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Erlangga’s Back To School Competition

Erlangga’s Back To School Competition


31st of July, till 7th of August, Erlangga Publishing made a competition in Ciwalk, and my Debating Mentors, Miss Muliani, and Mr. Eri asked me to come. So well, I came. More on them later, but I’ll share about LEDS Debating Community soon enough.

Miss Muliani, My Mentor As a Judge


I came one day before the High School Category’s Speech Competition, (Also, the finals would be a debate, not a speech). Someone from Erlangga, that I knew, and knew me, cause I met him once before in an event at the City Library, Mr. Deon, forbid me to join. He said it’s unfair because I was too good at debating. WHY? Honestly, I think as long as the category is still for High School, and I am still in High School after all, I should be able to join, regardless of my skill.

Competition Day

If you chose to not read the spoiler, jump here

The very next day, Mr. Deon didn’t come. YES! I joined 2 minutes before the registration closed, and prepped my speech on the spot, so I could win! I literally have no preparation, but I prepped a speech overview in less than an hour, re read it three times, and I didn’t look back, I just went on with it.

The speech is held under 4 booths, and Miss Muliani judged the booth that I didn’t join in. She fears her bias will make me win, and she wants me to win fair and square. So I chose another booth that isn’t hers.

Under here is my Speech, I literally copy pasted it from my 30 minutes speech prep, on the spot. The theme of the speech is “How Media Affects What We Think” That is just my concept, I removed some parts because of time limit.

Speech Overview:

Opening and Introduction Stuff


Okay, so first of all, let me start off my speech with a term in psychology. It’s called the Crowd Control Effect. The crowd control effect is an effect caused by some older parts of our brain that hasn’t evolved yet, mainly because it’s part of something important.

See, a tiny part in our brain is always reminding us to stay with the group. This has always been an important part of our evolutionary line, since most of our mammal ancestors live in packs, and straying off the pack is not a good thing to do.

Now, what I’m saying has proof, psychologists have researched that a majority of people tend to buy items online if it has more buyers, even if there are items that are up to 10% cheaper. Not only online shopping, but even when choosing a place to eat, lots of people have a tendency to choose restaurants that has a queue, rather than an empty place that sells the same items, at about the same price.

Now, I probably went on about 2 minutes about psychology, but let’s jump onto the elephant in the room, Media. Now, especially in the digitalized era, media plays a bigger role since not only journalists can provide us information, but other people in Social Media can provide us information.

Whether we choose to believe it is not relevant with my topic, so let’s not talk about hoax.

But, now, as I have mentioned above mammals live in packs, and well, our Species the Homo sapiens are mammals, and if evolution showed us something, it is that straying off the pack is a bad thing, no seriously, that Gazelle that is outside of the pack ended up as dinners for lions. If you are a species, you must avoid that at all times.2

From evolution, we humans use a different aspect of straying off the pack called Popular Opinion. If you don’t follow popular opinion, that’s just, well, Society will stare at you and tell you that you are weird. That’s again, a bad thing, and means you are that Gazelle who got killed by the pack of lions.

Now, again back on topic to media, the one I am specifically referring to is, SOCIAL MEDIA. Now, if say, some celebrity in Indonesia said that They HATE Something via Social Media, then there are chances that some of the Celebrity’s followers would also say that. And well, a statement can chain onto a wildfire. That is an effect for being unwise with something as dangerous as media.

I’m discussing some sociology and philosophy next. Now, since mankind uses political views and stuff, so Ancient Greece will be my point of view here. There are always 3 categories of people. 20% of people sets the trend, most of the times they are kings or just important people like say, a general. 60% people join the trend, and they are normally just your common villager. The rest? They are the trend haters, and don’t like to follow. Back then, that could get you executed. So, the trend haters pretend to like the trend to save their heads.

Onto the modern world once more, these kinds of things still occur, and people tend to avoid conflict, especially in Indonesia, but let us say, that…

Celeb A becomes the trendsetter at a trend saying that say, takes selfies at the most popular cafe’s in the world. The followers of that celeb have a tendency to do the same thing. The haters won’t really do as that celeb does, but might either hate and share the hate, or just pretend to not hate, nor like.

Now, that effect for the haters might eventually change because of Popular Opinion, and the Crowd Control effects, so that is pretty much how Media affects what we think.

Is it a good thing? Since society has always been like this for the past 2 millennium, hard to say, but changing your opinions aren’t really a good thing isn’t it? I just know since TV and Social media, it has GONE WORSE. Because sharing opinions becomes MUCH-MUCH easier, and this could get you as someone hated in society much easier, so before posting in social media what you think about some topic. THINK about what your thinking is.

One thing is for certain, if we can’t hold on to our opinions cause of Popular Opinion, then we are not very fit to be the leaders of a trend, nor the haters, you’d just be an ordinary follower, and that has been like that since SOCIETY even began. Me, I’d rather be unique. For proof, I don’t even own social media.

Closing stuff

Speech Closed

I’m Delivering My Speech

Yes, I wrote that in half an hour

For the result… Did I win? Yeah, I made it onto the finals. I was also the last contestant. Now, right now you might think. You entered a competition last minute and won? Exactly. That’s me for you. I perform better without too much prep sometimes. Planning is important, but for me, preparation isn’t that necessary. Prepping just adds expectations, and sometimes if I expect too much from myself I crumble.

Speeches and presentations are way better without prep. That’s my opinion by the way. If you ask, Jaja, what about tests? Ok, that does need some prep.

I Won, YAY!

Debate Day, Finals

Okay, now, I did the debate with some prep in the morning. A debate requires proper case building, and you need to be able to counter any argument your opposition throws at you. You don’t want to be caught in a debate without the ability to counter a question, or question someone. In a debate that’s a bad move.

Now, there are 2 parts of this debate. The topic is about White Lies, and well… Okay, here goes nothing, this is prepped in less than an hour or so, and I didn’t practice it, not even once. Why? A good debater is one that doesn’t utilize on memorizing, but could adapt, and counter anything that the opposition used.

White Lies, Support Version, Less Preferred

Definition of My Motion: A White Lie is a lie often told for the benefit of the person we lie to, or in some cases, ourselves. In my case I would support white lies with people we meet, relationships between a couple, or a child and their parents. The term of lie I’m using, is not limited to saying the lie, but also includes us not telling anything at all.


  • Throwing out CERTAIN white lies empower social skills and bonding skills. As said by a research from Oxford University, certain lies actually increase your place in society onto a more liked person. How could that occur is the fact that if you try and lie to someone by complimenting, people really like others that are nice and compliments you about something.

Example: We tell someone we meet that they have a nice shirt (even though we do not think as such), and as normal people would, they would say Thank You, and slightly like the person some more. If we do that to everyone we meet, then we would be deemed as someone polite, and fun. While in reality, the compliments we have are white lies.

  • Hurting other people’s feelings are not a good thing, and when we really do need to lie to protect something in a relationship, whether it is our couple, or our child.

Example: We tell our child that Tooth Fairies exist so they don’t mind if their tooth falls off, because they get a coin cause of it.

Conclusion: I believe that White Lies, especially those that are properly chosen and constructed are important to build yourself up in society and in relationships, I believe as such because the facts point this as something good, and, a research proved some benefits from white lies. I also believe that getting people to like and remember you is important.

White Lies, Opposition, More Preferred

Definition of my Motion: My definition of a White Lie that I disagree with, is lying to give yourself and the person you are telling to some benefits, to avoid conflict, especially against family members, or to protect people from the truth.


  • Conflict helps increase the strength of a relationship. Yes, conflict as unavoidable or avoidable it is, can help you be a better person. A good person should be able to not get caught in a fight while there is a conflict. People tell white lies in order to avoid conflict most of the time.

Example: You tell the truth about how you dislike the fact that, for example, your husband’s sister is living with you, and should already be having a job. The conflict from a conversation can strengthen a relationship, and gives you solutions for similar problems like this.

  • Most people, if they cannot control themselves, would become a compulsive liar, and a lie for the greater good, could eventually make that person lie about most things. Some branches of psychology highlights, researches and prove this.

Example: I can’t really show an example regarding this, but I found a quote to prove this. “Watch your thoughts, they become words, Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, as it becomes your destiny.” A Chinese Philosopher named Lao Tzu said that, and psychologically speaking, it is true that tiny actions to protect good things can eventually become a bad habit. A compulsive liar will be seen like that, as if whatever he said can never be the truth, like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. If you are a liar by character, then that just proves you are not a good person, regardless whatever your purpose of lying is.


Now, on that day… I have to support White Lies, I’m not liking this , but like I said, a good debater should be able to adapt to any situation. So I did, and I used my arguments and rethink about all of the things I could possibly say, while reviewing its validity

Okay, so I got to be the second to last debater, and I’m pretty sure my debate is fairly memorable, because Bubi said that some people are actually complimenting on how good my debate is. I think I haven’t done my best to be honest, but I’ve done well enough.

Although, when the judges asked me a question, I could not answer with my best answer, which kind of left me a bad impression, but I don’t mind. Debate’s shouldn’t really be scored based on the question the judges ask, and in official debates, those I practice, judges are only allowed to observe, and questions are left to the opposition.

When it was my turn to listen to my opposition, I found the perfect argument to counter him. He used Doctors as an example for White Lies, and he said that the Doctor should always tell the truth to the patients. I countered that argument by stating that there are some patients who don’t even want to hear the truth, should doctors still tell the truth? He answered reluctantly, which actually proves I’ve already aimed for his weak spot in that debate.

Not long after, the top 3 scores who was tied by the way, was announced and I wasn’t in the list. To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied, because 2 of the 3 winners used personal experience in that debate, and personal experience isn’t a justifiable argument in a debate. I was too upset, and I decided to just get out of there and go home with Bubi, I couldn’t even bother to listen to who won. I do admit that wasn’t very sportsmanlike of me, but not long after, I met Miss Muliani again.

Post Competition

Turns out, Mr. Deon who forbid me from coming ended up recording all of the Debates and shared it to Miss Muliani, who couldn’t come. Miss Muliani said that I should have gotten away with at least top 2. Why is that? Firstly, the other 4 debaters, minus the winners and me, only repeated the same facts over and over, which is boring and unacceptable in a debate. Then, the top 3 and me, 2 of them used personal experience, and didn’t even counter argument properly. In a debate, the ability to counter a statement is just as important.

Miss Muliani said I couldn’t win because there should be some fault in the judges. So I ended up googling the official debate scoring system, and here it is.

Official Score Sheet

Okay now, in an official debate, it is prohibited for the judges to ask a question. So that’s one thing gone wrong. If you noticed, each point is rated on a 1-4 scale, so judges cannot take the middle point, and is in fact, equal per factor. I’ve read an official debate scorecard, and each question, the more spot on it is, really added on to the score. I only made one question, but I’m pretty sure it should net me a 3/4 at least, due to how well I chose my question. Not only that, I gave lots of scientific evidence for my subject. I also properly structured my debate the way Mr. Eri teaches me to. I’m also certain everyone that heard me knew I made my debate clear, and nearly without any pauses. Despite my best effort I couldn’t win, and if I may quote Miss Muliani… It’s the judges fault, they don’t understand how a debate should work, and their official scoring system

I was quoting Miss Muliani, and I’m sure that one of the judges, the one who asked me a question, which unfortunately I couldn’t answer, seems biased and made a face at me when he asked what school I was from. I answered I was homeschooled, and Mr. Thomas from Wall Street Academy actually smiled, which I thought of as a good sign, but the judge that asked me a question showed a face that seems to show some feelings that they dislike homeschoolers.

I don’t want to give any prejudice, or anything, but I don’t think a judges bias towards the contestant, should cloud their decision making. I don’t mean to disrespect Erlangga in any way, but after checking sites of Official Debates, checking the official scoresheet, and reviewing my performance, Bubi, Miss Muliani (who is oftenly a judge or moderator at official debating competitions) and I both agreed that there must be some Fault from the judges, or that they aren’t following the official rules of a proper debate.

That will actually be all from me today. Thank You For Reading, and Have A Nice Day!

Jaja’s Greek Mythology, The Beginning, Part 2

Jaja’s Greek Mythology, The Beginning, Part 2

I’ve recently taken more interest in Greek Mythology (I have been interested at it for a long time, but more recently), and decided to write them up using my version, and my own words. Jaja’s Greek Mythology is a series where I tell stories about a certain hero, god, or goddess. I will try to post a mythological figure every 2 weeks. Currently, I’m reviewing the beginning, since humans weren’t invented yet, and so are the Greek gods we know of.

Whoa… It’s been a month? Sorry for not posting for a long time.. anyways, do enjoy the article…

Previously, the Sky was killed, and was far too traumatized to return to the Earth, Kronos was cursed, and most of the Titans got married, except Kronos.

After all the fuss from last month’s story, Gaia, decided to sleep, since everything seemed fine to her. How long did she sleep? Oh I don’t know, 4000 years? Anyways she still has some strength to project her consciousness, but she can’t wake up and project a physical form.

Also, on a side note, Gaia is like Bubi… She has a temper, but she is a good mom. But Jaja… does that mean she gets mad easily? Well… Not as fast as Bubi in a bad mood, but I guess yes… Killing Ouranos was her idea after all.

Kronos was scared of the curse from his father, which I think makes sense, but even as King of Everything, he is annoyed, how come his brothers and sisters have children, and is enjoying life, but he can’t enjoy his life, even though he is literally king of everything? See, that is the problem with Kronos, as powerful as he is, he is very insecure. It’s weird how people are like that.

Not to mention Rhea, the youngest sister (who was the prettiest according to some poems) wasn’t married yet, so maybe, (just maybe) Kronos could marry her, and not have kids.

Funny story? When you google Rhea, the Titan, even before marriage, along with Leto she is already crowned as Titan of Motherhood. Which is weird, WHY OH WHY? Would you select someone who rules over motherly stuff, when you do not want kids.

Despite being a gentle Titan, Rhea can be feisty, and she considered an animal to be her symbol. So she chose Lions as her sacred animal. Feisty, and in a sense they are motherly.

So, anyways, Rhea was convinced (read: forced) to marry Kronos, cause he is practically Adolf Hitler, if you don’t agree with the Fuhrer, you would be executed.

The weirdest part? Kronos decided that kids would be fine, maybe only a Titan would be born, and how bad can it be? Besides, Kronos could kill the Titan when he seems to have the slightest bit of a chance to overpower him, and take over.

But well 9 months after Kronos and Rhea got married, a Baby Girl was born, Rhea named her Hestia. She presented the baby to Kronos, and well, little Hestia didn’t even look like a Titan, she radiated energy, and has a glowing aura surrounding her. She was a Goddess, (so that’s a Goddess invented in the world, we only need humans now) the first one (to be known) in fact.

Kronos used his powers on time, and pictured Hestia in the future, he saw Hestia being stronger than the Titans. He saw Hestia doing things a Titan cannot do, such as shapeshifting, radiating energy, commanding the world, and some more godly stuff. So, I’ll give you 10 seconds to guess what did he do.

Done? So, you might think, he killed Hestia, but nope, he couldn’t, remember when I mentioned Rhea’s sacred animal being Lions? (She is technically the Lion Queen :D) She brought them, anywhere she went. Scary? Well I would be scared when I meet a girl with lions around her. Kronos thought that too.

So, Kronos opened his mouth as wide as a Hippopotamus yawning, and. . . Kronos ate Hestia. . .

Hestia Given To Kronos…

Rhea freaked out, but what can she do? Kronos still controls everything, and time, and still has his Scythe. Unless she wanted to be like Ouranos, then fighting isn’t an option. Besides, Rhea is gentle by heart, although she is feisty, she won’t fight unless she has to. Wait, if you were her would you fight? I wouldn’t… Kronos is scary…

Here is another picture of his scariness…

Remember how scary he was?

On the bright side, Hestia wasn’t dead. She is immortal, and she could still grow, even inside of Kronos’ stomach. Gross? Nods in agreement.

Okay, so not long after, Kronos wanted more kids :/ Really? KRONOS? I think he has an obsession with his Dad’s curse, and wants to prove Ouranos wrong . So, Rhea gave birth to, a baby girl, cuter, and radiating a stronger aura than Hestia, she named her Demeter, what happened? She became lunch.

Third child? (Yeah, Kronos is a pushover) A Little Cute Goddess, named Hera. For Kronos, maybe she is called afternoon snack.

Baby number four, a boy, finally it’s a boy, does that give him a better chance of survival? HAHA… Nope… He’s still not a Titan, and also the strongest one yet. Hades became a meal too.

Number five. . . A boy god, glowing with an aura that is stronger than the others, Poseidon, but Kronos ate him, like he did with 4 of the older siblings.

Okay, Rhea should have like left Kronos by now. But, where would she go? I mean, literally everything is Kronos’ domain, and running to anywhere that isn’t his territory (e.g. Tartarus) means death. She could complain to her other Brothers and Sisters, but all of the male Titans, which also meant her Nephews, and Brothers, worked for Kronos.

Except, Epimetheus and Prometheus, because they were busy playing and inventing other life forms. You might heard of them, but Prometheus called them Mini-Titans, or Man for short (this isn’t true, but I like the coincidence). Yup, Prometheus invented us, based on Greek Mythology. Yaay, we exist now.

Prometheus Invents Us From Clay

What happened to humans back then? Imagine that we are toys, and the Titans are babies, without any parents supervision. We are toys that they break. We are small, and chances they won’t notice us, and we got stepped on.

Back on track, as for the Female Titans, they are afraid of Kronos, and can’t really do a thing but tell her to be patient.

Hang on, just before the sixth child of Rhea and Kronos was born…

Remember the Cyclops and Hecatoncheires? (I spelled this without googling, yaay) Kronos decided to dump them onto Tartarus… Again. Why? Kronos was annoyed, of their loud behavior. The uglier brothers of Kronos had a hobby of building stuff, which is LOUD LOUD LOUD. Back then building stuff requires a hammer, and blacksmithing stuff, and a blacksmith is noisy. So, Kronos tossed them onto Tartarus and found the perfect warden.

She is Ugly, and scary. Their Warden is a she-monster named Kâmpe. Imagine a dragon body, with a bunch of animal heads as a belt, and snake as hairs. If you are a boy you might think “That’s awesome!”. But no, it’s gross, in fact, here is a picture.

Kampe, She-Monster

Back on Rhea, what did she do?

She decided to ask for one more children, but this time, she decided to gave birth outside of Mount Othrys, if Kronos asks, she can say that it’s a prophecy from Phoebe and Koios, or something like that. She asked Gaia where to give birth, and she answered, even while asleep, she said Crete. Why Crete? Maybe Gaia was too sleepy to think so she just mumbled something.

So, Rhea left and gave birth in Crete. A handsome and strong son was born, and raised in a cave at Mount Ida. Rhea named her Zeus (the meaning of Zeus? Alive, and that is all of her hopes on him), and she told the Nymphs and Satyrs of Crete to babysit Zeus until he was grown up.

What’s a nymph? It’s a spirit that is connected to a natural object like trees, or water, or mountains. A satyr is a half goat half man creature, thing. They were born from the blood of Ouranos.

What did Rhea do to replace the baby? She used a rock. Remember on part 1’s ending I said the Titans lack brains? Kronos literally ate the rock, and pretended it was a job well done.

Rhea did not want to divorce Kronos (since the Greeks have no concept on divorce, at least yet, or… I’m not entirely sure actually), but he told him she wanted NO MORE KIDS! Ever.

Kronos was fine with that, and he was dumb enough to think he was safe.

Okay, 18 years later, complete with Spongebob screen and narrator voice…

Kronos: He can’t think. No seriously, you can’t think with a stomachache. With 5 teenage gods on his belly, Kronos proved that Teenagers are a pain, only for him… literally. Yo, Jaja, aren’t you a teenager? True, I never said I wasn’t a pain.

Rhea: Over the past 18 years, she visited Zeus a lot, and gave Zeus the worst bedtime stories which consist of the stories I have told you up there, and last episode.

Zeus: He became a strong god, and was determined to free his siblings, and avenge his dad. I guess stories from a mom could really affect someone’s personality. (This is proven psychologically too!)

Okay, so pretty much, Rhea gave Zeus a command. Transform onto a Titan, and apply as a cup bearer, for Kronos at his palace.

Zeus went onto the palace at Mount Othrys, and he became the most popular servant at the palace. Why?

  1. He was the most handsome servant.
  2. He has the best jokes to entertain his father, uncles, and cousins, although Kronos doesn’t know Zeus is his son.
  3. He was so good at bearing cups, and was pretty fast at doing his own job too.

One day, after his popularity increased, Zeus conjured some special nectar concoction, and he challenged Kronos onto a drinking contest with every other Titan. Kronos did agree, and he and all of the Titans drank whatever Zeus gave them.

You know what Zeus gave them? He gave Kronos something that would make him barf up his siblings, and he gave the rest of his Titans a sleep potion.

So, while his uncles and cousins fell asleep, Kronos barfed every single teenage god and goddess in his belly. Gross… Please tell me you’re not eating right?

So, they ran away, and Zeus thought of a plan for them. Zeus’s plan pretty much went like this…

  1. Release the Hecatoncheires and Cyclops
  2. Have them build weapons for them
  3. Kill the Titans
  4. Be the kings of the universe
  5. Split up the world, using some lottery
  6. Cheat the lottery so Zeus gets the best pick 😀

He didn’t mention number 6 though.

They went onto Tartarus as bats (the gods could shapeshift, how do you think that they’d fit in Kronos’ belly?). They found the Cyclops and Hundred Handed Ones, they saw Kâmpe, and they saw the torture she did to them. Kâmpe forced these poor monsters to work, and then she disassembled the weapons on her own, when she sees some progress. Their work will never-ever be done.

So Zeus whispered to them something like this…

  • Zeus: Yo dudes, I’m your Nephew, Zeus. You want to get out of here?
  • Briares: How do we get out?
  • Zeus: Build us 3 weapons
  • Briares: What about Kâmpe?
  • Zeus: Build something that we can use to kill her. Construct 3 different parts, and then throw it to us, let us assemble it.
  • Briares: K bro, will you let us out then?
  • Zeus: Sure, just help us kill Kronos
  • Briares: Love to do that.

So, Briares, the other Hundred Handed Ones, and the Cyclops constructed a harmless piece, assembled them when Kâmpe wasn’t looking, and tossed it onto the Gods and Goddesses.

Zeus caught the first weapon. What is it? It’s a Lightning Bolt. Zeus’s Lightning Bolt is like a nuclear bomb, if you get struck by that… Immortals would survive as toast, let alone mortals. He immediately killed Kâmpe with it.

Zeus and His Bolt

What about the others? Well, Zeus didn’t give them a chance, cause he wants to showoff. His ego is as large as Mount Othrys.

Anyways, The Hundred Handed Ones, and Cyclops made another weapon, it is a staff with 3 points on the edge, called a Trident. Poseidon called Dibs, and he held it. That weapon has the ability to create storms, every point has a storm swirling, and when Poseidon struck it onto the ground, an Earthquake occured. He could also summon and control waters with it.

Poseidon’s Three Edged Trident

They made one last weapon (HAHAHAH, this isn’t a weapon, it’s a trinket). They made a helm for Hades. Poor guy, he put it on and he became Invisible, on the bright side, anyone looking at the Helmet of Darkness (Hades decided to give it a cool name so it’s not so bad) would have nightmares, and fear flowing all over them.

Hades’s Magneto Helmet…

Wait, what about Hera, Demeter, and Hestia? Nope, Girls don’t get weapons.

Before I get to the War between Kronos and Zeus, Zeus and Rhea tried their best to recruit some of the Titans to fight and support them. Everyone afraid of Kronos, which is all of the female titans, sided with Zeus, Prometheus, and Epimetheus also sided with Zeus. Probably they got sick of them.

Helios, Selene, and Oceanus decided to remain Neutral, as long as they could keep their jobs, regardless of who won and not get killed. Although, when the gods took over, they retired anyways, but, hey, they didn’t get punished.

The war between the Gods and Titans lasted for 5 years, cause Kronos was playing with time and made things feel slow. Guess who won? The gods, but how?

They fought brutally, and Greece was probably thrashed like my room if Alice was in it while no one is watching. That’s very messy, for the record. After a frontal assault did not work, they tried something more indirect.

They know that they have some advantages over the Titans. They have ballistic powers, and could win in a long range combat. So, they decided to throw out everything they’ve got, and then finish the Titans once they’ve taken everything.

The gods climbed up Mount Olympus, a 9000 foot tall mountain next to it, which is about 1000 feet less taller than Mount Othrys, who is towering at 10000-ish. Here’s what they did, and it’s all Zeus leading, by giving the others a bunch of commands, and overall this is what they did.

  • Zeus throws down a bunch of lightning bolts, conjure up a storm and everything thunder related.
  • Poseidon is told to create an earthquake and summon tidal waves from the seas.
  • The Cyclops should forge up some gigantic rocks and hurl them in a catapult.
  • The Hecatoncheires would hurl the rocks that the Cyclops made. With their 100 hands, and since there is 3 of them, they could throw 300 rocks per toss.
  • Hades would wear his cool named helmet and be invisible.
  • The girls would watch.

Yup, I pity Hades and the girls.

So, next morning, on Mount Othrys, a storm and earthquake woke up everyone. Once they’ve gotten their consciousness back after the surprise attack, it was raining rocks. Everything was crumbling, and well the palace got destroyed, half of the mountain crumbled on top of them, and the waters swept them away, leaving them helpless under the rubble of their own palace.

Mount Othrys Crumbling

After the dust settled, the Titans were given some punishments, but I honestly don’t think they deserve it. Except Kronos, and that is all cause he swallowed his children.

Why? Aren’t they cruel? Firstly, despite the Nazi-like dictatorship, they are literally the only things that lived back then, humans did exist, but they can’t really do a thing to them, since they died as fast as a fly when compared to the timeline of the titans.

Scientific Fact and Math… Flies live and die in one week-ish, when accounting their time as an egg and larva, if Humans live for 70 years on average, Flies only live for 1/3650 of our lives. Titans maybe have lived for 6000-7000 years, so then 100% of our lives are only 1% of theirs, so we wouldn’t matter much would we?

Ok for the punishments…

Female Titans are allowed to marry Gods, and so are the better Male Titans like Prometheus and Epimetheus. Some versions state that those 2 brothers are rewarded with the right to name and make every Animal on Earth, like they did with us. We must be an experiment for them…

The 4 Titans holding the world pillars are cast to Tartarus, and they are chained, with the Cyclops and Hundred Handed Ones as their wardens. They were happy for all the bad things they’ve done to them

Atlas, who is Kronos’ General, and is super strong, kinda like Superman… was tricked onto holding the sky. Why? The 4 pillars owned by Iapetus, Krios, Hyperion, and Koios are locked in place, if no one is locking the pillars as king, the Sky is falling! I don’t get the Chicken Little logic here, but ok… Now Atlas is locked and chained up, forced to live with a sore neck, stuck under the weight of the Sky.

Atlas Holding The Sky

Wait! Physics Break before we get to Kronos! If a star smaller than our sun (not many of those) has about 50-80% of the Sun’s mass, and Jupiter’s mass is about 1/1000th of a sun, and Earth is about 1/1000th of Jupiter… Then Atlas would carry the weight of at least 5.000.000 Earths. That’s not accounting any constellation, and just about 10 Dwarf Stars. So, Atlas needs to be super strong to lift that. In fact, Superman can lift earth, and that means, Atlas needs to be able to be as strong as 5.000.000 Kryptonians after Red Sun Exposure.

OK… Kronos… He got a taste of his own medicine. He was cut up by Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, with his own Scythe, only now, he is thrown to Tartarus, inside of a coffin. The Scythe was then gifted to Demeter, cause she wants to use it for farming, and agricultural stuff.

With Kronos out of the way, now Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus split up a lottery. The gods all agreed that Earth must only be neutral territory, with Humans as a collaboration project. The domains that they may claim include the Sky, Sea, and Underworld… Wait, what about Oceanus? He… I’m actually not sure, but I think he split up the ocean with Poseidon, and eventually retired, giving Poseidon full responsibility

Unexpectedly… Zeus got first pick (Cause he cheated… see Step 6 above), so he picked The Sky as his domain, and he will rule from the peak of Mount Olympus, watching on humans, dating mortal princesses, and just enjoying life as king.

Poseidon on the other hand got second pick, and he got the Ocean. So, 2nd place? Well, not bad… But he got Saltier than the oceans, cause he only got second place. He should be grateful…

Hades? Alright, so… You know how he has bad luck with being the oldest son, and 2 irresponsible brothers? You know how bad his luck is when he only got a helmet as a weapon? Well… His domain is his worst luck yet. He got Erebos, a.k.a. The Underworld and isn’t allowed to visit Olympus. Right… Sorry Hades.

Well, they became better rulers overall, and they finally made use for us humans, and let us develop… so that’s a start for Greek Writers to write up Greek Mythology in the first place.

Ok… The story ends here, but check back next week for my next Greek Mythology episode which will be a guideline and introduction for the most well-known Greek Gods.


[REVIEW HOTEL] Intercontinental Bandung Dago Pakar

[REVIEW HOTEL] Intercontinental Bandung Dago Pakar

Haiiiii, perjumpaan pertama di review hotel nih, moga-moga ke depannya bakal sering deh berbagi pengalaman tentang hotel ini…

Lokasi hotelnya sendiri sebetulnya masih di Bandung juga, mungkin pada bingung, lah ngapain nginep di hotel di Bandung juga? bukannya emang tinggal di Bandung? Ini review berbayar yah?

Tenang, ini bukan review berbayar kok, review mbayar malah, emang kebetulan aja ada  keluarga yang berkunjung ke Bandung dan mengajak kami turut menginap di sini juga, jadi berangkat deh.

Kami menginap selama 1 malam, check in tanggal 18 Juni 2017, check out tanggal 19 Juni 2017.

Ok, setelah menjemput rombongan di Stasiun Bandung, kami pun meluncur ke lokasi dan tiba sekitar pukul 1, tapi dikarenakan hari minggu dan banyak tamu yang late check out, maka beberapa kamar ada yang belum siap dan kami pun menunggu di lobby. Ruang tunggu lobby memiliki pemandangan hamparan kota Bandung dari sudut pandang perbukitan Dago, dan untuk anak-anak ada ruang tunggu khusus dimana anak-anak bisa bermain menghias kue, membaca buku ataupun bermain konsol game. Dinding lobby juga berfungsi sebagai galeri lukisan, sayangnya file foto lukisan yang dipajang milik saya corrupt sehingga tidak bisa diunggah.

                                         Pemandangan dari teras lobby / ruang tunggu

Akhirnya setelah kamar siap, kami pun menuju kamar, saya sendiri langsung menuju ke kolam renang untuk bersantai sore dan berenang. Dan mengingat di perbukitan Dago cuacanya dingin, tentunya yang diharapkan adalah kolam berair hangat, ternyata suhu kolamnya malah sangat dingin sekali, brrrr, ah mungkin pagi hari dibuat hangatnya, itu pikir saya, tidak lama berenang dan bermain bersama Neneng, saya pun bersantai sore di kursi pinggir kolam. Sambil bersantai, saya pun mengagumi arsitektur bangunan hotel ini sambil bertanya-tanya siapakah arsitek yang merancangnya (mungkin bisa menjadi masukan bagi hotel untuk memberi kredit pada arsitek yang yang merancang bangunan hotel mereka, melalui plakat di lobby mungkin)

                                                                                      Suasana di pinggir kolam


                                                 Cantik kan bangunannya? foto diambil dari kolam renang

Beres berenang dan bersantai sore, kami pun kembali dan bersiap-siap untuk berbuka puasa. Sepulang berbuka puasa dan berjalan-jalan, kami pun kembali ke hotel dan bersiap-siap untuk beristirahat, tetapi neneng punya ide lain, neneng ingin bermain bubble dulu sambil membersihkan diri 😂😂😂

                                                                         Neneng bermain bubble sebelum tidur

Karena saat itu bulan Ramadan, kami mendapat informasi bahwa bila tidak mencapai 20 pax, maka Sahur akan dikirimkan ke kamar-masing, walaupun kemudian karena kuota tersebut tercapai, maka sahur pun diadakan di restoran di lobby. Saat sahur, kami pun turun. Menu yang tersaji cukup lengkap, walaupun tidak semua menu sarapan tersedia (toh mubazir juga sepertinya kalo disajikan full).

Di pagi harinya, karena saya harus bekerja, saya pun meninggalkan hotel lebih dulu, sambil tidak lupa mengambil satu foto kota Bandung di pagi hari

                                                                                   Kota Bandung di pagi hari

Dan berikut rangkuman dari kunjungan kami ke hotel ini :


  • Kenyamanan kamar yang sangat baik, mulai dari tempat tidur, kamar mandi hingga daybed
  • Ambience hotel yang sangat nyaman
  • Kesejukan daerah perbukitan Dago
  • A beautiful, well designed and well built building


  • Kolam yang dingin. Kolam tidak harus hangat terus menerus kok, karena agak kurang ramah lingkungan untuk menyalakan pemanas air terus menerus, tapi sedikit kehangatan wouldn’t hurt sepertinya 😀
  • Kesigapan waktu check in. Mungkin ada faktor timing juga, tapi mengingat perjalanan menuju ke sini tidak terlalu dekat juga dengan pusat kota, mungkin bisa lebih ditingkatkan efisiensinya

+ / – untuk menu sarapan tidak diberikan, karena belum merasakan full spread breakfast yang biasa disajikan, maybe next time 🙂



Bukan, bukan mau bahas jodoh percintaan atau meledek para jomblo, biarkan itu jadi ranahnya Kang Emil saja….
Hari ini mau bahas jodoh dalam jual beli, terutama jual beli jersey….
Pengalaman sekian tahun di dunia jual beli jersey semakin menguatkan pendapat saya bahwa faktor jodoh itu kuat sekali…. Ya, seperti kita semua tahu, jodoh dan rejeki itu di tangan Tuhan….
Pengalaman pribadi, ada jersey yang saya inginkan sekali, dan ada rekan sesama kolektor yang memilikinya, tapi dia belum ada niatan menjualnya, ya kita ga bisa maksa juga dia jual toh? mau kita tawar 2x lipat harga pasaran pun, kalau pemilik tak mau menjualnya, ya tidak bisa. Eh ternyata, pas lagi menjelajah internet, nemu kaen serupa, dengan size dan nns yang lebih sesuai buat saya, berarti itu jodoh saya, dan berarti saya belum berjodoh untuk bertransaksi dengan rekan saya tadi.
Pernah denger urusan sirik-sirikan harga? Ketika kita denger si anu jual kaen anu dengan harga sekian? Giliran kita jual kaen sejenis, harganya ga sesuai harapan? Ya itu faktor jodoh juga, pas dia majang, ada kolektor yang kebetulan pegang uang n ngebet. Pas kita pajang kaen itu, ada sih yang ngebet, tapi dia lagi ga pegang uang, mau apa? Jodoh kan?
Ada juga becandaan bahwa yang pacaran lama tuh kalah sama yang ngajak nikah, haha… Saya pernah dikomplain buyer gara-gara sambil chat dengan beliau, kaen yang lagi ditanyain langsung booked. Lah saya jawab, kan kondisi sudah dijelaskan sedetail mungkin, kenapa masih tanya ini itu segala macem? Kan saya chat ga cuma sama satu orang aja, paralel, jadi kalo keduluan ya jangan baper 😂
Pernah denger juga ada seller yang kata semua orang brengsek n nyebelin tapi kok jualannya kenceng-kenceng aja? Ya kita juga sering liat cowo brengsek tapi kok gampang amat gonta-ganti pacar, namanya juga jodoh, ga ketebak.
Sama halnya dengan tempat kita berjualan, ga laku di FB, ya jual di Twitter, ga laku juga, bawa ke Toped, mau coba merantau? jual di Ebay… Udah ngenes berat, tinggal dilelang… Kita ga tau jodohnya kaen itu dimana lakunya….
Ada lagi teori tentang kalo sudah jodoh ga akan lari kemana? Pasti banyak juga yang ngalamin ini, saya juga pernah. Jual kaen koleksi pribadi, taunya pas udah dijual nyesel juga…. Eh, beberapa taun kemudian, si kaen udah berpindah tangan 3-4 kali, balik lagi ke saya. Jodoh.
Ga lari kemana juga bisa kejadian saat kita dah ngebet sama satu kaen, tapi lagi ga ada amunisi…. Ya sabar aja, ga usah ngoyo apalagi neror sellernya…. Kalo berjodoh ga akan lari kemana kok, kalo ga kebagian ya berarti bukan jodoh kita….
Kalo kata temen saya Alby Satriaji, biasanya yang ngoyo sana sini tuh mungkin baru mulai koleksi, jadi nafsunya masih meluap-luap, padahal menurut saya, mau koleksi apapun itu, semua ada seninya, dan seninya itu termasuk sabar menunggu 😎
Udah ah, udah kepanjangan, mau sekalian saya posting ke Blog aja 😀
(Dan akhirnya memang diposting ke Blog, padahal niat awal cuman buat status FB aja)