it, I mean, he’s probably that character in Greek Mythology that gets the most challenges his entire life, excluding Hercules. He’s a strong willed man, which I totally respect.

Hermes, God Of Messengers

Hermes, Complete With Every One Of His Weapons
  • Powers: He is faster than Sonic! He is also probably Greek’s best trickster. Some poets say he can “outrun time” which according to physics! to travel to the past. But if that is true, than we have ourselves Greek Flash!
  • Domain: Anything involving trickery, (which includes stealing, and bandits), and anything involving travel, (which unfortunately, includes commercials… so now you know who to blame with that catchy commercials sounding over your head). Oh, and also dice… how did he become god of dice? err.. I have no idea.
  • Symbol: His Staff, The Caduceus, see relics and weapons
  • Sacred Animal: Turtle… WHY!? I honestly don’t understand… Hermes isn’t someone to take a deep breath and rest. If it’s a rabbit I’d understand, but turtle!? Eh… read below.
  • Personality: He’s a bit tricky and does things fast. But, he still likes taking time to plan things, and the only reason he does things fast is cause of how busy he is. He also has lots of tricks up his sleeve to get the better end of any bargain, and he is a heck of a liar. Every trick in the book? Hermes wrote that. He is sneaky in a sense, but he’s a good guy. Kinda… I’m not sure. He’s all sorts of confusing.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: The Caduceus staff, a herald’s staff with 2 snakes around it. His winged sandals, and a sword. Oh, his Caduceus staff can also be used to hypnotize people…
  • How Was He Born?:
    OK… So, he’s a son of Zeus, WOW! what a surprise! His mom was Maia, Titan of… one of Atlas’s daughters. She’s possibly Zeus’s typical girlfriend. Pretty, without much of personality. Anyways, Maia gave birth to Hermes with a low profile. She gave birth in a cave at nighttime to hide from Hera, cause she learned pretty well after Leto’s incident. After Hermes was born, Maia nursed him and made sure baby Hermes fell asleep. After he fell asleep, Maia fell asleep too.Hermes woke up the second his mom fell asleep, and for some reason, chose to not grow up cause he wants to be a baby thief. Wait? first thing he did after he was born was steal? Yeah, kinda odd, but okay… Anyways, remember that Apollo was also the God of Cattle herding? Hermes knew about that, and he wants some cows! So, he found where it was hidden, and stole 50 of em. He also made a bunch of fake footsteps so people who saw them would think the Cows walked from the beach and just followed the footsteps of a baby. Hermes ate 1 of them, and sacrificed one for the gods.Then… Hermes did whatever anyone who commited a crime to Apollo should do! Invent a new instrument! He killed a turtle, used it’s shell and used some of the leftover muscles of the cows and invented the first ever Lyre, Apollo’s favorite instrument (as of now, back then it was just invented)!Hermes hid the cows in a different cave and went back to his mommy, before she woke up. Anyways, Apollo woke up the next morning and counted his cattle, and BAM! 50 were missing. Apollo checked the footprints, and saw baby steps and cows following them. Apollo wondered what kind of a baby could possibly do this. Since Baby Apollo sang after he was born in an instant, and Baby Ares broke Zeus’s finger, so Baby gods should be capable of these stuffs. So, he kinda asked for some news about the latest baby god births. Well, Apollo found out about Maia giving birth to Hermes. He found him, and asked him about the cows. Well, he lied, but Apollo felt convinced he stole the cows… I don’t really know why…

    He took Hermes to his (and Hermes’s) father, Zeus for some punishments. Apollo demanded that Hermes must be punished for stealing his cattle. Well, anyways, Zeus said Hermes must pay any price Apollo demands, cause he’s probably too lazy to choose a real punishment. Well, here is where the Lyre comes in! He played the Lyre, caused Apollo to fall in love with it, and traded out Apollo’s cattle for it. Also, since he is a god on bargaining stuff, he got every single one of his relics stated above as a bonus! Wow, Hermes, nice manipulation of one’s personality! Oh, and one more thing… Remember kids, don’t steal!

  • Official Spouse: He isn’t married to anyone… but he does date lots of people. So, single people that are busy, even Hermes can find his love life, with his insanely busy schedule. Don’t use work as an excuse! 😀
  • Daily Activities: Oh boy… Okay, so here are Hermes’s activities
    • Delivering Zeus’s packages as his personal courier using Hermes Express, Olympus’s very own courier and delivery system! If you believe the fact Hermes can outrun time, he must deliver these stuff faster than you ordered them.
    • Guiding souls to the underworld using Underworld Touring cause Hades can’t do that
    • Doing Zeus’s stealing and dirty work, I guess that’s his favorite part of the job
    • Helping quests for some heroes by delivering them relics for their adventures and quests
    • Probably running an online E-Commerce known as Olympedia, with the Caduceus staff as a mascot!
  • One Sentence Philosophy: Hermes Express! Receive Today, What You Order Tomorrow!
  • Do I Like Him?: Hmm…. I can’t say why, but I’ve always liked Hermes when I look at him, and his statues. Plus, he’s basically the Greek God equivalent of The Flash, my favorite Superhero, so why not?

Dionysus, God Of Wine

Dionysus, Probably Posing For A Party
  • Powers: Growing grapes, making wine, creating food, and making people insane…
  • Domain: Wine, Theater, Partying, Revelry
  • Symbol: Thrysus, a staff with a pine cone on top.
  • Sacred Animal: Leopard, he likes them cause he thinks those are graceful, I guess… Anyways, Dionysus began the trend of wearing a leopard skin coat.
  • Personality: He… Gets drunk and doesn’t even give a care about the world when he is performing his “rituals”. He also enjoys art, and doesn’t care a bit about work, he’s that guy who says, Drink! BE MERRY! Tomorrow You May DIE! So Enjoy LIFE! He doesn’t care about being busy, as he basically “buys” (read: creates) the food of his followers, and as long as you worship him, you’ll get fed. On that note, I’d probably say that Dionysus is the equivalent of Apollo that gets drunk, and doesn’t work as hard as Apollo.
  • Known Relics/Weapons: Thrysus, like his symbol
  • How Was He Born?:
    Ok this is a bit tricky. Zeus is his dad, (like every Olympian who isn’t one of his siblings) and Dionysus was born a demigod, but became a god eventually, anyways… Zeus dated a girl in Thebes known as Semele, who was basically the prettiest princess of her generation. Cause Zeus’s taste is pretty easy to guess… Pretty! Semele was pregnant with Zeus’s baby (who became Dionysus)Hera visited Thebes and convinced Semele to force Zeus into showing him his true form… Which literally burns mortals. Zeus did it because he already swore on the River Styx (which is an oath you CANNOT break, unless you want the spirit of hate, to hate you…). So Semele is now burned, but the baby? Survived! Hanging in midair cause… Greek Logic… Zeus cut open his thigh and put the baby there to grow, giving the baby a temporal womb.Once born, Zeus cut open his thigh, and gave the baby to Hermes, naming him Bacchus for now (which is Dionysus’s Roman name too!), and told Hermes to give the baby to Semele’s older sister, and forcing her to treat Bacchus as his own son.Bacchus’s childhood is a LONG story, because Hermes came up with a few tricks for Semele’s sister to take care of him without having Hera catching them. Anyways, after Hera found out about the baby Bacchus, when Bacchus was 8, she drove Semele’s sister and husband to madness, causing them to leap off a cliff, while carrying their actual children. Cause Hera just gives a great example of family life and showing love right?

    This can go on and on and on, because he gained the title Dionysus as a child, and invented wine as a child too, but I’ll cut it here.

  • Official Spouse: Ariadne… Read Theseus’s story, cause he saved Ariadne, and made her his immortal wife.
  • Daily Activities: PARTY!
  • One Sentence Philosophy: What’s Work?
  • Do I Like Him?: NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! There is nothing to like about a god who spends his time being drunk, and partying… “But Azriel…” Shush! I don’t want to hear anything about supporting Dionysus! NA AH

World Ozone Day. Jaja’s Report

World Ozone Day. Jaja’s Report


Jadi, kemarin lusa, tepatnya tanggal 19 September kemarin, aku datang ke ITB untuk seminar memperingati hari Ozone sedunia. Sebenarnya sih, hari Ozone sedunia itu tepatnya tanggal 16 September, tapi seminarnya diadakan hari ini karena beberapa alasan yang tidak disebutkan (Which aku yakin salah satu alasannnya karena tanggal 16-nya hari Sabtu :D)

Sambil Menunggu, Foto Dulu

Aku datang pukul 8.45 sudah daftar dan masuk barisan paling depan, tepat sebelah pembicara (aku awalnya ga tau sih yang sudah duduk dari jam 8.45 itu pembicara juga). Lalu foto dulu sekali deh.

Anyways, seminar ini ada 2 pembicara, yaitu, Dr.Eng. Yuli Setyo Indratono yang merupakan direktur bidang pendidikan ITB, dan Ibu Ir. Emma Rachmaty M.Sc yang berasal dari Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup. Pak Yuli membahas hal-hal scientific dari Ozone, mulai dari apa itu ozone, sampai ke bahan-bahan kimia yang membahayakan Ozone. Ibu Emma bahasannya lebih condong ke hukum-hukum yang meregulasi Ozone, dan progress Indonesia dalam menyelamatkannya.

Pak Yuli mulai menjelaskan duluan, baru disusul oleh Ibu Emma…

Apa Itu Ozone?

Ozone itu sebenarnya istilah dari rumus kimia O3, yang sebenarnya hanya 3 molekul oksigen. Oh, tapi Ozone ini beracun, jadi jangan menghirup tabung berisi Ozone. Off-topic dulu… molekul oksigen memang bisa kita hirup, tapi kita tidak bisa menghirup lebih banyak dari 2 Molekul, jadi kita hanya bisa menghirup O2, karena satu molekul oksigen itu tidak stabil dan sangat flammable. Alhasil kita benar-benar hanya bisa menghirup O2 saja, jika tidak ingin keracunan, atau terbakar tubuhnya, untungnya itu jenis oksigen yang kita punya di bumi.

Mundur lagi dikit sebelum kita masuk ke topic utama… Ozone itu hampir tidak ada hubungannya dengan Global Warning. Ada miskonsepsi bahwa lapisan Ozone gunanya untuk mencegah Global Warning, dan, sesuai istilah miskonsepsi, itu tidak benar.

Ozone berfungsi untuk memfilter sinar UV-A, UV-B, dan UV-C. Sinar Ultraviolet yang masuk ke bumi bisa merusak sel kulit dan menyebabkan Melanoma/Kanker kulit, dan juga Katarak. Ini tidak ada hubungannya sama sekali dengan Global Warming, meski ada beberapa gas perusak Ozone, yang juga merupakan gas rumah kaca, tetapi itu nanti dulu deh.

Proses pembuatan dan pemecahan Ozone

Ketika partikel Ozone terpecah oleh sinar UV, Ozone-nya akan membentuk O2 (yang kita bisa hirup, yeay!), sebelum bisa terbentuk lagi Ozone-nya. Ozone terbentuk di daerah tropis, dan terbentuk dari sisa-sisa partikel O2 dan O dari pemecahan sebelumnya. Kenapa hanya bisa di daerah tropis? Ozone bisa terpecah jika terkena sinar UV, dan juga akan “menempel” kembali jika terkena sinar UV. Karena itu, daerah Tropis bisa memproduksi Ozone sepanjang tahun, tidak seperti negara 4 musim yang hanya bisa memproduksi Ozone ketika matahari kuat.

Anyways, Ozone ini punya “alergi” dengan Chlorine, dan Bromine, dan jika terkena kontak dengan salah satu dari kedua zat tersebut, lapisan Ozone bisa rusak karena molekul Oksigen yang terpecah tersebut akan menempel dengan Chlorine, alhasil, ya karena Ozone perlu 3 molekul, tapi jika salah satu molekul saja terpecah, maka akan kurang satu molekul untuk membuat Ozone. Jadi, buat setiap molekul Chlorine atau Bromine yang naik ke lapisan Ozone, satu molekul Ozone akan menghilang.

How Chlorine Allergy Ruins Ozone

Terus kalau udah hilang gimana? Silahkan lanjutkan bacanya 😀

Penipisan Ozone

Bagian Biru Adalah Lapisan Ozone Yang Menipis… Banyak Kan?

Jadi, pertama-tama, ada istilah Ozone holes, dimana jika ketebalan lapisan Ozone di suatu daerah sudah dibawah 220 Dobson Unit (satuan untuk mengukur Ozone), atau 2.2 mm, warna di model tersebut akan menjadi biru. Alias, sudah terbuat lubang Ozone. Foto diatas adalah foto Kutub Selatan dan Ozone-nya yang menipis di tahun 2008.

Jika Ozone sudah tipis, maka penyerapan sinar UV oleh Ozone akan kurang, dan jika sinar UV tembus, maka resiko untuk terjadinya penyakit-penyakit seperti Melanoma dan Katarak akan naik. Untuk sedikit info…

  • 100 % Sinar UV-A Memang menembus lapisan Ozone
  • Hanya 5% Sinar UV-B yang menembus lapisan Ozone, dan jika lebih dari itu, bisa berbahaya
  • Seluruh Sinar UV-C Terserap oleh Lapisan Ozone.

Jika sudah sangat banyak sinar UV yang menembus lapisan Ozone, kita harus memakai banyak sekali perlindungan agar aman dari eksposur sinar UV. Aku sebenarnya kurang ingat level perlindungan berdasarkan intensitas sinar UV, tapi untuk itu bisa dicari saja, dan untuk yang simple-simple bisa dimulai dari memakai kacamata hitam dan menutupi kulit dengan jaket misalnya ketika berjalan di terik matahari ketika diatas jam 10.00

Jadi, Apa Saja Yang Merusak Ozone?

Peralatan Ruman Tangga Yang Biasa Mengandung Substansi Perusak Ozone

Berhati-hatilah jika membeli beberapa barang diatas, karena masih banyak yang menggunakan bahan yang dapat merusak lapisan Ozone kita. Anyways, sebenarnya sudah banyak yang dilarang penggunaannya sih, tetapi jika mengecek ulang isi Freon untuk AC dan hal-hal lain, mungkin bisa dicek dulu. Karena jangan sampai bahan-bahan yang kita beli adalah barang ilegal… 😀

Ini daftar barang-barang ilegal yang sudah di-ban oleh PBB karena substansi ini merusak Ozone, ketika memilih barang, cobalah cari yang tidak mengandung satupun bahan ini, karena sudah dilarang secara internasional:

  • CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-13 juga dikenal dengan nama Chlorofluorocarbon
  • Methyl Bromida
  • Methyl Chloride
  • Methyl Tetrachloride
  • Halon (H-1301, H-1302)
  • Methyl Chloroform

Dibawah ini akan ada detail ke protokol, program, dan perjanjian yang membuat PBB melarang bahan-bahan ini, dijelaskan oleh Bu Emma, yang meskipun terburu-buru karena perlu kembali ke Jakarta, sudah cukup mengcover tentang ini.

Comic Break!

Sebentar dulu… sebelum kita masuk ke Montreal Protocol, untuk merayakan 30 tahun anniversary protokol tersebut, ada kampanye dari PBB yang bekerja sama dengan Marvel… bisa di cek di

Oh, dan juga ada komiknya, bisa di cek di dan dia gratis! Jadi untuk comic book geek kaya aku, bisa punya satu komik gratis, dan dengan gaya art yang sama seperti komik Marvel pada umumnya.

Hasil Kolaborasi PBB dan Marvel

Anyways, di komik itu dijelaskan (in a nutshell) apa itu Montreal Protocol, apa yang bisa kita lakukan untuk menyelamatkan Ozone, dan kenapa Ozone perlu diselamatkan. Jadi, silahkan di cek.

Oke, karena aku memang mengikuti alur presentasi, dan campaign PBB plus komiknya dijelaskan duluan, aku juga mau cerita dikit suasana di sana. Pas Ibu Emma mulai presentasi, Ibu Emma memulai dari menanyakan disini ada yang suka baca Komik Marvel? Aku tunjuk tangan… (dasar Jaja… :D) Lalu, Ibu Emma bilang bahwa sebenarnya beliau tidak mengerti karakter-karakter di komik ini kecuali si Musang dan Iron Man. Aku dengan sopan, menjawab, “Bu, itu bukan musang… itu rakun…” Ibu Emma langsung tertawa dan bilang “Hahaha, untung ada mas, Ibu mah gak ngerti ginian…”. Sesudah itu, baru Ibu Emma menjelaskan isi komik tersebut… which silahkan dibaca sendiri… (Tidak ada spoiler dariku, sorry)

Regulasi Bahan Perusak Ozone

Vienna Convention

Oke, jadi, sebenarnya konvensi pertama yang membahas bahan-bahan perusak Ozone ada di Konvensi Wina (atau Vienna Convention), pada tahun 1985. Di konvensi tersebut, PBB mengadakan meeting untuk membahas apa yang bisa dilakukan untuk mengurangi penipisan ozone. Mereka memulai dengan meneliti bahan-bahan yang merusak ozone, dan juga bertukar informasi tentang Ozone yang sudah diketahui. Pada tahun ini, belum ada satupun Bahan Perusak Ozone (BPO) yang diregulasi, dan masih hanya tentang riset dan plannning

Montreal Protocol

30 tahun yang lalu, di tanggal 16 september, Montreal Protocol resmi ditetapkan. Pada awalnya, protokol Montreal sudah mulai mengatur dan membatasi produksi dan konsumsi Bahan Perusak Ozone. Pada saat itu, BPO yang di restriksi hanyalah 5 jenis Chlorofluorocarbon (biasa ada di AC, Pelarut, dan Busa), dan 3 jenis Halon (Biasa ada di Fire Extinguisher). Seiring makin berkembangnya teknologi, semakin banyak bahan yang diketahui merusak Ozone, kurang lebih progressnya ada dibawah sini…

  • London Amendment (1990): Jenis Chlorofluorocarbon yang dilarang ditambahkan, Carbon Tetrachlorida juga ditambahkan dalam daftar, dan juga Methyl Chloroform, keduanya banyak ditemukan di pelarut.
  • Copenhagen Amendment (1992): Hydrochlorofluorocarbon, dan Hydrobromofluorocarbon (Bacanya susah? *angguk*) ditambahkan dalam daftar BPO. Kedua bahan tersebut biasa ditemukan di Busa untuk sofa, atau bantal. Juga ada tambahan Methyl Bromida yang biasa ditemukan di Pestisida.
  • Montreal Amendment (1997): Penambahan licensing system untuk mengontrol dan memonitor produksi, dan export import BPO.
  • Beijing Amendment (1999): Bromochloromethane ditambahkan dalam daftar.
  • Kigali Amendment (2016): Karena ada sedikit “bentrok” dengan Global Warming, salah satu BPO pengganti yang lebih aman, di pertimbangkan ulang. Karena ada BPO yang juga merupakan Greenhouse Gases juga. Hydroflurocarbon adalah salah satu BPO yang cenderung aman untuk Ozone kita, tetapi dapat memicu Global Warming jika di overuse.

Oh, Iya, Ibu Emma juga bilang bahwa Indonesia tidak memproduksi BPO, tapi mengimpor beberapa yang Legal. Karena itu, di Indonesia kemungkinan lebih mudah untuk mencari BPO yang aman, tetapi, untuk precaution, disarankan untuk cek ulang daftar diatas sebelum membeli barang yang ada potensi merusak Ozone.

Sesudah ini, sesi pertanyaan, tapi Ibu Emma perlu segera kembali ke Jakarta, jadi untuk sesi pertanyaan dilaksanakan oleh Pak Yuli.


Sebenarnya banyak yang bertanya, tetapi aku kurang ingat secara pasti pertanyaan Kakak-kakak mahasiswa, atau Siswa/i SMA lainnya, tetapi aku menanyakan, “Dari beberapa gas yang merupakan gas rumah kaca, dan juga BPO, mana saja yang termasuk dalam keduanya, dan menurut Bapak, seberapa jauh Bumi kita sampai kita terbebas dari konsumsi BPO?”

Tetapi, karena format pertanyaannya 3 orang bertanya baru semuanya dijawab di saat yang sama, pertanyaanku tidak seutuhnya terjawab, karena ada anak seumuranku dari SMA 3 yang menanyakan pertanyaan yang menurut Pak Yuli bagus karena hebat anak SMA sudah tahu itu…

Padahal, pertanyaan yang ditanyakan jawabannya sudah ada di booklet yang diberikan saat pendaftaran, dan memang, anak tersebut, sebelum bertanya melihat dulu ke booklet itu, dan menggunakan kata-kata yang lebih kompleks. Oh, iya, pertanyaan yang ditanyakan tersebut adalah tentang Polar Stratospheric Clouds jika penasaran. Memang sih, kalau kita melupakan fakta bahwa jawabannya sudah ada di booklet yang dia lihat dulu, pertanyaannya memang hal yang menarik. Tapi sayangnya Pak Yuli melupakan pertanyaanku, karena ada pertanyaan yang lebih menarik.

Alhasil, karena pertanyaanku hanya satu bagian yang terjawab (yaitu bagian depan, yang sebenarnya bisa dicari di Google), aku merasa sedikit kesal, dan jadi kurang fokus. Aku sih mengakui, pertanyaanku itu kualitasnya kurang bagus jika sudah baca report eventku kemarin-kemarin, tapi aku masih merasa kesal saja sih… (Jaja kadang mudah kesal kalau gagal leave impression ke orang… sekarang bukan cuma gagal itu, tapi pertanyaanku juga tidak dijawab)

Anyways, back on track…

Seed Sharing Library

Jadi, World Ozone Day ini disertai dengan launching Seed Sharing Library di ITB. Dibawakan oleh Kak Yoka Adam Nugraha, ini adalah sistem menarik dan bagus. Bentar, deh foto dulu sebelum aku masuk ke sini…

Seed Sharing Library, penasaran kah?

Nah, Seed Sharing Library ini sebenarnya sistem yang diterapkan di luar negeri, dimana sejak jamannya Internet ada katalog yang tidak terpakai. Katalog simpanan tersebut, dijadikan penyimpanan bibit, dimana orang-orang bisa meminjam biji untuk ditanam, dan sesudah selesai ditanam, dan dipanen, hasil bibit dari panen tersebut dikembalikan ke perpustakaan.

Ini sebenarnya sangat menarik untuk orang-orang yang punya lahan besar di rumahnya. Jika ingin koleksi tanaman kan, tinggal daftar, pinjem biji, tanam, panen, kembalikan biji. Bukan hanya itu, ini cocok untuk orang yang suka bercocok tanam, tetapi bingung mendapatkan bijinya dari mana.

Tapi, di ITB menggunakan Jar berisi benih sebagai pengganti katalog, dan sebagai catatan bonus… Jar-nya bentuknya lucu-lucu.

Sesudah tanya jawab, kita langsung loncat ke penutupan, dan bagi-bagi goodybag tambahan…

Spoils of Seminar

Jadi, tadi sesudah bertanya aku diberikan tas American Corner, dan juga aku langsung menjawab pertanyaan pertama yang diberikan… Pertanyaannya untungnya mudah, “Apa penyakit yang disebabkan sinar UV?” Kalau tadi pay attention ke artikel ini, pasti ngeh… Apa ayo? (kukasih 10 detik)

10 detik kemudian… (lengkap dengan suara Narrator Spongebob)

Anyways, aku jawab Melanoma atau Kanker Kulit, dan Katarak… Awalnya aku mau diberikan tas American Corner Perpustakaan lagi, tapi aku menunjukkan tadi sudah punya, dan diberikanlah Block Note…

Aku pulang dengan banyak booklet, kaos, 2 tas, dan banyak brosur…

Spoil-Spoil Seminarku.. Banyak 😀 Terima Kasih ITB

Oh, dan tadi kan aku sebut dapet booklet ya… silahkan dilihat disini contoh isinya sedikit

Lucu kan?

Salut untuk yang membuat booklet itu. Booklet seperti itu adalah model yang orang akan mau lihat karena formatnya infografis, dan menarik. Mungkin anak-anak juga mau baca kalau dibuatnya cartoon-y seperti itu.


Sekian laporan Jaja hari ini, dan terima kasih sudah mau membaca! Stay Tuned for my next few articles!

Book Review: The Moral Judgement Of The Child By Jean Piaget

Book Review: The Moral Judgement Of The Child By Jean Piaget

Hello There, welcome back to another one of Jaja’s book reports.. This book is a book on psychology, specifically developmental psychology, which is about the psychological growth of a child/teenager. I chose this book because I got curious at how kids like Alice think. Note that this book is written on 1932, and for fun, I would like to apply some of these cases on children that are given gadgets, but that would be done in an article 2 days from now, so stay tuned…

Main Points:

Well, I’ve seen several info-graphics about these prior to reading the book, but well, Jean Piaget stated in this book that a child has growth stages in which they “evolve” in terms of thoughts and how they interact with each other. All of these stages (that I’m reviewing) are centered more on their habits while they are playing together.

  • Stage 1 (Ages 0-2): Simple Individual Regularity.
    • Children around these ages are only developing in terms of physical growth, and their motoric stimulation. Piaget said that there won’t be lots of info on this because he chooses to focus more on a child’s developmental social interaction, instead of their growth
  • Stage 2 (Ages 2-7): Senior Imitation With Ego-centrism.
    • Children ranging from 2-7 usually imitate the behavior of their adults, usually without thinking why they are imitating that rule. If they play a game (of say, chess), they usually play it for the sake of… well… Playing it. They don’t play for much purpose, and they just enjoy playing, but their regards to the rules will be pinpointed on the way their adults play.
  • Stage 3 (Ages 7-11): Cooperation.
    • Children in the third stage usually begin learning to cooperate with each other, and they play for the sake of social interaction. They play to cooperate with each other, and pretty much that’s all their purpose. The rules they play from are starting to blend from one another, and they choose the rule they think to be the most fair, and play together. Team based games are encouraged for these children.
  • Stage 4 (Ages 11-adults): Interest In Rules, For Their Own Sake
    • Tweens, Teenagers, and Adults now begin to pay more attention to rules. They play games with proper knowledge of the rules, and usually have more courage to defy a certain rule they deem unfair. Therefore, teenagers from these ages are much more suitable to play with a solid set of rules, and are much more open to fair judgement, and modification of certain rules.

Application, And Experimentation

Jean Piaget reviewed some of his theories and concluded several things from his tests on children, here are a few of my thoughts and some of his notes, sorted per stage, but stage 1 will use no Q and A like the other answers, and is just my explanation of it in a nutshell, but since my main interests are on stages 1-3, I won’t include stage 4, because it seems a bit bland for me, and well, my interest on it isn’t as much as my interest on the other stages.

Game Taken As Example: Marbles, which apparently has many different versions in France, unlike some of the traditional games that Indonesia has… The amount of versions available should affect the decision of the child because of the many versions that exist. Also, I don’t really understand the rules of the game that are explained in this book, but it’s basically using your marbles to knock the marbles placed in the center location.

The Marbles Game Piaget Described

Children from each stage are asked a set of questions, and they answered them while noticing points they seem to ignore because of their current views of rules and their purposes, here are the list of questions presented in the book and their answers. (note this isn’t exact, but it should give you a grasp, and it does have the same questions, only slightly different wording)

(Q is short for question that Jean Piaget asked and A is for the answers the child presents)

Stage 1… Simple Individual Regularity

Piaget stated that the sense of law for babies are already starting to grow ever since they are given a certain habit. If parents stick with the habit given, then the child will usually stick to it, and feel bad (usually with crying) if it isn’t accomplished. The more rites made and obeyed, the greater the sense of law for the children in the future. Although, this doesn’t develop any sense of obligation, but more like the fact that they will not stray away too far from the habits.

Piaget also gave heat as an example for this book. If (older) children are told that fire is hot, don’t touch fire or the stove, then they will touch anything… except the stove, to amuse themselves. Their simple minds couldn’t grasp on the why part.

Since I’m supposed to discuss the playing habits of a child, in this book. Well, younger children play with themselves, and usually follow their rites of playing. Now, since I’m supposed to use marbles as an example, when these children are given a set of marbles and left in a room alone with it (well, still observed), at noon, they group them on top of a box, and after dinnertime, they add more to the box, cleaning them up at night time. Eventually, this becomes something of a ritual to them, and if after dinner they don’t get to add more to the box, they cry, or show signs they are upset.

That’s actually pretty cool that a child already has a sense of duty when following a ritual. I should be more like them when doing things like cleaning my bathroom as a weekly activity, not monthly… But ah well… 😀

Stage 2… Senior Imitation With Ego-centrism.

Q: When this town was built, do kids back then play exactly the same as we do?
A: Yes, the same way
Q: So, where did you learn to play?
A: My Father taught me
Q: Well how did he know about the rules?
A: When he was my age he put the marbles in a square like we do now, and then they played it
Q: So, when you made it, did grown ups make it, or did children make it?
A: Grown-ups made it
Q: So, who invented the rules?
A: My daddy did
Q: Really? Then who is the oldest person ever?
A: God!
Q: Well, then what if someone played the game before your daddy?
A: Then, well someone must’ve invented it… I don’t know who…

This shows that the 7 year old child doesn’t even know where the rules come from (although he did know someone must’ve invented it), and therefore, isn’t playing to obey the rules or anything… They play for the sake of playing. In terms of real life, they would obey rules that they could comprehend, but telling them why would matter less to them… As you might see down below.

Q: I see, but since your Father taught you to play Marbles, do you know any other way to play?
A: I do (he shows a different version)
Q: I see, but would you add new rules?
A: I won’t
Q: Why wouldn’t you?
A: Because it’s not the same rules.
Q: Is it fair?
A: Yes, it is fair
Q: But if it is fair, why wouldn’t you add the new rules?
A: I still wouldn’t, because it’s not the same rules

This shows that the child insists on sticking with the rules they know, because they are actually still ignoring the purpose of the rules (which is to make things fair), and they don’t have a concept of adding new rules. They perceive any rule presented to them as fair, but they don’t understand why. Well, this is for games they play anyways…

Q: How did you know that your father, and his father played with the same rules as we are playing right now?
A: I don’t know
Q: Well, just so you know, there are many versions of Marbles, and you are only play one of the versions available. Making your own version won’t really matter, but would you?
A: No I won’t, cause it’s not fair.

From this Piaget proceeded with moving on and setting up a play field where children with different versions of rules play with each other. They proceeded to play with their own set of rules, and didn’t add or discard their rules, as they ignored each other’s rules, and played with their own… proving that they are playing without any purpose other than playing, and they are playing egoistically in a sense. Not all children are like this, but Piaget theorized that most do feel like this, even if they aren’t actually showing it.

Stage 2 is the one that left the most impression for me, cause this is Alice’s stage, and I do feel curious about how she thinks, but I’m a bit not sure about the last set of question and statement, cause Alice seems to care a lot about others obeying rules of the games she plays, and warns her friends if someone doesn’t obey the rules like she did. But the rest of the experiment makes sense to me.

Stage 3… Cooperation.

For stage 2, some of the answers presented are different, depending on who asked it, so there’s A1 and A2

Q: Do you know that there are many versions of marbles, and yours is just one of the many?
A1 and A2: Yeah we do
Q: So, how many versions of Marbles do you know?
A1 and A2: I think 4 or 5
Q: And which version are you playing?
A1: The one my friends want to play, we take turns deciding who gets to decide
A2: We mix up and make one that we agree on.

This is starting to show that they do cooperate from the beginning, before they even play, even when deciding, they still discuss the version of games that they are playing.

Piaget then proceeds to see the kids play… Apparently, they have a rule that if someone wins more than 3 times, one of them may say a keyword (I can’t remember what it was cause it’s in french), and then the winner must move out of their position, and change to a new position. Because maybe, that spot is “giving” them luck. That’s a pretty fun and unique rule as they do understand a concept of luck (or well, it’s just nice angle to shoot the set of marbles from), back on track..

Q: So, if your friends decide to make up a new rule, would you accept it?
A1: We’d vote for it, maybe we’d add some if we think it’s fair
A2: Maybe not, if it’s not the same rules it’s not fair

Not only does this show the differences of the children’s thoughts, but this also shows that there are children that despite they already belong to a certain stage, they still might have some habits of the previous stage.

Q: But well then what are the purpose of rules?
A1 and A2: To make sure that there is no quarreling between players.
Q: How did these rules begin then?
A1: Everyone has a different version, and we vote for them
A2: Some of the boys agreed on them, and made the rules.

By now we could definitely see that they now grasp on the concept of rules, and since their main purpose is to socialize, and a controlled environment would make the process more enjoyable.

Hang on off topic, a bit… So, Jean Piaget mentioned that he once watched kids from this stage play with snowballs, with a set of rules they made, and those rules needed protectors, a president, and attackers… To make sure that the rolling is fair, they took 15-20 minutes to decide who gets to be president, protectors and attackers. They also made sure people take turns to be president, a protector, or an attacker. Piaget must be amazed that these kids are keeping things as fair as possible, and to do so, they need to keep the field under control. Back on track..

Q: Then, could you invent a new rule and show me?
A1: (demonstrates a new rule that Azriel couldn’t really understand, but it’s luck based)
A2: (demonstrates a new rule to make the game a bit easier by enabling players to shoot an additional marble if they knocked more than one out)
Q: Could you play like that with your friends?
A1: This seems a bit luck based, and my friends might not like it
A2: This makes the game unfair, and my friends might disagree…
Q: But what if everyone plays the same way?
A1 and A2: Well that won’t be a problem then, we can play like that

This shows that they actually care a lot about their friend’s opinions, and even though they dislike their own rules, they prioritize their friends’ opinion on that. This also proves kids might have rules up their sleeves, since Piaget stated that it’s pretty fast for them to invent the rules. It isn’t stated about their personal opinions on the rule, but this actually shows that they care more about their friends opinions.

I’m concluding from the evidence presented to me from the things I have read and written for this stage, and this is an important stage for children to develop their empathy. This stage also left a mark on me cause I noticed how much kids tolerate each other to be able to play with them, and make a conflict-free environment so they could have fun with playing. Grown-ups should also be able to tolerate differences like kids do, what went wrong in the teenage stages… Oh… a lot of things went wrong? Never mind that

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts

Well, so firstly, I would conclude that it’s a very important thing to care for your kids playing games and interacting with each other. If one doesn’t grasp on the concept of rules, then chances of rebellion is getting worse. To make someone grasp the concept of rules, we can introduce to them with a simple way of asking them to play board games while they’re still young. Just because they don’t understand the “why” of rules, doesn’t mean they disobey them…

For my own thoughts, I personally enjoy this book a lot, and I believe that not everything stated in this book can be applied to the children of today… Which you can check out in my next few posts!


Jaja Jadi Panitia Games Anak-Anak, Day 2!

Jaja Jadi Panitia Games Anak-Anak, Day 2!

Tanggal 31 Agustus Kemarin, Jaja kembali ke Metro Indah Mall untuk hari kedua menjadi panitia di acara Fun Games ini. Kalau belum baca acara hari pertama-nya, bisa di cek disini. Nah, sesudah acara hari pertama untuk anak TK selesai, aku ikut lagi untuk membantu di lomba anak SD.

Acara ini juga memiliki format yang mirip seperti kemarin, dan ternyata pos-pos TK kemarin belum ditutup, karena akan ada lagi batch kedua peserta TK untuk bermain. Aku membantu untuk kedua kategori tersebut, tetapi lebih banyak untuk yang TK.

Preparation Pre-Event

Sesampai ke MIM pukul 7.30, lampu ternyata masih belum dinyalakan. Miss Muliani padahal sudah meminta lampu dinyalakan dari jam 7.30 untuk preparasi lomba. Jadi kita masih kerja dengan gelap. Meskipun sudah request ke pihak mall, sepertinya tidak dapat dilaksanakan requestnya. Ya sudahlah, masih ada torch Hp, dan sinar matahari.

Tugas pertamaku untuk hari ini… Labirin buatanku kemarin perlu dipindahkan, karena lokasinya tepat di depan panggung, dan lomba untuk anak SD akan memakan tempat yang banyak di tengah. Jadi Labirinku perlu dipindahkan ke tempat yang tidak terlalu mengganggu. Semua booth lain juga dipindahkan lokasinya agar tidak terlalu mengambil daerah depan panggung. Oke siap deh!

Sayangnya, aku sedikit merusak formasi labirin, dan, labirinku perlu dibongkar dan dibuat ulang. Tahu gitu minta tolong orang lain bantu aku pindahkan labirinnya berdua agar tidak perlu dibuat ulang karena tali rafia banyak terlipat dan keriting, dan formasi tiang plastik sudah kacau.

Untuk sekarang aku break dulu dari membuat labirin, dan memindahkan meja. Tidak lama sesudah meja ditata, lampu menyala sekitar jam 8.00, dan meskipun telat.. setidaknya masih sebelum peserta datang. Dengan lampu menyala, dan bantuan dari Kakak Brightway, aku segera membuat ulang labirin, dan aku sukses membuat labirin berbeda, di lokasi berbeda. Hore!

Administrasi… Last Few Minutes

Administrasi peserta dimulai sekitar 30 menit sesudah Labirinku selesai, dan Kang Donny perlu menggunakan keahliannya dan memastikan anak-anaknya ada aktivitas, dan tidak jenuh… karena ada sebuah emergency…

Videografer  untuk dokumentasi acara ini sudah kehabisan data di memory card-nya, dan perlu memindahkan isinya. Aku dipanggil jadi “teknisi” abal-abal untuk memindahkan data ke USB yang lain. Miss Muliani butuh bantuanku karena salah satu port USB di laptop Miss Muliani rusak, tapi Miss Muliani tidak tahu, jadi ketika aku dipanggil untuk troubleshooting dan memperbaiki laptopnya, aku juga bilang ke Miss Muliani untuk menggunakan port di sebelah kiri, karena yang sebelah kanan rusak.

Untungnya, meski sedikit lemot, dan port USB juga error, Kang Donny tidak kehabisan trik untuk menghibur anak-anak kelas 2 yang datang.

Acara Dimulai… Eh, ga jadi…

Sebelum acara dimulai, kita mengecek ulang administrasi, dan ternyata, ada 20 peserta yang tidak terdaftar… Kenapanya, aku kurang yakin, sedikit tidak jelas sebenarnya. Tetapi ada kemungkinan sekolah yang mendaftar belum memberi data yang lengkap, atau banyak peserta datang sebelum daftar, dan langsung main ikut.

Jadi, kita meminta waktu 10 menit untuk mengecek data, dan peserta yang sudah masuk administrasi kita panggil satu persatu. Sayangnya karena kita terlambat dan sudah mepet, kita tidak sempat memanggil semua nama. Menurutku event-event yang berbayar seperti ini, sebenarnya harus di full check and recheck pendaftarannya dan sudah membayar atau belumnya, untuk menghindari kerugian. Aku sudah bilang ke Miss Muliani pas lunchbreak untuk check ulang di event berikutnya, agar tidak terjadi jebol kas.

Anyways, on with the story…

Jadi Contekan

Aku diberi tugas sederhana… aku disuruh memegang contekan… Lomba pertamanya adalah lomba puzzle, dan harus kuakui, ini lumayan tricky untuk anak-anak kelas 2. Puzzlenya adalah gambar kota dari perspektif skyline. Untuk memperumit puzzle ini, ada 2 tempat parkir lengkap dengan mobil, ada jalanan, ada kolam, ada taman dan ada skyscraper di puzzle tersebut. Kurang lebih gambarnya seperti ini, meski tidak sama persis…

Foto contoh skyline kota..

Oh, dan gambarnya dipotong tidak seperti puzzle jigsaw, melainkan dengan potongan horizontal, vertical, dan diagonal. Pusing kan? Kata Kakak dari Brightway sebenarnya gambar tersebut ditujukan ke anak kelas 4-6, tapi ternyata pendaftar tidak dari kisaran itu. Eh, Puzzle ini meski ada gambar originalnya tetap ada beberapa aturannya sih…

  • Skoring berdasarkan kecepatan
  • Gambar utuh dipegang di depan, dan untuk melihat, harus mengirim satu anggota untuk maju ke depan
  • Ketika ingin melihat gambar original, sebaiknya mengantri, dan jika antrian panjang, dibatasi ke 15 detik sebelum mengantri lagi
  • Gambar tidak boleh dibawa ke depan, dan juga hasil kerjaan tidak boleh dibawa ke depan juga.

Kurang lebih begitu sih, cukup simple.

Menunjukkan Jawaban 😀

Karena peraturan di atas, anak-anak jadi rada rusuh lari kesana-kesini buat cek ulang pekerjaan mereka dan gambar aslinya. Terus, karena aku sedikit usil, aku suka ngebercandain anak-anak yang berlari ke depan berkali-kali :D… kurang lebih scriptnya gini:

  • Adik-adik: Kak, liat lagi!
  • Jaja Azriel: Mau liat apa? Aku ganteng kok, tapi jangan dilihatin terus atuh
  • Adik-adik: Ih, jijik tau!
  • Jaja Azriel: Kok gitu sih? Mau liat puzzle kan? Ato Ngefans?
  • Adik-adik: Liat Puzzle atuh Kak!
  • Jaja Azriel: Makanya yang baik dong ke aku
  • Adik-adik: Cepetan deh Kak..
  • Jaja Azriel: Hehe, maaf, maaf..
  • Adik-adik: Makasih Kak

Mwahahahaha (Evil Laugh)… Usil itu menyenangkan…

Hebatnya, tim yang paling cepat selesai, mengalahkan kecepatan satu-satunya tim kakak kelas 5, dan betul yang menyelesaikan duluan adalah anak-anak kelas 2, bukan yang kakak-kakak. Thumbs Up!

Dealing With More Monsters…

Terkadang aku merasa menjaga anak seumuran Alice itu melelahkan. Ternyata 30 anak yang sedikit lebih besar dari Neneng Alice lebih melelahkan.

Oke, mundur dulu dikit. Sesudah aku menunjukkan foto, ada satu pos lempar bola (sama seperti posku kemarin) kosong, dan aku diberi tanggung jawab menjaga untuk anak-anak ini main. Kali ini, anak-anak sudah mengantri, karena sepertinya lebih cepat daripada yang kemarin, dan tidak ada Kakak Observer Brightway menemani, jadi aku harus mengajarkan anak-anak ini cara bermain, mencatat namanya, dan memberi penilaian berdasarkan field yang sudah disediakan.

Masalah untukku… Ada beberapa Tante yang kurang mengerti bahwa lempar bola harus dilakukan dengan Ibunya untuk bonding, dan aku disuruh menangkap, alhasil aku tidak bisa mencatat dan memberi penilaian karena antriannya penuh. Untungnya, aku masih mengingat beberapa hal, dan masih bisa mengeksekusinya dengan cukup efektif. Mungkin tidak efisien waktu yang kugunakan, karena antriannya jadi panjang sekali… Tetapi aku masih mengerjakan tugasku dengan cukup baik…

Mengendalikan “monster” kecil ini butuh keahlian, jadi aku salut sama Bubi dan Kang Donny punya kemampuan handle anak-anak banyakan, dan mereka tidak bosan.

They Are The Champions…

Ya, itu nyanyi :D. Jadi, pemenang lomba diumumkan, sayangnya aku tidak mengerti scoring penuh karena harus menjaga pos untuk anak TK. Tetapi, sepertinya anak-anak yang menang dan mendapat hadiah adalah anak-anak yang cepat tadi.

Sesudah pemenang diumumkan, lunch time! Kita makan Ayam Goreng, Aku lumayan suka Ayam Goreng-nya. Oh… dan para Panitia foto bersama, kecuali aku karena aku bukan tipe orang yang suka ikut foto pose bareng gini…

Panitia yang Narsis, Tapi Aku ga ikutan

Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

(Nyanyi lagi deh dia… Lagu rada jadul pula…) Anyways, sesudah makan siang, ada break sedikit, dan ngobrol-ngobrol santai, sekitar jam 14.00-an, Miss Muliani membeli es krim dari sponsor kita… Diamond! Dan kita makan! Untungnya Aku ga sakit gara-gara makan ini, itu mungkin terjadi, karena aku alergi makanan dingin, tetapi sejak aku makan es krim 4-5 kali terakhir tidak sakit kok, jadi aman.

Jam 14.00 lebih sedikit ada rapat keuangan, dan aku belum boleh intip-intip ini soalnya ini urusan orang dewasa, dan aku dipesankan gojek oleh Miss Muliani dari MIM untuk cara Miss Muliani say thank you…

Conclusion and Suggestions

Oke, ini bagian evaluasi, dan aku tidak bermaksud ngomong gak enak… tetapi aku ingin memberi nasihat konstruktif untuk event berikutnya… Aku sudah lihat hasil laporan keuangannya via Whatsapp, dan sejujurnya, kalau ada panitia lain visit kesini, pasti kurang memuaskan hasilnya. Jadi ini dari Jaja, hanya berupa daftar sugesti untuk melakukan acara seperti ini dengan lebih maksimal… dan aku mau minta maaf jika terdengar seolah-olah aku ngomong gak enak, tujuanku bukan itu soalnya…

  • Jika acaranya berbayar, akan lebih bagus jika peserta hanya diberi izin ikut ketika sudah membayar. Jika aku tidak salah dengar, ada peserta yang belum transfer, claim akan transfer segera, tapi sudah mengikuti meski belum terbayar
  • Akan lebih baik jika acara di share (setidaknya E-Flyer/Teasernya) sejak H-4 atau H-3, karena akan ada waktu lebih banyak untuk orang-orang mengosongkan jadwal, dan datang.
  • Pastikan ada atribut khusus untuk peserta yang sudah daftar ulang, untuk memastikan pembayaran, dan juga peserta yang datang bukan peserta gelap.
  • Persiapkan administrasi untuk handle wave yang banyak, jika dirasa orang yang datang kurang, mungkin bisa ditambah jumlah peserta-nya
  • Buka recruitment volunteer. Banyak lho orang-orang yang mau datang membantu untuk mendapatkan sertifikat. Merecruit volunteer akan lebih efektif daripada kewalahan handle banyak orang.

Sekian dari Jaja, dan sejujurnya Jaja senang sekali bisa ikut membantu di acara seperti ini.. Untuk itu, terima kasih ke Infinity sudah mau menampung aku untuk 2 hari berkegiatan di acara ini. Mohon maaf jika ada hal yang tidak benar-benar akurat (terutama urusan waktu, hehe, aku ga cek jam setiap ada event) dan juga kalau ada kata-kata yang kurang enak didengar, tujuannya sebenarnya bukan untuk menjelek-jelekkan, tetapi untuk memberi kritikan konstruktif…

Jaja Jadi Panitia Games Anak-Anak… Day 1!

Jaja Jadi Panitia Games Anak-Anak… Day 1!

Tanggal 30 Agustus kemarin, Jaja mencoba untuk menjadi panitia sebuah acara untuk bermain anak-anak di Metro Indah Mall. Acara tersebut dilaksanakan bersama Infinity, yang merupakan sebuah forum literasi di Bandung. Kalau ingat, waktu itu aku pernah post tentang lomba debat Erlangga dan menyebut soal Mentor-mentorku Ms. Muliani dan Mr. Eri kan? Nah, Miss Muliani dan Mr. Eri itu berasal dari Infinity.

Format acara ini mirip dengan Trip Pramukaku yang terakhir, yaitu dengan format pos-pos, dan anak-anak berotasi dari pos 1 – pos 8, masing-masing pos punya game-nya sendiri.

Disclaimer… Jaja tidak ikutan foto di hari pertama… Awalnya aku sudah minta Mr. Eri fotoin, namun sepertinya hilang, dan perlu dicari dulu. Sampai nanti fotonya sudah bisa ditemukan baru bisa kutambahkan ya… Mohon maaf.

Pre-Event Prep

Oke, jadi Miss Muliani, aku dan Mr. Eri sudah datang dari jam 7.30, dimana mall masih gelap gulita, dan lift belum dinyalakan, sekitar 15 menit kemudian, baru saja Lift menyala, dan kita naik ke spot lomba jam 7.45, dimana lampu masih belum menyala, dan aku mendapat tanggung jawab pertamaku, yaitu membuat labirin dari tali rafia dan tiang plastik kecil.

Kerjaanku Baru Akan Dimulai…

Spanduk lomba pun belum dipasang, stage dan spanduknya masih bekas acara kemarin. Seperti bisa dilihat, lampu masih mati, dan kata Miss Muliani, ingat-ingat untuk minta izin menyalakan lampu dari pagi, agar tidak perlu kerja dengan segelap ini…

Jadi, aku membuat labirin sesuai perintah, dan aku untungnya masih mengingat sedikit ilmu dari pramuka mengenai tali temali, jadi aku menyimpan 2 tongkat, mengikat masing-masing tongkat, dan membuat jalurnya. Tali disini berguna sebagai tembok, dan tiang digunakan sebagai patokan sudut, atau untuk patokan pintu. Pada akhirnya sih, sukses jadi, dan labirinku cukup menantang menurut kakak-kakak dari Brightway. Brightway adalah salah satu organisasi yang berada dibawah naungan forum literasi Infinity, Brightway adalah organisasi psikologi untuk anak-anak, dan berada di acara ini untuk menilai kemampuan anak.

Sekitar jam 8.30, sudah ada peserta datang mendaftar. Masalah untuk kita adalah, lampu saja belum menyala :(, jadi kita mengurus administrasi dengan bantuan torch HP. Untungnya, ketika batch peserta yang datang banyak, sekitar jam 9.00 tepatnya, lampu akhirnya menyala, HORE!

Last Preparations…

Ternyata Infinity sudah punya orang yang jago untuk stalling peserta yang masih dalam kisaran PG kecil ke TK, Kang Donny sepertinya jago sekali mengurus anak-anak sembari panitia lainnya menyiapkan booth games masing-masing. Kang Donny melakukan hal-hal yang familier untukku, karena Kang Donny melakukan rutinitas mirip seperti yang Bubi biasa lakukan dengan anak-anak, meskipun ada sedikit perbedaan sih. Anak-anak diajak menyanyi lagu, dibacakan dongeng, dan mengitari ruangan sambil menari.

Kang Donny Mengendalikan Para “Monster”

Lampu sudah nyala, dan spanduk sudah diganti juga… Kita sudah siap! Eh, boothnya belum ketang… False alarm 😀

Sekitar 15 menit kedepan, masing-masing booth menyiapkan observer dari Brightway untuk “menilai” kelebihan masing-masing anak, dan juga masing-masing booth guide untuk check and recheck aktivitas Booth.

Aktivitas Apa Ya Ini?

Ketika booth-booth hampir siap, kita butuh Trolley untuk salah satu booth games yang sudah ada di lantai kita, yaitu lantai 3. Tapi trolley ini milik Hypermart di lantai bawah, jadi aku diminta untuk menjadi messenger, dan aku meminta izin ke manager di lantai bawah. Untungnya Managerial Hypermart mengizinkan, asalkan tidak dipakai sampai rusak, dan asalkan aku membagi flyer Hypermart ke peserta-peserta. Aku lakukan itu, tapi aku tidak tahu… 200 katalog supermarket bisa lebih berat dari buku psikologi yang tebal. Ketika naik ke atas membawa kabar, aku beruntung ada orang yang bantu aku memencet lift, karena kalau tidak, pasti itu tumpukkan flyer berantakan, dan tumpah kemana-mana :D.

Let The Games Begin!

Oke sebentar, sebelum mulai… Kita back up dulu dikit, dan biar aku jelaskan daftar-daftar booth

  1. Booth pertama kita adalah booth mewarnai.
  2. Booth kedua adalah labirin buatanku. Anak-anak cukup mengitari labirin, seperti suka ada di buku maze, tetapi bedanya di dunia nyata, dan dilakukan dengan gerakan beneran (ya pasti atuh Jaja… :D).
  3. Booth ketiga adalah booth yang seharusnya kufoto, karena cukup menarik dan bisa dicontek untuk aktivitas rumah. Booth ketiga adalah booth yang ada tong dan dari dalamnya banyak benda dengan tekstur berbeda-beda, dan anak-anak disuruh menebak isi dari tong tersebut tanpa melihat.
  4. Booth keempat adalah booth yang sejujurnya aku kurang mengerti, tetapi sepertinya anak-anak diberi sebuah angka, dan mesti berdiri di angka yang mereka dapatkan, lalu berotasi dari satu angka ke angka yang lain.
  5. Booth kelima adalah booth hidroponik dan urban farming, dimana anak-anak diajarkan untuk bercocok tanam dengan ruang terbatas.
  6. Booth keenam adalah booth Sondah/Hopscotch, dimana orang-orang meloncat dari satu pijakan ke pijakan berikutnya, mengikuti pola angka.
  7. Booth ketujuh adalah booth lempar bola, dimana orangtua/guru anak diminta memegang kotak untuk target bola, dan anaknya melempar bola tersebut sampai 2 bola masuk.
  8. Booth terakhir adalah booth yang menggunakan trolley, dan anak-anak diminta mendorong teman-temannya dalam trolley. (semoga aktivitas ini adalah aktivitas masih dianggap aman oleh pihak Hypermart)

Dari 8 Booth, aku menjaga 2 booth yang cukup sederhana, dan beserta tim observer dari Brightway, aku mengajari anak-anak bermain di booth-ku. Aku mendapat booth nomor 6 dan 7. Aku yakin, tidak mungkin ada orang gagal dalam urusan sesederhana ini.

Selama di kedua booth ini, ada beberapa hal yang menarik perhatianku, diantaranya adalah…

  • Ada kakek yang mengantar cucunya lhooo. Awalnya aku melihat orang yang tampak lebih tua dari ayah dan ibu lainnya. Pas aku minta Kakek si cucu mengambil bola, karena penasaran (hehe) aku menggunakan kalimat “Ayo, sekarang Ayahnya yang pegang bolanya”. Si Kakek langsung mengkoreksi aku. Respect untuk Kakek yang niat untuk mengantar cucunya kesini, mungkin karena ayah-ibunya bekerja (dari analisaku).
  • Ada anak yang memasukkan bola dengan cara unik dan efisien… Bukannya melempar, anak itu meminjam tas belanja reusable yang dibawa ibunya, memasukkan banyak bola dalam tas tersebut, dan memindahkannya secara sekaligus dalam kotak. Aku suka melihat anak-anak seperti ini, karena menurutku, anak-anak yang think outside the box adalah anak-anak yang akan menanam benih-benih evolusi.
  • Terkadang mood-mood anak yang buruk karena di booth sebelumnya sempat dilarang ibunya karena takut merusak Hidroponik, bisa merusak mood semua anak di lingkungan itu. Grup anak-anak yang ada satu saja anak ngambek pas main di boothku, membuat anak-anak lainnya merasa buruk juga, dan jadi lebih malas main dengan benar.
  • Main Hopscotch berkali-kali itu melelahkan. Karena setiap grup yang datang, aku sebagai guide yang baik, mencontohkan. Terkadang kalau anak-anak belum mengerti, aku juga berkewajiban menunjukkan ulang cara mainnya.

Sesudah kewajiban di boothku selesai, aku ngemil snack dari Sari Roti, dan mengecek aktivitas booth lain…

Anak-anak dan Ibu-ibu sedang mewarnai

Sepertinya tujuan aktivitas ini belum sepenuhnya masuk ke Ibu-ibu ini. Karena Ibu-ibu ini terus menerus meminta anak-anak ini lebih serius dalam mewarnai, seolah-olah ini lomba, padahal kan bukan… Menurut Tante Deasy, dari komunitas HEbAT yang juga merupakan bagian dari panitia inti, tujuan aktivitas ini untuk menjadi “contekan” aktivitas anak-anak untuk dikerjakan dari rumah, dan juga sebagai games untuk anak-anak.

Post Event

Hari pertama acaranya diakhiri dengan anak-anak diajak ke panggung untuk menyanyi, dan dengan pembagian hadiah. Semua anak yang berpartisipasi berhak dapat hadiah…

Aku merasa senang diberi kesempatan untuk mengikuti acara ini, dan aku merasa berterima kasih Infinity sudah bisa percaya ke anak sepertiku, yang bahkan lulus SMA saja belum (iya sih, tugas yang kuterima tidak perlu terlalu banyak skill, tapi kan tetap saja).

Tapi… Acaranya bukan cuma sampe sini lhooo.. Ini adalah 2 day event, dan ini baru membahas hari pertama!

Tunggu lagi untuk event Day 2-nya!

Jaja Out!


Public Lecture About Ionic Liquids @ ITB

Public Lecture About Ionic Liquids @ ITB

At the 29th of August Jaja joined a public lecture about Ionic Liquids in ITB by Professor Günter Grampp, who is a lecturer from Vienna, Austria. I found out about this public lecture when I was looking for lunch at ITB, because as usual, every Tuesday I join a lecture there. Luckily, I stumbled upon the banner above, and well, I decided to join this public lecture. Note that I didn’t even know what an Ionic Liquid is, until I joined this public lecture, but it’s a fun and interesting lecture, and I asked a question in the end.

The contents of this article will be my thoughts about the things I heard in the lecture, and me breaking it down…

What’s an Ionic Liquid?

By definition, an Ionic Liquid is a salt in liquid form. But, hold on… The chemical term of salt isn’t really what most people think a salt is. A salt in chemical terms is a solid crystal that is broken down. The solid crystal can only be stated as a salt if it is made from an acid, and a base that is usually a solid metal. If the acid reacts with the solid metal, and the reaction becomes a crystal, that crystal is called a salt, chemically speaking of course. Our common table salt is made with the reaction of Sodium for the base and Chloride for the acid. Their reaction would make the Sodium less metal-like and more like a crystal that is usually hammered down and ground onto powder.

That’s a bit off-topic, but some fun knowledge about salt can never be wrong am I right?

Anyways, back onto the lecture, the more chemically accurate term for “salts” are Ionic Compounds, which is the solid form of these liquids. Usually, Ionic Liquids are made by melting these Ionic Compounds that are made the usual way salts are made. But hang on a bit… Some people might ask, does that mean if I have some table salt, and mix it up with some water that is an Ionic Liquid? Well, No, it’s not… That is a mixture, which unlike a compound, that has mixed onto the molecular level, a mixture is mixed outside of the molecular structures, and isn’t forming any new types of chemical properties.

Uses Of Ionic Liquids

These Ionic Liquids are created mainly to be the conductors in batteries. These Ionic Liquids could enhance the ability of conduction in solid things, and are usually used to soak up batteries so they could conduct more optimally. Ionic Liquids could do this because of their higher electrolyte numbers, which are the properties of conductivity in a liquid. If you remember some commercials of electrolyte water, well… You’re basically drinking salt in liquid form, which in a sense might provide you some energy I guess? Don’t take my word for it 😀

Other uses for these Ionic Liquids are to dissolve harmful ingredients, which does interest me since that way, the waste that factories make can easily be dissolved and forgotten, because apparently, these Ionic Liquids can do that, and much more efficiently than our common solvents (solvents are liquids we use to dissolve waste).

Apparently efficient is in terms of liquid usage. Their cost comparison is still pretty far from one another. I couldn’t remember the difference exactly, but if I recall, the cheapest Ionic Liquid still costs 10-100 times more per liter than our common solvent. So, despite Ionic Liquids have efficiency in terms of liquid usage, and is more effective at dissolving waste, as there is no waste left after dissolved, compared to our current solvents which still makes lots of waste, the cost to invest is still not a priority in the eyes of governments and laboratories.

Professor Grumpp Is Explaining The Uses Of Ionic Liquids

Table Of Ionic Liquids..

I couldn’t understand this so much to be honest.. but, here’s a table of Ionic Liquids when compared to our regular solvents and I’ll try to explain it to you, but if you aren’t in the mood of complex thinking, you can skip this paragraph, as it’s pretty complex.

A Table Of Comparation, Professor Grampp used the exact same one

The factors listed and their meanings…

  • Number of Solvents are the efficiency per particle in dissolving forms of toxic waste
  • Applicability is pretty simple as in the functions of the liquid, and Ionic liquids have multiple uses other than dissolving things
  • Catalytic ability is the ability to function as a catalyst in poison absorption
  • Chirality is the symmetry between it’s particles, and the more symmetrical it is, the better the process of absorption and dissolving of objects
  • Vapor pressure is (like it’s name) the ability to counteract pressure from vapourous sources, this means that Ionic liquids are capable of absorbing gaseous wastes, opposed to the organic solvents
  • Flammability is pretty simple, and Ionic Liquids aren’t flammable and won’t detonate when coming to contact with heat
  • Polarity is the differences in area (which leads to separation) on a molecular level. If a molecule isn’t affected by Polarity they are “connected” to one another much more, and would have the same amounts of electromagnetic conductivity in each part of the molecule. (If this is confusing, don’t worry, I googled this first :D)
  • Tuneability is basically the range of liquids available to do this job, and Ionic liquids has a wide variety
  • Cost… well, I’ve mentioned this in the above
  • Recyclability isn’t really a “real” term, but from Professor Grampp’s explanation, it’s basically the “price” we have to pay to recycle the object. Our Organic Solvents will make the ecological side of things worse, while the Ionic Liquids need more investments to recycle
  • Viscosity is the value used to count how well an object would react when “pulled” to a point of stress. The higher the value, the more flexible an object is when they are “stressed”. (yes this is a pun)
  • Density is how dense an object is, the more dense it is, the higher the mass that it has on a smaller area.
  • Refractive Index is how well an object would refract light, this actually points more onto how clear an object is, and how light would react when sent pass the object.

My Question

I asked Professor Grampp this question: “How far do you think we are onto a cost efficient Ionic Liquid?”

Professor Grampp said that the only problem with us reaching cost efficiency with using Ionic Liquids as a solvent is that companies that invest in the making of these liquids are expecting to get their investments paid back. Scientists that make these liquids also expect payment for their work, and whilst it’s not impossible to use Ionic Liquids now it’s just not efficient because some people need to get paid, and unfortunately, the cheaper Ionic Liquids aren’t that different from our current Solvents, therefore, I think if companies finally decide it’s time to invest in the development of cheaper Ionic Liquids, only then we’d reach the point of efficiency.

I’m very satisfied with Professor Grampp’s answer, and I actually like that Professor Grampp used more objective words that isn’t actually blaming companies for their greed, because we do know that money doesn’t come without effort or for free. One day, I wish some company could invest in using some more expensive ingredients to make a more sustainable version of solvents, or anything else really.


Not only am I satisfied with the answers and knowledge provided in Professor Grampp’s lecture and answer, but I also enjoyed listening to his way of presenting the lecture as he did it casually while making jokes. I’m pretty certain that the lecturers I want when I go to college are those that are responsible, but can still lecture casually.

That’d be all from Jaja Azriel today, and thanks for reading!

Peeking Outside My Bubble, Jaja Jadi Relawan Di KAIL

Peeking Outside My Bubble, Jaja Jadi Relawan Di KAIL


Pada tanggal 25 Agustus kemarin, aku jadi relawan di Bazaar Ulang Tahun KAIL. KAIL itu apa sih? KAIL itu sebenarnya singkatan dari Kuncup Padang Ilalang, yang (menurut di websitenya) adalah organisasi nirlaba yang bertujuan meningkatkan kapasitas individu, dan perubahan sosial. Aku sih nangkepnya dari cerita-cerita sebelum datang ke KAIL menurutku itu rumah belajar anak, dan hanya sebatas itu aja sih, untungnya pas di KAIL aku dapat gambaran yang lebih penuh dan sesuai… Lokasinya KAIL ini di Cigarugak, dan Cigarugak ini jauh banget dari rumahku. Untungnya dari menjadi relawan di acara ini aku menyadari beberapa hal yang sebenarnya aku belum pernah lihat langsung sebelumnya…

Aku tahu KAIL dan opportunity menjadi relawan disini dari Kak Deta. Kak Deta itu salah satu Kakak-kakak di Dongeng Bengkimut yang suka membacakan dongeng buat Alice dan anak-anak lain di Pustakalana. (Note to Babah: kita ada artikel buat aktivitas Lana-nya Alice? kalo ga tar aku mau buat) Kak Deta request ke aku untuk consider menjadi relawan.

Sebentar, off topic dulu dikit…

Bubi suka ngomong ke orang-orang dan seringkali menggunakan istilah Bubble. Artinya apa sih? Bubble itu metafor untuk Social Circle… atau Lingkup orang-orang yang aku temui secara umum. Satu orang mungkin punya beberapa Social Circle, dan dari Social Circle itu dapat lingkup Bubble-nya yang terkadang memfilter hal-hal yang kita lihat dan membuat orang tidak sadar (atau lupa) dari kenyataan di luar Bubble masing-masing orang.

Kebayang ga? Kalau belum, mending baca dulu artikelnya.

Sebentar, disclaimer dulu… aku lupa foto beberapa kali, jadi foto di artikel ini sangat terbatas, maafkan…

Event Day


Pada Hari-H Bazaar, aku datang ke KAIL untuk mulai menjadi relawan, dan sesuai briefing di Grup Whatsapp, aku menjaga booth harga seribuan. Acara sih dimulai sore, tetapi jam 8.00 peserta sudah harus datang untuk briefing dan hal-hal lain. Pagi-pagi, sambil ngemil teh manis dan nagasari. Kita memulai Briefing dan perkenalan. Banyak yang gak sadar atau kaget pas denger aku masih 14 tahun, alias lebih muda dari Karang Taruna Cigarugak yang nanti ikut membantu acara ini.

Dari Briefing Do’s and Don’ts yang kudapat (dan perlu dikerjakan nanti pas bazaar) isinya:

  1. Ada Booth seharga seribuan di luar, 2 ribuan di lantai atas, 5, dan 10 ribu di lantai bawah, aku kebagian di booth 1 ribu.
  2. Pembayaran dilakukan dengan kupon yang dibeli di kasir. Kupon ada 2 value, yaitu yang 1 ribu dan 5 ribu, dengan maksimal 10 kupon per transaksi
  3. 1 Jam pertama, biarkan Anak-anak memilih sendiri, jangan biarkan ibu-ibu yang memilih barang-barang yang diinginkan, atau biarkan ibu-ibu bertransaksi. (Message extra yang kudapat meski tak disebut adalah, larang dan tolak transaksi Ibu-ibu di jam pertama)
  4. Dilarang nyetek (Ngetag? Booking?)… intinya dilarang menyisakan barang untuk diambil nanti sesudah beli kupon, karena kupon ngantri-nya panjang sekali.
  5. Disediakan kresek untuk yang banyak beli, tetapi sebaiknya bawa Kresek masing-masing.
  6. Antrian sebaiknya diatur dengan benar. (Just A Note To Self, tidak disebut, tapi aku suka kalau antrian rapih, dan ga rebutan)
Briefing Sebelum Tour KAIL, Ayo, Jaja Dimana?


Oke, jadi kita diajak Tour untuk menjawab pertanyaan “KAIL itu Apa Sih?” dan di tour ini, kita diajak melihat:

  1. Dapur KAIL, yang Zero Waste lhoo (Note To Babah, ini kita ada artikel yang bahas Zero Waste gak? penasaran aja)
  2. Kebun KAIL, lengkap dengan Raspberry yang enak (Asem-asem manis enak), oh dan meski ga ditunjukkan di Tour, ada Kandang Bebek juga (oke maaf aku ga foto, bayangkan saja dulu ya.. Aku pasti visit KAIL lagi di masa depan)
  3. Perpustakaan KAIL, yang lengkap dengan board game! (My kind of Library :D)
  4. Majalah KAIL yang belum lama dimulai lagi, sesudah berhenti untuk waktu yang cukup lama. Sayangnya aku lupa namanya, tetapi kalau kita menulis artikel di Majalah itu, kita akan”dibayar” dengan buku.
Jaja Lagi Baca Majalah KAIL Edisi Terbaru


YES! MAKAN! ups… Off Topic.. Oke, makanannya enak, dan pas perkenalan, salah satu kakak yang sudah menjadi relawan KAIL sebelumnya, bilang salah satu bonusnya adalah makanannya enak. Betul lho enak, dan kita makan di daun pisang bersama-sama. Meski aku hanya makan Nasi Liwet (F.Y.I. Wangiiiii deh), dan tempe bacem (oke, 4 biji tempenya, kan aku ga ngambil protein hewani-nya :D) tapi aku tetap kenyang.

Oh iya, sebelum makan ada sedikit acara dari KAIL untuk reward penulis, dan top 3 all year long volunteer di KAIL, yang disertai juga dengan Awug. Oh iya, kita cuci piring sendiri, ini ada gambarnya, (aku ga sadar sebenernya aku difoto, makanya hasilnya kurang bagus :D)

Cuci Sampe Bersih Ja

Bazaar Time!

Sesudah makan, kita mulai preparasi Bazaar dengan memindahkan meja, menata barang, menyiapkan kupon, dan briefing ulang peraturan tadi. Sekitar jam 13.45, orang-orang mulai datang, dan lokasi Bazaar makin penuh. Ketika kupon mulai dijual, pasti bakal rusuh, aku pikirannya langsung kesitu. Untuk membuat makin rusuh, aku kebagian lokasi Booth yang kena sinar matahari langsung. Boothku, juga berisi… mainan… Aku sudah kepikiran ini pasti dibanjiri anak-anak Booth-nya.

Sebelum kupon dibuka, meski sudah banyak banget yang mengantri anak-anak dan ibunya, MC mengingatkan, untuk Ibu-ibu agar tidak mengganggu anak-anak dan jadikan momen ini kesempatan anak-anak belajar berbelanja. Sekitar 3 kali statement itu diulang, Ibu-ibu berhenti mengantri di booth kupon. Masa ya perlu 3 kali diingatkannya?

Ketika pembelian kupon sudah diizinkan. Tidak sampai 5 menit, sampai booth aku dibanjiri Anak-anak dan Ibu-ibu, sebelum pembelian banyak, ada Kakak Karang Taruna dari Booth baju sebelahku yang disuap ibu-ibu dengan uang 10 ribu untuk menyisakan 10 baju yang sudah dipilih sebelumnya, karena meski belum boleh beli, belum ada larangan melihat-lihat. Untungnya, Kakak Karang Taruna-nya cukup self-righteous untuk melirik ke aku, dengan muka bertanya. Aku menyuruh ibu itu untuk ambil uangnya balik, dan memberi tahu ibu itu peraturannya bahwa suapan itu tidak boleh, dan dilarang menyetek.

Booth aku penuh, karena kalau anak-anak yang diberi izin membeli tanpa omelan ibu-ibunya, pasti anak-anak tertarik sama mainan. Mainannya banyak banget, ada: Boneka, gasing, figurin superhero/ninja, Happy Meal, mobil-mobilan, stik golf mainan, bola tenis, botol minum, tas, payung, dan masih banyak lagi.

Sekitar 5 menit berlalu dengan antrian penuh, dan situasi kacau yang aku ga inget apa saja yang terjadi…

Jaja Menawarkan Barang Ke Anak-Anak…

Cerita menarik berikutnya, ada anak laki-laki berikutnya yang ingin banget beli gasing… Tapi ditemani ibunya, dan masa ya… Ibu itu terus ngingetin anaknya gasing itu ga ada gunanya, ga bisa dimainin, dan rusak. Ibunya menyugestikan untuk beli mobil saja, tapi anaknya bersikeras ga mau, meski baru 3 (atau 4) tahun, anak tersebut sudah pintar memainkan bahasa tubuh untuk memberi signal, “Aku tuh mau yang ini tau”. Ibu itu terus saja ngejelek-jelekin gasing dan muji-muji mobil-mobilan yang seribu isi 3.

3 menit kemudian, Ibu itu pasrah dan maksa beli sendiri, aku larang dong, karena peraturan. Ibu-nya untungnya ga terlalu nyolot sih, tapi dia ambil gasing anaknya terus ditukar mobil-mobilan dipaksa masukkin tangan. Anaknya ambil lagi gasing yang beda (malah lebih jelek dari yang dia minta awal-awal), lalu dia menaruh mobilnya di meja. Aku lihat ada anak lain yang juga mau itu mobil dari tadi, tapi Ibunya pegang terus dari tadi. Anak yang mau itu pelan-pelan mau ambil mobilnya mumpung lagi lengah nih. Tapi Ibu itu buru-buru ambil lagi sebelum anak yang beneran mau mobil itu dapat kesempatan ngambil. *tepuk dahi* Masa ga malu sih Bu?.

Sampai-sampai ya, aku intervensi Ibu itu udah 5 menit, akhirnya anaknya ambil lagi gasingnya, tapi Ibu-nya larang, dan abis anaknya bilang “Ya mau yang mobil”, ibunya kasih kupon ke anaknya, meski dia ogah-ogahan. Aku tolak, dan kurang lebih script-nya gini:

  • Jaja: Bu, ini mesti anaknya lho yang beli.
  • Ibu: Kan emang anaknya yang beli, itu kuponnya dia yang kasih
  • Jaja: Tapi Bu, maksudnya beli itu bukan cuma bayarnya lho, milih barang dan ngambil barang juga bagian dari beli, kan ga adil kalo anaknya mau gasing tapi Ibunya kasih Mobil.
  • Ibu: Ih, dia kan mau mobilnya, iya kan de?
  • Adik: Ga mau
  • Ibu: Gasing kan jelek de, itu rusak, ga ada gunanya.
  • Adik: Maunya itu (nunjuk gasing)
  • Ibu: Mobil aja ya
  • Adik: (sudah pasrah) iya..
  • Jaja: (Sebenernya sih aku punya hak nolak, tapi kalo dah 7 menit waktuku terbuang, ya sudahlah.) Oke deh, makasih ya udah mau beli disini.

Ya ampun, Ibu itu rela ngorbanin keinginan anaknya demi dapet 3 mobil mainan yang bagus harga seribuan. Padahal kan anak-anak seneng itu lebih mahal daripada 3 mobil-mobilan. Bukan cuma itu, tapi aku juga lihat ada sisa kupon 1ribuan lagi, sekitar 2-3. Kalau emang bener-bener mau kan bisa aja nunggu sampe Ibu-ibu diizinkan beli. Pas murah banget, katanya kadang Ibu-ibu itu suka lupa diri, aku awalnya ga tahu ini beneran, sampai ikut jadi relawan di Bazaar ini.

Selama aku ngehandle Ibu itu, untungnya ga ada kasus aneh-aneh dari laporan Kakak Karang Taruna.

Oke, sebenernya situasi kacau di 15 menit pertama… setidaknya di boothku, karena Booth baju cuma diganggu Ibu yang mau nyetek tanpa anak-anaknya. Untungnya tampak gampang ditolak.

Aku penasaran situasi booth lain ya… Jadinya aku ngintip ke Booth sebrang, yang juga jualan baju seribuan. Aku belum sampai 30 detik di booth itu, cuma nonton, ada Ibu-ibu bawa kresek dan masukkin baju dalam kresek, terus bilang ke Kakak volunteernya, “Kang, tolong simpenin ya, ada 7 baju, entar saya ambil”. Langsung ditolak dan ditaruh keluar plastiknya. Ini aku bikin script lagi:

  • Kakak: Maaf bu, ga boleh begini
  • Ibu: Ya udah saya taruh belakang baju lain ya
  • Kakak: Ga Bu, kembaliin ke tempat tadi
  • Ibu: Ihh, nanti diambil atuh Kang
  • Kakak: Kan ga boleh di-tek bu (oh, ternyata di-tek toh *pikir Jaja*)
  • Ibu: Tapi kan saya milih duluan
  • Kakak: Maaf ya Bu, ini siapa cepet bayar, siapa dapet
  • Ibu: *Pergi dengan muka kesel*

Oke sampai 1 jam pertama tidak banyak chaos lagi, dan aku berusaha convince anak-anak beli barangnya, dan pastikan antriannya tidak kacau banget, emang kacau sih, tapi ga kacau banget kan :D. Iya sih, kadang ada Ibu yang berusaha nyetek, atau yang milihin barang, tapi untungnya ga nyolot, dan menerima nasib.

Sesudah pengalaman buruknya, dan mungkin 90 menit sejak acara mulai, aku ketemu Bapak-bapak yang dress up rapih, dan punya jam yang cukup bagus. Aku salut sama Bapak ini soalnya, gayanya santai, membiarkan anaknya memilih, dan belanja terpisah dari anaknya yang sudah rada besar. Aku sih yakin, sebenarnya Bapak ini emang mau belanja sendiri, tapi ikut bawa anaknya, dan daripada repot-repot tungguin kepanasan 60 menit pertama, mending dateng telat tapi ga rusuh. Bapak ini juga sopan banget pas minta kresek ke aku yang dia lupa bawa, malahan, sempet nawarin bukannya minta kresek, malahan dia nawarin mau beli 2 kresek seribuan. Tapi aku tetep kasih gratis sih untungnya.

Oh iya, Selama acara ini, Kak Debby yang jadi MC, udah ulangin berkali-kali bahwa:

  1. Ibu-ibu belum boleh diizinkan beli
  2. Jadikan ini kesempatan anaknya belajar, biar anak itu bisa belanja dengan kebebasan
  3. Harap jangan dekati booth dan berkumpul di tengah-tengah ya Bu
  4. Barang-barang masih banyak Bu, sabar aja ya
  5. Anaknya jangan dijadikan calo, kasian masih kecil udah jadi calo (buat kupon)

Cerita Bazaarnya sudah mau beres, tetapi kan aku hobi banget bawa Botol minum kemana-mana, botolnya bagus pula. Ada anak-anak yang hampir mau beli Botolku, karena kutaro meja. Aku cekikikan ketawa, sambil nolak pembeliannya, soalnya ini botolku, bukan barang jualan.

Di akhir Bazaar ada Kakak yang membuat klub literasi di MKAA (yang aku akan ikuti) datang main gitar dan menyanyikan lagu. Aku ingat aku pernah dengar lagu itu di salah satu holiday camp yang aku datangi. Camp itu ada di Ecocamp lalu aku tanyain, dan kata Kakak itu, aku betul!

Sesudah bazaar hampir kosong, aku memutuskan memborong Majalah Bobo. Kayanya aku dapet 60-80 Bobo dengan harga 10 ribu rupiah! AHHAHA! Aku seneng banget baca Bobo, dan karena Bobo yang dijual aku beli di saat sedang berhenti langganan, aku masih dapat buku banyak sekali, lengkap dengan Paman Kikuk yang Neneng Alice sangat doyan dibacain itu sama aku.

Tidak lama sesudah borong Bobo, aku langsung minum teh, dan istirahat sedikit. Tidak lama dari teh soreku, jam 5.00 lebih, entah berapa (aku lupa), aku menumpang salah satu Kakak untuk turun dari Cigarugak, dan sesampainya dibawah, aku mengangkot, melewati kemacetan ke Dago. Sesampai di Daerah Dago, aku dengan majalah Bobo sebanyak itu, (dear reader, doing this is some heavy exercise for the record) aku jalan ke Masjid Salman, untuk memesan Gojek dengan Wifi yang disediakan di Masjid Salman.. Sayangnya tidak ada yang ambil, jadi aku disuruh Babah makan malam di Warpas(boleh nyebut merek ga?) dan dijemput disana.


Menjadi Relawan bukan hal yang gampang sih… Apalagi disini, dengan banyaknya orang, yang terkadang tidak mau mengikuti aturan. Untungnya aku senang karena bisa sesekali ngintip dunia luar Bubble-ku, dan pengalaman berbeda kali ini. Bukan cuma itu, aku juga senang aku bisa mendapat majalah Bobo yang banyak HAHAHA. Terima Kasih KAIL untuk memberiku kesempatan volunteering disini, dan Kak Deta sudah merekomendasikan aku ke KAIL.

Sesudah melihat situasi diluar Bubble-ku, aku kesamber petir dan akhirnya ngeh ke kenyataan bahwa, suapan itu ternyata nyata, dan terkadang orang bisa lupa diri dengan beberapa godaan. Untungnya pengalaman ini membantu aku menyadari realita di luar Bubble-ku, yang terkadang bisa tampak mengecewakan, tapi jika memang begitu kenyataannya, apakah lebih baik untuk diam di Bubble saja? Menurutku sih, tidak ya. Jika kita tinggal di filter Bubble seumur hidup kita, kita tidak bisa bersyukur dengan apa yang aku punya, dan menyadari bahwa kita itu orang yang beruntung.

Oh iya, fun fact! Siddharta Gautama juga mengalami cerita yang mirip dengan ini dan keluar dari Bubble-nya yaitu di Istana untuk menyadari kenyataan, yang ternyata dipenuhi orang-orang kurang beruntung dan meninggalkan agama Hindu untukmembuat agama Buddha.

Hahahah, jadi serius banget ini deh… Ya udah ya, hari ini segini dulu… Jaja Out!

[REVIEW HOTEL] Santika Premiere ICE BSD

[REVIEW HOTEL] Santika Premiere ICE BSD

Pernah mendatangi acara di ICE BSD terus sepanjang perjalanan mikir kok ini jauh bener ya….
Mau itu konser, pameran buku hingga ke pameran otomotif, kadang kita berpikir “Is it worth the trip?”

Well, sepertinya atas pertimbangan itulah jaringan Hotel Santika memilih untuk mendirikan 1 hotel di area ini….

Kami sendiri menginap di sini sepulang berjalan-jalan di daerah Serpong, dan begitu membayangkan harus melewati JORR di waktu libur lebaran, kami pun memutuskan untuk bermalam di Serpong dan memilih hotel ini.

Setelah check in (agak lama, karena status hotel yang fully booked akibat libur lebaran, untung welcome drinknya enak), tujuan pertama tentunya langsung menikmati kolam renang, sambil ngadem gitu ceritanya….. Dan ternyata kolamnya ada di bagian teratas loh, alias rooftop pool, dan kita bisa melihat langsung gedung ICE dari areal kolam renang ini.

Mantap kan pemandangannya, selain gedung ICE, Mall AEON juga terlihat dari areal kolam ini, yang membuat kami pun teringat untuk mengunjungi mall ini juga, and guess what? pihak hotel menyediakan shuttle untuk pergi ke Mall AEON loh, mayan kan ga usah nyetir n nyari parkir 🙂

Beres berenang, mandi dan istirahat sebentar, kami pun turun ke pergi ke Mall AEON (pake shuttle hotel), Neneng sangat menang saat bermain di areal taman mall ini.

Malamnya ada sedikit insiden yang membuat kami perlu memanggil housekeeping jam 1 malam, salutnya, mas mas housekeeping datengnya ga pake lama, luar biasaaaa…..

Besoknya, ternyata neneng pengen berenang lagi, padahal cuaca agak dingin, dan akhirnya neneng pun kedinginan sampe menggigil, hihi….

Oiya, misal menginap di sini saat sedang fully booked (kata mas-masnya sih, kalo ada event di ICE, dah pasti penuh), siap-siap sarapan di lobby yah, karena areal sarapannya yang sangat kecil, jadi ga bisa menampung semua tamu, alhasil area lobby pun dimanfaatkan (ini sebetulnya sangat mengganggu, karena yang kebagian di lobby, jadi harus bolak balik agak jauh). PR buat manajemen, semoga dapat diselesaikan…

Dan berikut rangkuman dari kunjungan kami ke hotel ini :


– Kenyamanan kamar yang sangat baik, mulai dari tempat tidur, kamar mandi hingga daybed
– misal lagi mau ke event di ICE, tinggal ngesot aja
– staf hotel yang sigap dan bersahabat
– view dari rooftop pool
– shuttle ke mall AEON


– Area sarapan yang sangat kecilllllll
– sepertinya kalo lagi ada event, noise dari gedung sebelah agak-agak lumayan

Review Kopi Om – Dipati Ukur – Bandung

Review Kopi Om – Dipati Ukur – Bandung

Om, telolet om….

Eh salah, lagi mau bahas warung kopi ini mah….

Om, kopi om 😀

Jadi ceritanya pas lagi kena macet di daerah DU, liat kok ini ada tempat ngopi lucu juga, tempatnya mungil, tapi keliatannya nyaman banget buat ngadem, akhirnya melipir deh….

Nama tempatnya Kopi Om, yang punya om om kali yah…

Tampak depan, menggoda banget kan?


Sudut lain tampak depan (tenang, mas kemeja biru itu lagi nelfon, bukan senyum ke eyke kok)

Begitu masuk, bener dong, tempatnya nyaman banget, dengan pencahayaan yang hangat dan AC yang dingin (ini penting, hahaha). Liat-liat menu, langsung pesen dan sambil nunggu pesanan jadi, ngobrol sama mas-mas baristanya, ternyata ownernya langsung loh, dan bukan om-om, hahaha…. Namanya Om Deni (loh, katanya bukan om-om, tapi kok dipanggil om?), ternyata kalo weekend, karena penuh, biasanya Om Deni dan istrinya emang standby di TKP juga, mantap ommmm……

AC dingin, penting!

Jadi ceritanya karena liat di menu ada Kopi Lychee, penasaran, pesen itu deh, kata si Om, Kopi Lychee ini muncul sebagai hasil eksperimen, eh, ternyata, banyak yang suka, jadi masuk menu reguler deh, beuhhhh, bikin penasaran aja nih si om….. Ga lama, pesanan pun siap, voila!

The fabulous Kopi Lychee

And, guess what? Kopi Lychee-nya enak banget dah…. The bitterness of the coffee, dipadukan dengan rasa manis asam dari lychee, plus tekstur si lychee pas digigit, juaraaaaaa……

Karena puas pesen itu, dan sebagai netijen yang selalu lapar mata, akhirnya pesenan pun bertambah sodara-sodara…..

Nah, gawat kan, akhirnya makan sandwich, pastry dan nambah cappucino juga….. Mau duduk berlama-lama dan ngobrol pun ga berasa, karena tempatnya emang nyaman banget, mantap bener dah si Om…..

Sandwichnya enak banget, dough rotinya, kesegaran topping sayuran, sampe ke jenis keju yang dipake, enak semua. Pastrynya juga enak, ga terlalu manis, cocok buat nemenin minum kopi.

Value for money? Dapet banget, rasa yang didapat melebihi harga yang kita bayarkan, keep up the good work Om!

Yang mau merapat, ini ada tautan Google Maps yah :

Ga nyesel deh nemu tempat ini, dan kayanya bakal sering merapat…..