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Jaja’s Greek Mythology – The Beginning, Part 1

Jaja’s Greek Mythology – The Beginning, Part 1

I’ve recently taken more interest in Greek Mythology (I have been interested at it for a long time, but more recently), and decided to write them up using my version, and my own words. Jaja’s Greek Mythology is a series where I tell stories about a certain hero, god, or goddess. I will try to post a mythological figure every 2 weeks. For now, let’s take a step back, and start at the beginning.

I won’t post events based on the timeline, but I would at least describe how myths begin and end. I’ve done the Theseus story and the world was definitely created by then.

DISCLAIMER: What You May Read Down Below May Be Violent, I Don’t Recommend Using This As A Bedtime Story, Unless You Want Your Child To Have Nightmares.

In most cultures, par the Greeks, earth was created by the gods, on Greek Mythology, the Earth, and Sky created the gods… Well, sort of gods, I would not necessarily call them gods, but as for now, let’s just look at what the Greeks thought of until the “Big Bang” happened.

Everything was an empty void, Chaos was all that loomed, and well the name of the void is literally Chaos. Was it Chaotic back then? Nope, everything is literally what you would feel when you close your eyes, and wear an earplug. Nothing. But well, apparently “Nothing” has a consciousness, and Mr. (or Mrs.) Nothing here thought that: “Man… an empty Void is BORING”, which is what you feel if you are closing your eyes, lying down, and wearing earplugs. Heck, I’m not even sure I would have lasted 3 minutes with Nothing but Chaos, and boredom.

So Chaos willed Gaia to exist. What is Gaia you might ask? You’re standing on it right now, unless you’re on a plane, that is. Gaia is Mother Earth. She isn’t a Mom yet, but well she is female. I’m thinking of something simple here, If Chaos got bored, out of 2 options of gender, Chaos chose a girl, which is the gender of making things complex until you can’t even understand it anymore. Maybe Chaos hasn’t thought that through too much.

Gaia has the ability to project her consciousness onto the form of a woman. Anywhere the earth is, she can appear there. But, well, eventually it got boring. Gaia stared onto emptiness and apart from the Earth? Everything is still a Void, so if you stared from a mountain, what you saw was blackness, and nothing else. You guessed it… BORING.

So, Gaia willed for something else to be a boundary between the Void and Earth. She formed a sky, who is the first male. The sky was named Ouranos, which by the way, is Greek for Uranus. Now you know the origin name of Uranus, bonus points! Ouranos could also deploy his consciousness onto the Earth, and gave Gaia someone to talk with. Gaia also created a Dark Pit, called Tartarus, who is also a Male personification, inside of the Earth. Tartarus was a part of the underworld, and is only a 9 day fall away from the Earth, just find a hole to Tartarus, leap onto it, and BAM, you’ll be at Tartarus 9 days later, and you thought Bekasi was far away…

For Now, Both Chaos and Gaia has Created 5 things.

The Sea, with Pontus as the personification, The Underworld, called Erebos, The Dark Pit, known as Tartarus, which is basically the Underworld, but way deeper than that, The Sky, personified as Ouranos, and Definitely, Gaia, as The Earth.

Pontus, Appearing Physically
The Underworld, Currently Still Empty
The Deepest Depths Of The Underworld, Tartarus, A Prison For Monsters

(Note that Humans are not sent to Tartarus, but it’s pretty hard finding a picture of hell that isn’t for humans, and that was the best one I found)


Ouranos visited Gaia a lot of times since they should be very bored with their task of keeping the Earth and Sky alive, most of the things that you could see back then, were already a part of their bodies.

They eventually fell in love with each other and had a first batch of children that was new creatures, that well, these creatures were not like them. They are not personifications of something else. They are large giants, called The Titans and they were the first the first gods.

Their names… You don’t have to memorize them, they’ll only be a part of this story, and well a bit more on the next ones, but they aren’t as commonly retold like the Greek gods we know of. Okay, but for the male ones, their names are: Oceanus, Krios, Koios, Iapetus, Hyperion, and Kronos. The girls’ names: Phoebe, Themis, Theia, Tethys, Rhea, and Mnemosyne.

Ouranos Standing Near Gaia And Their Cute Baby Titans.

Good luck pronouncing those names, by the way.

Anyways, Ouranos didn’t really care about his kids, and didn’t even visit Gaia that often, maybe he isn’t the Daddy type. As for Gaia, she really loves her kids, and every time Ouranos visited, Gaia reported she has new children.

The second batch of children are triplets with one eye, and are as large as the Titans. They are known as the Elder Cyclopes, opposed to the regular Cyclopes, they are immortal. Yeah, that’s all I found, they were the first Cyclopes to ever roam the Earth. Their names are Brontes, Steropes, and Arges.

A Cyclops, They’re Giants With 1 Eye

They were UGLY, only a mother could love them. I meant that literally. Ouranos maybe thinks “They can’t be my sons! They are ugly, I’m the sky, of course I’m handsome”. So, he proved and showed Gaia he literally is not the Daddy type, and Ouranos threw all of those poor one eyed men onto Tartarus, so he never has to see them ever again.

Gaia was devastated, she was a very motherly being, but well, she still gave Ouranos a chance. She gave Ouranos one more date, maybe he’s changed. Who knows?

Well Homer (the writer, not the yellow one) must’ve known.

Gaia gave birth to the Hecanto… Wait, I don’t know how to spell this, I’m googling first . . . Hecatoncheires. To put it simple, imagine a gigantic man, with 100 arms, and 50 heads. They are known as The Hundred Handed Ones, and I recommend calling them that instead, as it is easier to say, and makes it easier for me to spellcheck :D. Take a guess. . . If Ouranos cast away people with a Large Eye on the center, what would he do to something 100 times more gross than that? Since Murder hasn’t been invented yet, he cast away the Hundred Handed Ones to Tartarus. Their Names: Cottus, Briares, and Gyges. Much easier to pronounce than the Titans.

A Hecatoncheires, Ew

Gaia got fed up of Ouranos’ definition on parenting. So, she asked all of his kids to do something. Kronos, the youngest of the 12 came out with an idea. Now, Kronos when compared to his brother’s, he doesn’t really excel at anything. But Kronos is the Cruelest, most Crooked, Titan.

Now, imagine what would a guy like Kronos do? Well, he suggest that his brothers catch his father, stretch his arms. . . And, he would do his part… Okay, Kronos is known as “The Crooked One”, not long after this and I did recommend you to not read this as a bedtime story. Oceanus wants nothing to do with this, he just played and met with his uncle Pontus, because he loved the oceans and waters.

Kronos promised the 4 of his brothers that he would split the earth, and give each of them their own territory if they agreed, so they did. Kronos is good at getting those business deals.

So, Gaia invited Ouranos for one more night, and she wore the most beautiful dress made out of tree barks, and jewels she found inside the Earth. Ouranos was astounded when she met Gaia, but he was surprised. His 4 sons caught him and pushed him down on the ground stretching his arms.

Kronos already prepared a special weapon for this occasion, he invented a Scythe, you know, those things that the Grim Reaper carries. Before he cut up his father, Ouranos cursed Kronos, he said that “One Day, You Will Suffer The Same Fate As I Do, Your Throne Will Be Taken By One Of Your Children!”. Kronos did not really care about it at the moment, he just enjoyed cutting up his father, until he lost his consciousness, and the sky lost its personification. He threw what was left of his father onto the ocean, and from seafoam, and his body parts, a goddess was born. She would be rather intrigung, but I do not like her personality, so maybe we’ll postpone her.

Now you might be thinking, THE SKY IS DEAD? WHAT THE HECK IS UP THERE THEN? Okay, Ouranos is technically immortal, but he can’t maintain any more consciousness, or a physical form, it probably takes him all of what’s left of his might to keep the sky up and running. He might be able to appear in physical form, if he wants the sky to disappear, which would lead to him, and everything on Earth dying. Now, the sky is still there, but it has nothing to keep it afloat, so the Titans split up the world onto 4 pillars, one on each corner of the Earth, to hold the sky.

Kronos released his brothers the Elder Cyclopes, and the Hundred Handed Ones, on one condition, he requested them to build the most beautiful palace on Mount Othrys, the tallest Mountain back then. So they did, they were the best constructors anyone could get in Ancient Greece, because well, the Hundred Handed Ones has 49 more pairs of arms to work with, and the Cyclops were VERY strong.

Now each Titan ended up living happily, and each of them ruled a point, with Kronos becoming the King of everything. Oceanus who refused to help was not given a point, but was given the Sea, and well, that’s how the phrase “Ocean” came out. Oceanus didn’t really mind getting the sea, he always enjoyed the waters.

Now pretty much each Titan got a spouse, which since no one else existed, were their sisters, and a point in the world, and some kids. But Kronos did not want anything to do with kids, because of Ouranos’ curse. Kronos stated that the Golden Age has begun, the time where Titans ruled the earth, but still no humans. For now, I’m gonna give you the specialty, spouse, and children of each Titan.

Oceanus got the Sea, and well, was The Titan of The Sea, that is until the gods come along. He expanded the sea to cover Earth, and the Sea is now mostly water. This is probably the Greek Myth version of the Continental Drift. He married Tethys, and the two of them became the parent to every river in all of Greece. Tethys became the Titan of, actually nothing to be honest, she is known as Oceanus’ wife. They had a daughter named Clymene.

Oceanus, The Eldest Son

Iapetus became the Titan of the West, and he is probably the best Titan in combat, his name literally meant “The Piercer”. Which means Iapetus is the Greek Version of Vlad Dracula. But on a more serious note, he impales anyone he fights, pierces them brutally, and well, he was a pretty strong Titan. Iapetus isn’t flashy, he is a calm Titan, but once you get him mad, well, he’ll go all Vlad on you.

Iapetus The Piercer, Also Known As Greek Vlad Dracula

Iapetus married a Titan named Clymene, who is his niece, she is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, oh my Titans, that’s just weirder… Anyways, they had 3 sons, one is named Atlas, who became Kronos’ general, and one is called Prometheus who is very smart by the way his name literally meant forethought, so he thinks things through before doing it. The last son is called Epimetheus, which literally meant afterthought, and well, he isn’t that smart, because he does things and then think.

Hyperion became the Titan of the East, and called himself the Lord Of The Light, cause sunlight travelled from east to west, and he managed to channel all light, and made himself a shiny showoff. He married Theia, who was the Titan of Clear Sight, and well she loved everything shiny, which, speaking of Shiny, there is a Lord of The Light, so… anything shinier than that? His daughter and son became the personification of the Sun and the Moon. Their names are Helios and Selene, and they are just glowing and glimmering like their father and mother.

The Shiny Titan, Hyperion.

The Statue Isn’t Shiny Cause Lamps and Light Bulbs Were Not Invented Yet

Koios ended up with the Northern Point, and he has the ability of Prophecies, he could ask questions to the sky, and get them answered. Honestly, I think Ouranos’ Spirt is the one who told him all of that, and he was alive, but he is probably traumatized to return back to Earth. Anyways, Koios became the Titan of Intelligence, he also passed down the power of prophecies down onto his Grandson, Apollo, which is known as the god of Prophecies, and a dozen more things, but that is for later.

Koios, Titan Of The Stars

Koios married Phoebe and had 2 children, Leto, Titan of Motherhood, and Asteria, Titan of the Stars. Phoebe ran her own Prophecy business, called the Oracle of Delphi, and it’s the most important Prophecy Center in all of Ancient Greece. Back then Oracles are the malls where socialites take selfies and post onto their social medias, so having the best Oracle in all of Greece is equivalent to having the best mall in the world.

Krios took the South, Krios is a silent Titan, and all he did all day was look at the southern constellations, and think, and all the boring stuff. He has a Ram as a symbol, because the Ram constellation showed up in the Southern Hemisphere of the sky. Krios is also one of the smartest Titans, and is known as Titan of Constellations. He didn’t marry any of her sisters, but he does have some kids with someone named Eurybia, Titan of… Krios’ wife. Nothing else

I couldn’t find a picture of Krios because he seems to be boring and the Greeks didn’t bother to make a statue of him.

Oh, by the way, Themis didn’t get married, and became a mediation Titan if there is some conflict. Officially known as Titan of Justice and Natural Law.  She is very wise, and is normally called if there is some conflict between her brothers.

Mnemosyne also did not get married, but she became the Titan of Memory, and oh boy… She is boring. She is that girl who knows everything and corrects every single wrong thing you say. Yup, you might guess why she didn’t get married.

Kronos, didn’t marry anyone yet, but he is very happy and became King Of The Universe, and Lord Of Time, like Doctor Who, you know, the name of the Alien Species he is, is Timelord. Anyways he can’t travel through time, but he could accelerate and make things seem fast, or decelerate and make things slow. He used to travel around Greece, and accelerate things so they get old and wither. Then he slows it down, so they die a painful and miserable death. . . Wow, that’s cruel, and well, I did mention that he is a sociopath right?

World’s First Ever Murderer, and Time Lord, Kronos

No One dared to dispute Kronos, cause well, dude would stop at nothing to keep his throne. What part of Cruelest, and Most Crooked you don’t understand? Oh regarding the curse, wait for next time.

So story ends, at least for now, and by the way, Bubi likes the Titans stories more than the gods, cause the Titans are less human-like than the Greek Gods, showing more strength and just overall more cocky, the way a deity should be. They do lack the brains though, and you’ll see more of that later.

Wait for Part 2!


Jaja’s Library Improvements 2.0

Jaja’s Library Improvements 2.0

Post ini adalah follow up dari post sebelumnya, dan sudah lebih sesuai dengan kondisi terbaru.

Semua hal yang aku sebut di post itu dilakukan sebelum Bulan Puasa, sesudah itu, aku mulai membawa temanku, Izzan, yang ikut membantu membuat Perpus Bandung lebih baik lagi, ada beberapa ide dari Izzan yang tidak kepikiran olehku.

Semua masalah dan solusi di sini, menggunakan format Scientific Method seperti yang orang lakukan ketika melakukan eksperimen, karena sepertinya jika kita sukses membandingkan data, kemajuan akan lebih terlihat.

Data dan hasil akan diisi sesudah solusi dicoba, dan data dicek ulang, karena solusi masih proposal

List Of Problems

  1. Fakta Lokasi
    • Seperti di post sebelumnya, orang-orang tidak tahu bahwa Gedung Dispusip dan Perpustakaan Kota adalah tempat yang sama dan terbuka untuk umum. Aku dan Izzan sama-sama mengira ini adalah kantor dinas pas pertama kali lihat.
    • Proposal Solusi dari kita adalah pasang banner, lebih eyecatching lebih baik, setidaknya di depan Gedung Dispusip.
  2. Kurangnya Pengunjung Tetap
    • Ketika kita mengecek data, jumlah pengunjung tetap perpustakaan ini sedikit, dan meski jumlah visitor cenderung lebih banyak dari sebelumnya, kurangnya pengunjung konsisten tetap masalah.
    • Solusi usulan kita, sebenarnya masih belum runut, tapi kita berpikir itu ide baik untuk menambahkan Board Game, agar aktivitas di perpus tidak hanya baca buku, dan setelah riset dan melihat hal-hal yang perpustakaan di luar negeri punya, sepertinya area belajar grup, satu ruangan saja, akan membantu.
  3. Penyalahgunaan Komputer
    • Komputer masih digunakan untuk hal-hal tidak produktif, meskipun pihak perpus sudah mencoba memblokir, komputer masih cenderung digunakan untuk sosial media, dan game online.
    • Bu Neti, Aku dan Izzan, sepakat bahwa ini sudah cukup kritis, dan kita sebaiknya lakukan tindakan ekstrim. Izzan dan aku berpikir untuk membuat hanya 1 dari 4 komputer dengan akses internet, dan sisanya kita isi Ebook, dan matikan semua wifi yang terbuka untuk umum. Kimputer tersebut sebaiknya diberi tanda, atau tulisan, komputer khusus untuk baca EBook. Jika memungkinkan, meng-copy ebook tersebut juga bisa.
  4. Koleksi Buku Anak
    • Ini sudah pernah kubahas juga sebelumnya, dan aku berpikir bahwa buku-buku terlalu membosankan untuk anak-anak, dan buku cerita, yang menurut aku, Babah dan Bubi penting untuk anak-anak, kurang. Buku didominasi dengan buku pengetahuan, yang tidak semenarik buku cerita bagi anak-anak.
    • Revamp atau pilih ulang koleksi adalah ide bagus, dengan bantuan dari beberapa komunitas, dan foundation seperti Litara, pemilihan ulang buku cerita bisa jadi opsi. Aku, dan Bubi juga bisa bantu untuk menunjukkan contoh buku yang menurutku, dan Bubi, cocok untuk dibacakan ke anak-anak.

Sejauh ini, kita sebenarnya belum kepikiran hal yang lebih luas dari 4 masalah penting ini, jadi jika pembaca ada ide di bawah, silahkan comment dan berbagi ide, terima kasih.


Special Thanks To Izzan for helping me with Project Library
(Izzan adalah temanku sesama Homeschooler, mulai tahun ini dia akan kuliah di ITB, mungkin para pembaca ada yang pernah dengar atau baca tentang Izzan)

Jaja’s Library Improvements 1.0

Jaja’s Library Improvements 1.0

Halo lagi…

Untuk yang belum tahu, Jaja itu Duta Baca-nya Perpus Kota Bandung

Mungkin sih tampaknya cuma gelar sementara atau semacamnya, tapi aku jadi Duta Baca tidak sebatas satu hari pas ada pekan literasi aja.

Aku Diangkat Jadi Duta Baca Secara Resmi

Setiap Senin, aku selalu datang ke Perpus kota dan bertemu Bu Neti (Neti Supriati S.H.,M.Si. (Kepala Bidang Pengembangan Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Kota Bandung). Aku mengusulkan dan akhirnya diberi projek oleh Bu Neti untuk aku beri saran dan kerjakan.

Sebelum aku resmi diangkat jadi Duta Baca, aku sudah mulai pergi ke Perpus dan memberikan saran-saran untuk terus improve perpus kota Bandung.

Beberapa saranku ke Bu Neti, sebelum aku resmi jadi Duta Baca:

  • Pindahkan lokasi Perpustakaan Anak, dan pisahkan komputer dengan buku, agar tidak di ruangan yang sama
    • Ini sudah dilakukan, jika sekarang reader ke Perpus Kota yang letaknya di Jl. Seram, sekarang anak-anak diberikan 2 ruangan, satu ruang baca, satu ruang main, dan ruang komputer yang terpisah dari ruang baca, agar anak-anak bisa lebih fokus saat membaca.
  • Ruangan komputer dewasa jangan ditaruh di area tertutup.
    • Ini juga sudah, sekarang ruang komputer dewasa lebih terlihat, hanya ada 5 komputer, dari yang dulunya 10, dan tidak senyaman dulu, yang dibuat lebih nyaman adalah Perpustakaannya.
  • Blokir website Sosmed
    • Ini sebenarnya sudah dilakukan, tetapi tidak digunakan dengan web blocker yang optimal, jadi pengguna yang pintar masih bisa menembus web blocker ini. Kata Bu Neti, kalau pusing, coba Azriel aja yang lakukan sendiri, jadi next visit, aku akan coba install Web Blocker.
  • Pasang Banner Perpustakaan Kota
    • Yaaaah. Sayangnya ini belum dilakukan, padahal aku dulu mengira Perpustakaan Kota tidak di sini, aku kira ini hanya kantor dinas. Meski tempatnya Strategis, orang-orang jadi kurang tahu ini tempat yang terbuka untuk umum, dan adalah perpus. Bu Neti bilang sudah ada sign yang bilang ini Gedung Dinas Perpustakaan dan Arsip, padahal belum ada sign Perpustakaan Kota, padahal kan, lebih penting perpustakaan kota ya…
  • Revamp Koleksi Buku Anak
    • Menurut Bubi, koleksi Buku Anak di sini, kurang menarik, jadi aku sebenarnya lagi berusaha convince Bu Neti, untuk merubah sebagian koleksi buku anak, kalau perlu, Bubi bisa membantu milih bukunya, tapi menurutku, ini bukan prioritas sih…

Aku salut sama Ibu Neti, beliau terbuka atas saran-saran, meskipun datangnya dari anak remaja seperti, ketika aku kemarin datang, meski Ibu Neti lagi sakit (cepat sembuh ya Bu), aku melihat banyak Bapak-Bapak lagi mengatur posisi buku dan menyamakannya dengan katalog. Berarti, Bu Neti serius mengerjakan tugasnya untuk membuat perpustakaan tempat yang diminati umum, wahhh,

Terimakasih atas perbaikan ke arah yang lebih baik secara terus menerus ya bu 🙂



Trip Pramuka Homeschool Bandung – Hiking Tahura

Trip Pramuka Homeschool Bandung – Hiking Tahura


Satu minggu sebelum event, ada Briefing dan pembagian anggota. Aku untuk pertama kalinya, ditunjuk jadi ketua. Sebenarnya aku sendiri masih kurang pede disuruh menjadi ketua, apalagi disuruh memimpin adik-adik siaga, tapi ya sebenarnya, kalo bukan aku jadi ketua overall bakalan kurang sih jumlah kelompoknya.

Sesampai rumah, aku langsung mengabari kelompokku atau orangtuanya untuk daftar barang-barang via Line, atau Whatsapp-nya Bubi.

2 hari sebelum Hiking, aku langsung menyiapkan tas, dan memulai packing esok harinya.

Saat Briefing, aku diberitahu akan ada sekitar 4 orang yang akan datang, tapi karena aku mengantisipasi penambahan anggota On The Spot, karena terkadang suka ada anak-anak yang datang eksklusif pas acara, jadi aku menambah porsi nasi yang dibawa pagi sebelum berangkat. F.Y.I. Gara-gara aku lupa bilang, Bubi jadi masak nasi dadakan, yang kering untuk makan siang. Kacau deh aku :/ Maafkan ya Bubi <3.

Event Day

Rabu kemarin, tanggal 19 Juli 2017, aku berangkat ke Taman Hutan Raya Bandung di Dago, karena ada acara Hiking Pramuka.

Sesampai di sana, aku langsung kumpul bersama reguku, dan kita adalah kelompok pertama yang disuruh berangkat, sesudah upacara pembukaan.

Kelompok Orange, Dari Kiri ke Kanan.
Aku, Jojo, Ali, Nail, Rasya, dan Oris. P.S. Ceritanya belum sampe Pos Ini, ini pos 3.

Oke sebentar, mundur dikit, Format Hiking kali ini mirip dengan beberapa kali aku hiking (tidak sama Pramuka HS tapi) dalam acara lain. Kita berjalan dari Pos 1 ke 2 dan seterusnya sampai selesai. Disetiap pos ada tantangan masing-masing, dan ada 10 pos total, setidaknya untuk hiking kali ini. Pos-pos dijaga Kakak Penegak, Pembimbing, Atau Orang Tua Murid.

Sesudah keberangkatan kita langsung sikat, dan jalan ke pos 1, clue rutenya simple, Jalan Raya, belok kanan. Tidak sampai 3 menit kemudian, sesuai time limit dari Kak Ato, kelompokku tiba di pos 1

Pos 1, Ehh.. Apa Ini?

Oke, jadi di Pos 1, penjaga posnya Kak Fauzi, dan langsung memberi kita amplop, dan setiap pertanyaan, kita harus bayar 1 seri Jongki, jadi kita tidak bertanya. Sebelum membaca tugas di amplop, kita disuruh yell-yell dulu, dan kelompokku mungkin masih belum hapal (aku ga bilang aku udah hapal ya) jadi kita ulangi ini 5-6 kali.

Sesudah yell-yell, tugasnya adalah menyiapkan peta pita, dan mengisinya dengan data di setiap pos (aku baru tahu ini sekarang). Aku dan kelompokku tidak ada yang tahu Peta Pita itu apa, dan kita juga tidak mau jongki (Aku sedikit menyesali ini), jadi sesudah membuat format sesuai dengan yang ada di amplop, kita pergi.

Jalan ke Pos berikutnya simple, hanya turun sekitar seratus anak tangga, tapi aku kepikiran, nanti balik capek ga ya? Tidak lama kita sampai


Pos 2, Sandi? Kode? Password?

Di Pos 2, kakak penjaganya adalah Kakak Jeremy, dan kita baca amplop lagi, tulisannya dimulai dengan format yell-yell yang sama, kemungkinan di copas, karena tulisan “Sebelum Melanjutkan Ke Tantangan Di Pos X, Yell-Yell dulu” atau semacamnya, dan Pos X,dari tantangan pertama sampai akhir, selalu Pos 1 di printnya. Kali ini kita hanya mengulang 4 kali. ada kemajuan.

Tugas ini. . . Ada selembar kertas, berisi 5 set kode, yang sejujurnya aku tidak ingat apa saja kodenya. Kita diberi 3 menit untuk mengerjakannya, berarti kurang lebih 36 detik per soal. Ya, kita mendapat nilai 0, karena tidak ada yang bisa mengerjakan, atau hapal Morse, dan jenis kode lain. Jangankan kode, passwordku saja kadang aku lupa, gimana mau inget Morse, Sandi, atau kode pramuka-pramuka-an lain? Aku bilang bahwa kita semua butuh Improvement, dalam bidang ini.

Dari pos ini kita langsung ke Gua Belanda, dan jalanannya rata, tetapi sampai disana, foto yang tadi ada di paragraf atas? itu pos 3. Alias pos ini.

Pos 3, Semakin Kecil, Semakin Mudah Masuk

Oke, seperti biasa dimulai dengan yell-yell, dan kali ini kita hanya mengulang 1 kali! Mungkin karena Tante yang jaganya baik, soalnya kita sebenarnya sangat tidak kompak kali ini.

Kali ini tugasnya simple, telusuri Gua Belanda, ikuti kode yang ditempel di tembok. Kodenya tidak membingungkan, karena hanya, Merah = Belok Kanan. Kuning = Lurus. Hijau = Belok Kiri, jadi kita bisa ingat. Tidak lama kemudian, kita berbelok-belok beberapa kali, namun… Di dalam kita ketemu Kak Elroi, dan kita dituntun ke pintu keluar. Yaitu, khusus untuk kita . . . Ventilasi.

Di Dalam Gua Belanda

Oke, Ventilasi ini sebenarnya kecil, dan sedikit tinggi, bahkan untukku. Oris naik duluan, dia naik sendiri, dan kita naikkan semua barang kelompok sisanya. Semua anggotaku, yang berbadan kecil langsung masuk, dan ditopang dari bawah sama aku. Masalahnya, aku di bawah sendiri, dan, percaya sama aku, masuk ke ventilasi itu, tidak mudah, terutama karena ruang gerak sangat sedikit, jadi aku mencoba naik turun sekitar 6 kali, dan akhirnya bisa, ketika aku minta ruang gerak ekstra ke anggotaku yang sedikit terlalu kagok posisinya.

Dari ventilasi, sesudah turun, jalan ke Pos 4 masih rata  dan tidak terlalu jauh.

Pos 4, Perbudakan Modern . . .

Aku mulai bosan dengan yell-yell pada titik ini. . . Kita mengulangi 5 kali karena Kak Fia sepertinya punya standar extra tinggi, meski menurutku yang ke 3 atau 4 sudah cukup kompak.

Kita disuruh menyanyi. Oh, sebentar, kita tidak boleh memilih lagu tanpa diacak, jika ingin memilih lagi secara acak, kita harus bayar 1 seri. Sepertinya kita kurang beruntung, tidak ada anggota ku yang hapal 4/5 pilihan lagu tersebut. Dan kita sudah membuka semua amplop. Tebak. . . Berapa kali kita mengocok ulang? 4. Kita jongki 40 kali. Pada akhirnya kita dapat Indonesia Raya, siapa sih orang Indonesia yang ga bisa nyanyi lagu kebangsaan kita?

Sepertinya Kak Fia sedikit baik. Kita ditawarkan makanan! Bayar pakai apa? 1 seri Jongki untuk 1 cheetos, atau 1 trenz, 1 1/2 Seri untuk permen. Dan aku jongki 40 kali dan memakan 4 trenz. Jojo jongki 100 kali sepertinya, aku tidak ingat dia mengambil berapa Cheetos. Disini saya merasa seperti budak, tapi karena belum lama kita baru keluar Gua Belanda, sepertinya tidak aneh jika kita tidak sengaja Time Travel ke zaman dimana Perbudakkan masih sering.

Bercanda kok, aku ga serius, tapi kayanya lucu itu dijadikan judul.

Jalanan masih rata, dan kita sampai ke Gua Jepang, dimana kita berjalan lurus, karena Guanya hanya satu jalur lurus.

Pos 5, Semua Orang Jadi Artis

Seperti biasa Yell-yell, kali ini hanya mengulang dua kali, karena sepertinya mulai hapal! Bukan berarti aku tidak bosan 😀

Tantangan dari Om, eh Kak Alle simpel, dan bisa dijelaskan pake rumus:

Carilah X Jumlah Tanda Tangan pengunjung Tahura sesuai dengan jumlah anggota. Dimana X adalah 5.Y, dan Y adalah jumlah anggota.

Kalau pusing yang atas, baca yang simpelnya: Carilah 30 Tanda Tangan pengunjung Tahura, 30 = 5 x 6

Kita mendapat 29, dan semua diminta Jojo, dan Ali, karena mereka masih anak-anak, jadi tidak akan terlalu canggung pas minta. Percaya sama aku, kalau itu aku yang minta, mungkin orangnya dikira Artis, terutama tourist-tourist yang kebetulan lagi berkunjung.

Jalanan ke Pos 6 mulai lebih menantang, karena sudah mulai menanjak, ada pohon rubuh, dan banyak genangan untuk diloncati.

Pos 6, Biologi!

Aku dipuji sebagai ketua yang baik sama Kak Dea! Hore… Padahal aku cuma suruh anggotaku ingat-ingat dengan menarik nafas yang dalam.

Disuruh mengumpulkan nama pohon, nama latinnya, dan daun, dan kita mendapat 6 dari 10, oke ini sedikit menarik sebenarnya, tapi sayangnya, Daunnya terbuang di pos 10 sama Rasya :/ Jadi kita ga ada hasil. Tapi untungnya aku masih dapet 80 nilainya! Horeeee.

Jalan ke Pos 7 sangat jauh dari Pos 6, dan kalau aku benar, kita hampir sampai Curug di Taman Hutan Raya.

Pos 7, Pura-pura sakit

Ritual tetap dijalankan seperti biasa, meski sudah pos 7, kita tetap yell-yell lagi. Kali ini Kak Idwar minta untuk tidak yell-yell didepannya biar beneran kedengeran keras.

Ini pos menarik, salah satu dari anggota ceritanya terluka, dan kita harus merawat, dan mengangkat dengan Tandu Low Budget, yang dibuat dari 3 tongkat, dan 3 kaos size S.

Kita melakukan tugas masing-masing secara optimal. Ali ceritanya menjadi korban, aku merawat Ali, dan mengajarkan pembuatan Tandu, Rasya dan Oris membantuku merawat Ali, dan Jojo membantu membuat Tandu. Nail hanya melihat saja tapi, ya sudahlah tak apa-apa.

Angkat! P.S. ini pose abis dinilai, jadi bukan Rasya yang ngangkat

Sesudah perawatan dan tandu selesai dalam 7 menit plus minus, aku dan Rasya mengangkat Ali, kebawah, dan kita diberi nilai 65, karena seharusnya tandu diangkat 4 orang.

Pos 8 lokasinya dekat Gua Jepang, dan sebrang pos 5, jadi kita menelusuri jalur balik, dan menggunakan tandu untuk mengangkat tas.

Pos 8, Botol dan Pencil Vs Batu!

Judulnya serius.

Sesampai di Gua Jepang, kita yell-yell sekali lagi, untungnyakarena Tante penjaga pos baik, meski kita kurang keras, cukup satu kali, fiuh. Perbedannya kali ini, di pos ini, tulisan “Sebelum Melanjutkan Ke Tantangan Di Pos X, Yell-Yell dulu” ada coretan di angka 1-nya, menjadi 8. berarti ada perbedaan dikit.

Tantangannya simpel, keluarkan Pencil di dalam botol, dan botolnya di dalam lingkaran batu, satu pertanyaan bayar 10 jongki, seperti biasa, oh kali ini, ada Terms and Conditions, berlaku kelipatan.

Kita bertanya, apakah boleh menambahkan apapun ke botol itu asal tangan kita tidak menyentuh? Jawabannya boleh. Jadi kita menambahkan lingkaran batu, dan menjatuhkan botol itu, dan pencilnya keluar dari botol. Selesai dalam hitungan detik :D.

Pos 9 di skip, tapi perjalanan kesana sangat menarik.

Pos 9, Tapi Ga Jadi!

Oke, ingat bahwa Ali pura-pura sakit?

Dari Pos 8-8 1/2 (bukan 9, 8 1/2), kita harus mengangkut Ali dengan Tandu, agar kita siap jika hal sebenernya terjadi. Kabar baiknya, kita memilih Ali, soalnya dia paling kecil, bukan berarti jadi hal yang gampang.

Kita tetap harus bawa tas, jadi, Jojo dan Oris, tasnya dititip ke Nail. Tapi kasiannya, Nail mengeluh bahwa tasnya berat, jadi kita mengangkut dengan 3 orang, dan 2 orang yang tidak mengangkut bawa 2 tas. Kita maju 10 langkah, dan istirahat, lalu berganti posisi, dan kita ganti posisi, sekitar 7 kali. Sampai kita sukses sampai 1/2 jalan, dan Kak Ato mendeklarasikan kita sudah sukses, dan satu-satunya tim yang mengangkat anggota dengan tandu.

Oh By The Way, banyak orang kira Ali benar-benar sakit, dan menawarkan makanan atau bantuan gratis. Kutolak.

Pos 10, Masterchef, Pramuka Edition

Kita berlari ke pos 10, alias starting point, tanpa tandu, dan sampai duluan, ya pasti, karena kita berangkat duluan.

Kita langsung memasak Nasi Goreng, pake Kecap, Sosis, Kornet, dan Kacang Polong. Enak lho.

Chef Jaja!

Kita sisakan satu porsi untuk panitia, alias orang tua, tapi aku tidak tau itu, jadi pas Kak Idwar minta aku kira itu cukup, dan ku berikan semua sisa porsiku.

Kak Ato suruh kita masak lagi, tapi kita semacam gagal karena kurang kecap dan bahan, dan sedikit gosong. Kita diberi nilai 70. Ya sudahlah.

Sesudah itu kita upacara penutupan, mengumpulkan tantangan pos, dan pulang.

Aku pulang bareng Oris, dengan mobil Land Rover yang waktu itu kulihat di rumah Oris pas aku berkunjung sebelumnya.


My Ride Home!

Sesudah sampai drop point aku ngangkot dan pulang!


Sudah sampai situ acaranya, see you soon

-Jaja Out






Jaja’s Greek Mythology: Theseus Edition

Jaja’s Greek Mythology: Theseus Edition

I’ve recently taken more interest in Greek Mythology (I have been interested at it for a long time, but more recently), and decided to write them up using my version, and my own words. Jaja’s Greek Mythology is a series where I tell stories about a certain hero, god, or goddess. I will try to post a mythological figure every 2 weeks. This is just my first story, so I would appreciate feedback.

I started writing this story on Theseus, 2 weeks ago, and have only finished it recently. It was originally written in 3 parts.

Theseus Part 1

Theseus was a Greek Hero, he was a son of Poseidon (some versions state that he is purely mortal… But he seems so strong its nearly impossible for him to NOT be a demigod. Also some versions state that he has two fathers… one being Poseidon, the other being the King of Athens, I’m using that version). He is known for his rash and impulsive behavior. He also has a characteristic way of beating up bad guys by throwing them around like a child would with a toy. He is also known for being easily distracted. Sounds like a superpowerful dude with attention span problems. What makes Theseus different apart from being a stereotypical demigod, is that he is very clever, which I like that about him.

Lets see..

Theseus was the stepson (or real son) of the King Of Athens, the biggest city and the most democratic in Greece, i’m not saying it was the most powerful however. When he was born, cause the king was afraid his enemies that seek his throne in Athens, precisely his brother, heir to the throne and his brother’s 14 sons. wait.. was it 14 or 28.. Oh yeah.. 28 sons… WHAT THE . . . 28 SONS!?

EDIT: This was the wrong amount… His Uncle, Pallas, has 50 sons . . . . . I’m speechless…

Back on topic. The Athenian king, whose name I’ve forgotten. (Googles first), Aegeus, King of Athens has 51 people waiting for him to die. Why dont they just kill him? Killing a relative in the world of Ancient Greek Mythology without proper reason means that Zeus will kill you.. and you get a special punishment from Hades.

Aegeus, he’s the one on the right

So when Theseus was 1 week old, Aegeus left prizes for him under a boulder when he is strong enough to push the boulder away. Spoiler: Being a demigod he was strong enough to push the rock when he reached the age of 17.

Aegeus left him with his mother at her mother’s hometown, Troezen. Why? Cause there are 51 enemies of Aegeus that might be able to kill Theseus, because they are not related-ish, again, it’s so confusing… point is, It’s too dangerous to bring Theseus back home to Athens.

You know, just claim that Theseus is a son of Poseidon as well as his son, and all of Pallas and their sons won’t kill Theseus unless they want war with the 2nd most powerful god… But nope, Aegeus has to do weird stuff..

Her mother Aethra, is awesome, I mean raising a child is hard enough to do on your own.. Now Aethra? She raised an impulsive, superpowerful demigod with the inability to focus. She also raised her alone, and prepped Theseus for his journey to Athens. She tells her stories about dangerous bandits on the way to Athens.

So if one day you’re parents tells you to read a story like one of those Greek heroes used to hear to your little sister or brother, you know which one to tell to scare them. Remind me to do that on Alice :D.

Now if your mom complains about raising you… You have an excuse, “Hey, at least I’m not ADHD like Theseus.” Wait I take it back… DON’T SAY THAT UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH. Mother’s are like a ticking time bomb. Me, luckily, I don’t have a mom. I have a Bubi. Unfortunately, A Bubi is like 10 times worse than your average mom. I still love you though <3

Okay back on topic… When he was a teenager, he grew up and became a strong, clever and handsome demigod.

No bandit, monster, or bad guy tried to even enter Troezen’s borders. Theseus can play with them like a child would with toys or video games, it must be nice raising a superhero like demigod, you can save money on those toys that cost a lot.

By 17, his boredom has annoyed his mother and his mother asked him to roll that boulder downhill. He found good leather sandals, and a sword. Hey, not a bad deal. This sword of his has the initials of Aegeus, it also has a symbol of an olive tree and owl. Which was the Athenian Kingdom symbol. Her mother told Theseus the sword was once his fathers.

His mother told him to go to Athens, and defend his father’s throne. Troezen to Athens was not that far in range, roughly 100 kilometers… But.. The short route? Filled with monsters, bandits, and tricksters. Not safe I take it… The other route is through the sea not much of a challenge, just way safer.

Theseus think of safe as boring…

So being an impulsive child, he took the dangerous route.


Now while on this way, Theseus remembered all the stories his mother used to tell him as a child. About all the villains on the way from Troezen to Athens. Today was the day he met them

He met a son of Hephaestus (God Of Blacksmiths and Fire), his name was Periphetes. The bad news? He is a bandit that uses a bronze and wooden club, he is strong and will smack you in the head with it, killing you, and then taking your valuables. The good news? her mother’s stories reminded him that he was a son of Hephaestus, which liked to be praised for their weapons craftmanship and skills.

So Theseus simply praised his weapon and asked to borrow it, so he can examine the weapon that will be used to kill him. Either Periphetes is an idiot, or he just likes to be praised SO much. Of course… Theseus killed him with the club, and then he kept it.

As he travelled, bandits and monsters either run away, or well… die

Couple of days after the average bandit and monster got cut up or headsmashed, Theseus met a pretty intriguing bandit. His name was Sinis, and he had a daughter named Perigune. Sinis has a weird hobby of keeping down pine trees by dragging the peak of the tree to the ground. He challenges people to do the same. In fact his nickname is “The Pine Bender”… Sounds like something from the Avatar, Legends Of Aang Series.


If you managed to beat him, you get to marry his daughter. If you decline the challenge, you can either get your body thrown up onto the air, or shredded into half by being tied up onto 2 pine trees. What if I try to run? you get slammed in the head by a boulder from a pine tree catapult.

So your options are… Try to get a pretty girl, and a 99% chance of dying in pain, Die in massive pain, or Die in pain.

Hmm…. Wonder what you’ll do

Hey, Theseus is smart and strong, and luckily, Sinis was one of the bandits that his mother told him about. He knew how Sinis could keep his grip onto that tree for what seems forever. Sinis is a son of Poseidon (so Theseus’ brother, Have I told you that a golden flying sheep, which eventually became a carpet is also any Son of Poseidon’s brother?) and Poseidon, being the summoner of earthquakes in Greek mythology, can sort of manipulate the Earth. Sinis also has this capability. He can plant his body in the earth the way a tree does.

A Picture Of Theseus (Right) And Sinis’s (Left) Tree Holding Contest.

So how does Theseus beat him?

Firstly he accepted Theseus’ challenge, and agreed to get one of his hands tied onto the pine tree, he left the other hand without any use. When Sinis let go of his grip, Theseus managed to hold the tree for a while. After a while, he cut the strap that was used to tie him up. He is still holding the tree. Not long after, Sinis got curious and took a peek at how Theseus managed to hold much longer. When Sinis got close to the tree, he let go and sent Sinis flying like a catapult sending a rock.

Sinis fainted.

When he woke up. . . He got a taste of his own medicine, Theseus tied him up onto 2 pine trees like he would do to anyone who declines. And well… You can guess what happened.

Fortunately, Theseus being a self-righteous man, he released Perigune and continued his journey to Athens.

After another few days he landed at a town called Crommyon. Never heard of it? Oh that’s cause the town is only remembered for a short while, when Theseus visited. At this town, Theseus heroically slayed the mighty… Pig… and its owner, an old lady…

Right? Am I reading this right? Moving on

The next bandit he met was someone named Sciron. He has a pet turtle (oh wait… A Pet GIANT Turtle) and raided people near seas, where his turtle lived. He is also Theseus’ brother, another Son Of Poseidon.

From his mother’s stories he remembered Sciron is a guy who either kills you and takes everything you own, or force you to wash his dirty feet (and kick the poor guy to be turtle food, although Sciron does not tell this part). He remembered Sciron’s weakness his mother tells him. He loves to be praised.

So that’s what he does, he praised Sciron and almost washed his feet while praising his greatness. While distracted he tripped Sciron and made him Turtle Food

After many bandits you should be able to guess Theseus’ philosophy:
Give people a taste of their own medicine, so they know that what they’re doing is bad and they feel that.

After Sciron he finally made it to Athens, but It’s still a long journey for Theseus.

Theseus Part 2

Previously, In Theseus’ story.. He was born with 2 dads. His mother doesn’t need to spend money on toys. He made his mother frustrated, cause he is annoying… (Sounds like me) He killed lots of dudes with their own weapons. and he fed a giant turtle, the meal for the turtle was the turtle’s owner.

The regular day of a demigod.

He reached Athens.. Who is now, the capital of Greece… Back then Athens was rich… Powerful? I’m not sure about that. As I said last week, Athens was the best city in Greece. But after taking a look at it’s state, I take it back. Until Theseus became king that is, and if he does become king.

So why isn’t Athens great?

List of Problems
1. King Aegeus, Theseus’ father is only the king of Athens by name. The city is ruled by ruffians that are Theseus’ cousins, known as the Pallanides. Yes, The King Of Athens has a younger brother, the brother has 50 sons, as I said before. These people would kill any possible heir to Aegeus, so that they get the throne when Aegeus dies. Cause of them, the king was paranoid, and made sure no one he doesn’t know are allowed to be even near the king.

2. Aegeus does not know that Theseus is his son . . . Of course, if you leave your son when he’s an infant, you won’t know.

3. Every 7 years, 7 young men and women from Athens must be fed to the Minotaur (Half Man Half Bull Monster) in Crete. It’s a long story, involving Zeus, sports accident, death, ruffians, and surrendering. But within 2 months since Theseus arrived, the sacrifice will be sent.

4. King Aegeus, has a new wife, named Medea . She’s a sorceress, and she also wants HER son, to be king. Being a sorceress, with spies all over the place, she knew Theseus was Aegeus’ son, and she wants to kill him.

5. A bull in a place near Athens called Marathon, was wreaking havoc, seriously? More Bull problems? This is Bullshit :D. The bull was then named, Marathonian Bull, cause the Greeks traded out creativity in coming up with names, for having gods that fall in love with mortals every time a pretty one shows up. Also, fun fact… The Bull was one of Hercules’ labors, but he released it at the wrong place

So, does Athens seem powerful now?

Wait, good news, who would’ve thought

1. Anyone who kills the Marathonian Bull gets dinner with the king.

Just one? LOL

More bad news from the previous good news? Ooh there’s some

1B. That means if Theseus slays the bull, he gets to meet face to face with Medea :/ Which means, He’ll die from magic.
2B. Medea is a good liar, and a murderer, also a great sorceress. I’m writing about Jason and The Argonauts when I want to, and you should read that if I finally decide to write that up.

Right.. I think that’s enough paragraphs filled with problems.

So, Theseus decided to kill the bull. Unfortunately, Zeus had other plans. See, the bull was sacred to one of his sons. Weirdly enough, his son, Minos, King Of Crete (The same one kingdom with the Minotaur) was the one who gave it to Hercules. Maybe that’s cause they are both sons of Zeus, since they’re half brothers and Zeus didn’t mind. But a son of Poseidon? *gasp* NO WAY! He threw a massive storm that prevented Theseus from getting out.

So Theseus went to a Temple Of Zeus. A Priestess there told him to sacrifice the Bull and do not kill it, unless as a sacrifice to Zeus. The Gods are already rich, but they still demand sacrifices. Oh, you do not want to? If you live in Ancient Greece… Well I’m sure each Olympian will have a way of punishing you.

So he made a trap, and placed it near a barn. He lured the bull inside the barn. Some versions say that he pretended to be a some sort of… Female Cow… But I think that’s ridiculous. Let’s just say he used grass and lured the bull onto a barn and caught it.

Theseus riding the Marathonian Bull, before sacrificing it.

Once caught, Theseus rode the Bull back onto the Temple Of Zeus, and sacrificed it.

He went back to Athens, still anonymous. Everyone is curious, who the heck is this awesome young man who slayed the Marathonian Bull. A while before dinner with the king, who by the way, is now old and weak, Medea told his husband that this young man is an assassin that works with his brother.

Being a paranoid king who has an assassinphobia, (I made that up) he ordered his servants to put poison in Theseus’ wine.

Luckily, Theseus being a clever dude, remembered what his mother told him about the sword. He came onto the king’s palace with his sword unsheathed. Aegeus recognized the sword that was once his. He immediately knew who Theseus was… His son, so he threw away the poisoned wine, and caught up with Theseus. Medea was supposed to be punished, but she ran away. Trust me… You haven’t read how messed up Medea actually is.


Now all that is left to do is to get rid of problem numbers 1 and 3… Unfortunately, those two are the hardest.

Hard? Really?

The very next day, before I was focused, and was actually doing something, seemed to be a prime time for bad guy slaying. Theseus killed all the Pallantides, each group of them normally contains 5-10 out of 50. They were dead first thing in the morning. Of course, before they knew who he was, cause then, he would be outnumbered as the Pallantides won’t split up.

What about Pallas? Aegeus’ brother? He was exiled. A very merciful punishment.

Okay, now problem number 3 is the best and most fun one.

Not long afterwards, lotteries were pulled for the third seven year cycle of human flesh for the Minotaur. Who will be the lucky Athenian to win a free trip to Crete, a free ticket to the Labyrinth where the Minotaur lives, and free dinner… for the Minotaur.

Wow, what a prize! And Theseus volunteered to defend the other lucky lottery winners.

Aegeus begged for Theseus not to come to Crete. But, being the impulsive child he is… He didn’t care. Luckily, Aegeus made Theseus promise to use white sails instead of black to symbolize that they survived.

What’s up with Black and White? That’s my second favorite Michael Jackson song.

Oh you meant Black and White sails? Black sails symbolize death, and failure. White is not black.

So Theseus sailed to take care of the Minotaur, and Let’s Make Athens Great Again!

To Be Continued 😀

Theseus, Part 3

So, last time, Theseus bravely offered himself as a sacrifice for King Minos’ crazy bullheaded man, or manbodied bull.

3 days after leaving Athens, Theseus led the 14 offerings, and they made way onto the worst monster in all of Crete.

King Minos. . .

King Minos, Evil King Of Crete.

No seriously, this dude is filled with TOTAL CRUELTY, I can write about his cruelty, but that will be a different story! The Minotaur was his stepson, but that’s a long story, involving Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, and Beauty), a bull, Poseidon, and Minos’ old wife.

But, apparently Minos isn’t cruel enough to not feed these offerings. He gave these poor Athenians a proper bedchamber in the palace, and a nice dinner, before they become dinner themselves!

King Minos just HATES Theseus at first sight.

Over the past 7 year phases where Athens started feeding the Minotaur, King Minos saw poor young people from a rival kingdom, being a bunch of pessimists, pitying their poor luck, and just trying to enjoy their last day, before the Minotaur enjoys his meal.

Theseus however, being an optimistic guy, ended up sharing stories of his travels to Athens and whatever I told you in the previous 2 parts, granting confidence to the rest of his fellow Athenians.

So, King Minos wants him to die now, before he even stood a chance to kill the Minotaur. Really? Isn’t that a bit unfair? Who cares? He’s King Minos.

He challenged him to catch one of his gold rings (Dude’s rich, he can throw away an expensive gold ring, and just grab some more) he threw the ring from his palace onto the oceans, which was having a storm, and the currents were also heavy at night.. Minos said that only a son of Poseidon could ever swim such a harsh current, and survive jumping a 50 foot tower fall from the castle onto the sea, and if Theseus was truly a son of Poseidon, he could find it.

Now, after reading 2 parts of Theseus’ story, you would know that:

A: He is very rash, and doesn’t think through things that much
B: He has daddy issues, Why? He’s got 2 of them

So, after Minos brought up point B, he proved point A right by having Theseus jump, and well, while on the way down, he prayed to his father to save him.

Phew, the prayer delivery system isn’t like Internet during a saturday night (HORRIBLY SLOW) and was more like my house’s Wi-Fi, FAST!. If it wasn’t, then Theseus would’ve died. He swam through the currents with grace, like any son of Poseidon should. He dove for a glimmering ring, and swam up again.

With wet clothes, he barged in through the castle doors, and shoved the ring onto Minos’ face. The glory when someone tries to embarrass you but ends up getting embarrassed themselves is PRICELESS.

In the meantime, one of Minos’ daughters fell in love with Theseus’ courage, handsomeness, and wits. Her name was Ariadne, she didn’t want Theseus to die and get eaten by the Minotaur.

So, after Theseus fell asleep, Ariadne went onto her mentor’s chamber inside the labyrinth. Who’s her mentor? Daedalus, the dude killed his own nephew, (he has a son that could make a great story, but again, next time). He was banished to Crete cause of that. He keeps devising ways for his evil master and king, Minos, to make Crete the best kingdom in all of Greece. I personally don’t get why Minos gets a reward while Daedalus was punished.

Now, Problems for Theseus:
1. The Labyrinth is confusing, just cause you could find the Minotaur, doesn’t mean you could find the way out.
2. Number 1 is a problem, If you Could kill the Minotaur, hand to hand, for, No weapons are allowed to be carried inside The Labyrinth.

Back on Track

Ariadne remembered everything Daedalus taught him to find a way inside the labyrinth. “When In Doubt Turn Right”. As simple as that. Never turn Left, always take the “right” path.

She found Daedalus’ chamber, and Daedalus gave Ariadne a ball of thread. He told her to tie it onto the door, and just weave the string, follow it on the way out. So that’s one problem covered.

Daedalus told Ariadne that you could use the Minotaur’s own horns as a weapon, and that the Minotaur used to have a real name. His name was Asterion, use that name to distract the beast.

So there are minor tricks to beat the Minotaur, despite you have no weapons.

While Theseus was asleep, Ariadne woke her up, and told him everything she knew. Ariadne made Theseus promise to take her home back to Athens if he survived, and made her Theseus’ wife. Theseus agreed.

The very next day …

It’s a Minotaur feeding time! Theseus bravely led the Athenians to enter the Labyrinth without any weapons, while all of Crete are celebrating this bloodbath with the annual “Minotaur Feeding Show”. Theseus tied the ball of string Ariadne gave him onto the doors of the Labyrinth. He entered, and took Ariadne’s advice, “When In Doubt, Turn Right”.

Not long after, he entered the lair of the Minotaur. What he saw in that lair was disgusting! YUCK, he saw skulls of dead Athenians, he saw blood, and some hay for snacking, he saw a muscly man, with the head of a horned bull, or a bull with the body of a man, it’s like a Zebra, black stripes white skin? or white stripes black skin?

           The Minotaur! Half Man Half Bull.

The Minotaur was enraged, and hungry, he charged up, trying to attack Theseus, and the rest of his lunch. Before the Minotaur even had a chance of feasting any Athenians, Theseus told them to stay behind the entrance of the Minotaur’s chamber, keeping them safe, where the Minotaur couldn’t reach them. Theseus bravely fought the bull hand to hand, but no matter how strong Theseus is, the Minotaur is definitely stronger. Theseus just knew he couldn’t beat that Minotaur with nothing but brawns, and he used something else that the Minotaur doesn’t have. Brains.

I’m sure you’ve read this part of Theseus before, but Theseus is a very clever dude, and he could outsmart anyone in combat.

The Minotaur is using his head as he fought Theseus! He rammed him with it.

So, what did Theseus do? He yelled the name “Asterion!”, as the Minotaur charged forward. The Minotaur stopped and stood there in a trance, he remembered that name, he remembered his human half, before he was seen as a monster. But that memory was interrupted when Theseus climbed on his back, taking his horn. Enraged,The Minotaur tossed Theseus away, where Theseus hurt his arm. Despite the pain, he charged, and bravely, he thrusted the Minotaur’s horn onto his chest. The Minotaur bellowed, screaming loudly, echoing through all of Crete, and he died, Theseus still felt pity for the Minotaur, no matter how terrible he has been to the people of Athens, the true monster in his eyes is King Minos, he prayed that the Minotaur would be given a peaceful rest.

Theseus lead the other Athenians and followed Ariadne’s String on his way out, he showed the Minotaur’s broken horn to the people of Crete, and he immediately took Ariadne away. Weirdly in the crowd, Ariadne’s sister, Phaedra also followed Theseus, since she also hated her father’s kingdom, and now, King Minos, has no Daughter’s for him to yell at. This leads to Daedalus’s misery, tenfold.

Theseus went back, married Ariadne. They lived Happily Ever After, as the King and Queen of Athens.


You think it ended happily?

NO! Greek heroes, (ALMOST) never have a happy ending

So, 1 day on his 3 day trip back home, Theseus became an A-Class Jerk.

He dumped Ariadne on an island he came across, leaving her alone, cause Theseus thinks that her sister is prettier than Ariadne, but luckily, Dionysus, the God Of Wine, (no, seriously, That’s a thing) and one of the strongest gods (Again, I’m serious, I didn’t believe it at first, but I think that’s an interesting story).

Anyways, Ariadne was found by Dionysus on an island, and Dionysus made Ariadne his immortal wife. So that’s a happy ending.

Theseus ended up marrying Ariadne’s sister, Phaedra, and they celebrated a lot on the way home, they partied so much Theseus forgot to change the color of the sails, as it is still black.

Well, I didn’t remember it either actually, but I didn’t think it would’ve been a matter of life and death. Aegeus, Theseus’ father leapt to his death off the palace’s roof after seeing the color of the sail.

Theseus arrived and was immediately crowned the rightful king of Athens. Was he sad? I’m not sure honestly. He barely even knew the guy.

Now, if you think the terrible things Theseus has done is bad enough, it’s going to be worse, tenfold.

If you’re one of my homeschooled friends, then you would know there are bad influences back in school.

If you are still in school, you might remember some friends that are not good influences, and your mom might tell you to stay away from that friend.

Now, Theseus, met a dude who was one of those bad influences. He was leader of the Lapiths, a tribe who joins parties of Centaurs, and Centaurs are known as crazy party dudes. What’s a Centaur? Ever saw a Half Man Half Horse? That’s a Centaur

Dude’s name was Pirithous, and Theseus did terrible things with him which includes:

  1. Killing Centaurs, leaving their dead bodies on streets of Athens
  2. Kidnapping Helen of Troy, sounds like something that someone else has done? Yeah, She got kidnapped by Theseus when she was not of marrying age yet. He decided that he should let her go anyways. She ended up marrying King Menelaus, and… I should write about that.
  3. He didn’t even govern Athens properly, he became someone who partied, partied, and partied all day long.

Athens was starting to hate Theseus. But they reached their last straw when Theseus and Pirithous went onto the Underworld, and tried kidnapping Persephone, Hades’ wife, (She’s also a victim of constant kidnapping). They failed, of course, Theseus ended up imprisoned by Hades, and was freed by Hercules, long story.

After returning home again, Athens hated Theseus, Phaedra, his wife dumped him, and left.

But Athens still has little respect for all the good things their king has done.

Until he killed a young man his ex-wife fell in love with. Okay, kidnapping is kind of fine, the gods do it ALL the time, Murder? No king is worthy of murder. Athens hated him to the point of Donald Trump hate.

He left and travelled onto a place called Scyros, and became the general there.

The people of Scyros, hated his rep, Theseus rep is practically trash.

So the people at Scyros threw Theseus down the sea, and he drowned. Poseidon has no reason to save his own son again, after his terrible actions.

Moral of the story?
Theseus did things his way in his youth, he defeated evil people using their own way of defeating people he used karma.
Things were going great for Theseus, until he dumped Ariadne, who helped him.
Karma caught up to him, and one’s reputation can change, quickly. 20 good deeds, can disappear after a bad one. Theseus destroyed his own reputation and you should remember that one’s rep is hard to gain, but easy to wreck. How is he still seen as a hero? One can hide bad deeds and not tell them, and people tried to remember the good things he has done.

I think Theseus deserved all the hate he has at the end of his life, he can’t maintain a proper attitude, or behavior, he isn’t worthy to be king.

Until next time!

Pencil Grip

Pencil Grip

Neneng masih kurang baik dalam memegang pensil (atau spidol, crayon dan macam-macam alat tulis lainnya). Oleh karena itu, Bubi mulai cari-cari apa ya yg bisa dilakukan utk memperbaiki.

Dulu ketika Jaja berusia 4th, untuk koreksi pencil grip menggunakan alat bantu karet yang dipasang diujung pensilnya. Ini gambar alat sejenis yang Bubi temukan di tokopedia.

Untuk Neneng mungkin nanti bisa menggunakan alat serupa. Tapi saat ini Bubi menggunakan fingers sock untuk membantu. Dengan menggunting sedikit di bagian atas dan samping kaos kaki bekas Neneng.

Kemudian Neng memasukkan tangannya kedalam kaoskaki dan mengeluarkan jari telunjuk serta jempol. Baru memegang pensilnya. Seperti ini

Panduan tentang kemampuan anak memegang ada dalam tabel yang diperoleh dari pinterest. Memang ada beberapa anak yang sudah memiliki grip baik diatas usia pada tabel. Tapi untuk yang belum, semoga bisa mengurangi kecemasan ya. Masih ada waktu untuk terus berlatih.

A Brief Review Of “A Brief History Of The Universe”

A Brief Review Of “A Brief History Of The Universe”


This book has been updated several times, and may be different depending on which version you are reading.

A Brief History Of Time is a book written by none other than Stephen Hawking, a very important 21st century physicist. This book discusses simpler things such as time in a more complex perspective, and it also explains complex things like Black Holes in a simpler perspective. This book contains philosophical views and physical views of the universe. Not to mention, Hawking has a great sense of humor while explaining this book. He even shared that he lost a gamble of a 1 year subscription to a magazine because he theorized something incorrectly, but his friend’s theory is correct.

Although there are parts I don’t understand, The parts that I do understand and struck me the most will be explained (plus opinions and personal views) in this review.

Shape Of The Universe

Firstly, let’s get things straight.

The Universe is round, I said the universe, NOT the earth (I’m not saying it’s flat either). Why? The universe expands, it’s not immobile, it moves, and it’s growing by the second you’re reading this. If something expands, chances are it’s in the shape of a balloon, round. Have you ever seen a square balloon? I’m sure it’s a no. That’s cause for something to expand, it needs a flexible shape that can stretch, until it pops, like a balloon.

Wait? The universe can pop? Yes, it can. 20 million years ++ from now, the universe will end. What will happen? End to all known intelligence life? No, that’ll happen 5 million years from now, at least if there are no aliens. How?  The sun has limited fuel, and it’ll stop running one day, like a car without fuel, only if it’s a car, it stops, if it’s a star? It explodes. Let’s hope we can get out of earth by 4 million years from now.

Now We’ve gotten the universal shape of the universe out of the way? What about the earth? Let’s take a step back. Over the past few hundred years, many scientists and philosophers have their views on the earth’s shape.

  1. Ptolemaic Earth, developed by Ptolemy, a Greek Philosopher.
    • He Believes the Earth is round, with the universe revolving around it
  2. Flat Earth, developed from multiple catholic, and christian beliefs.
    • They believe the earth is flat, and the universe revolves around it
  3.  Heliocentric Earth, developed by Galileo Galei, completed by Sir Isaac Newton
    • This form of the universe is the one we adopt today, the earth is round, and it revolves around the sun.

Which one I believe? Heliocentric Earth, of course.

Space? Time? Which Is Which?

Do note that this is still theoretical. There are several views regarding Space and Time, so here are some of them.

  1. Space And Time
    • This form believes Space and Time as a separate entity
    • One can travel through space, but cannot travel through time.
    • We exist in space with this belief.
    • The flow of time does change space, but it cannot change.
  2. Space-Time
    • This form believes Space and Time as an individual united entity, consisting of 6 dimensions
    • Space-Time exists, but we do not exist in it
    • Space-Time is a wall, not a room, you don’t live in a wall, but you have to break the wall in order to get out. Time travel is debatable
    • Time flows and Space expands separately
  3. Time Warps and Space
    • This form believes of time as warps that curves to make it flow. The view on space is similar to the 1st theory
    • By warping or re-warping time, we can travel through it.
    • The flow of time is separate to space.
  4. Multiverse
    • This form believes of a universe being nothing but one of millions
    • Space expands and collides between multiple universes, and some say that Multiverses include past versions of time.
    • Time travel is debatable, so do dimensional travel.
    • Time flows as Space expands.

Right, not all of those forms are included in this book, but I’m mentioning them anyways because they are still relevant. Out of the many forms, Stephen Hawking jokes “So what is Time? Only Time will tell, whatever that is”. So far none seem to be correct or incorrect, we may never know.

Black Holes, stop Racism!

For the record, they aren’t black. . . No seriously, here is why

Black Holes are formed when a star dies and decays. Their insane mass creates a gravitational pull which is the signature of Black Holes. A strong vacuum that sucks things. What was once a star became a Black Hole, but the star-like qualities of them having light and producing energy is still there. A black hole still has energy, therefore it still generates light as well.

So stop Racism by calling Black Holes Black. They’re glowing, has energy and definitely not black!

F.Y.I The bet I mentioned earlier that Stephen Hawking lost is when he said is when he said black holes are black, his friend, said it radiates energy. This proves that even the greatest minds make mistakes.

So, why are they called black holes again? Their gravitational pull prevents light from escaping. This creates an illusion, of its own Gravity pulling it’s own light, making it seem black. Math shows that they must have energy, and everything is not what it seems, especially when seeing things through a telescope, and that thing is a few million light years away.

Writing style

As I’ve said, as a physicist, Stephen Hawking makes a lot of jokes in this book, and writes in a very casual manner. Not only that, after reading some other physicists books, and have listened to a Nobel Prize winner’s presentation/lecture at ITB, I’m certain that most scientists are casual, and has a sense of humor, except maybe when working.

This book might not be understandable by everyone, but it is still rather simplistic for a book in physics. The philosophical views might be slightly confusing, but this book is rather enjoyable, and can be read casually if you do like the book, and can remember stuff in it.







Tasik trip…. 

Tasik trip…. 


Babah tumben banget ngajak jalan-jalan, meski deket tapi seneeeeeeng bgt..

Sebenernya trip kami ini krn mantan bos nya Babah ngundang untuk acara perpisahan di rumah beliau.. Plus ada teman seruangan Babah yg menikah di Ciamis.. Jadilah kami semua pergi..

Kebetulan juga bertepatan sama acara selametan rumah Nyanya. Dan karena Babah Bubi berhalangan datang jadi Jaja deh yg mewakili dikakipelangi crew.. Bagi tugas gtu ceritanya..

Nah, perjalanan kami ke Tasik dilalui dengan macet ga jelas selama 1jamlebih dan ini bikin KZL 😣😣😤

Dan sampe di Tasik kita lgsg nyari2 makan siang. Bubi kalau udah lapar bisa keluar uap dari kuping dan Babah udh tau bgt deh, pentingnya ngasih makan Bubi.

Awal rencananya sampe Tasik mau makan kupat tahu (ini enak bgt deh, biasanya Bubi request minta tahunya digoreng garing…. Uuuugh sedaaaap 😝). Tapi berhubung sampai Tasik udah siang ya udah deh lgsg makan siang aja. Bubi bilang mau makan di samudera (ini warung makan prasmanan yg dimiliki sama perusahaan catering terkemuka di Priangan Timur – masakan andalannya lidah saus keju yg enaaaaaaaaak), eh ngek ngok tutup doooooong 😅😅.

Jadi Babah ngajak utk nyobain makan di Riung Gunung yang dari luar tampaknya kaya resto jadul yg kesannya biasa. Di papan depan ditulis makanan khas nya adalah Ayam Bakar, maka kami pesan ayam bakar dada. Trus Bubi lihat di depan banyak pepes, dan pesen juga pepes tahu.

Foto Riung Gunung Courtesy of

Makanannya enaaaaaak.. Pepes tahu nya sedap dan pas (ga terlalu gurih kebanyakan vetsin, rasanya simpel dan sesuai bgt sama lidah Bubi deh). Nah, kan pepesnya banyak ya, trus Bubi nemu pepes telor asin yaaaay. Ini pepes nya super enak, dengan areh (santan kental) yang gurih nikmaaaaat bgt. Jadi kami ber3 habis makan, ayam bakar dada 4, tahu goreng, pepes tahu 2 dan pepes telor asin 2, semua itu hanya keluar uang 113rb sajaaaaa… Seneng deh.. A fulfilling meal.. Tempatnya juga asik.. Rapi bersih, dengan dekor jadul yg pas dan ada om-om orgen tunggal yg nemenin kita makan lewat musiknya.. Minusnya ga ada ruang bebas asap rokok. 😢

Pas malem drama makan berlanjut, rencananya mau makan di cafe German yg di review oke di TripAdvisor eh ternyata car free nite jadi ga bisa lewat, batal deh. Trus memutuskan makan di Mutiara Seafood kembali lagi kuciwa sodara-sodara karena tutup dong… Kayanya kami memilih pergi ke Tasik dimana banyak bgt kawinan.. Jadi resto favoritnya juga sibuk ngelayanin pesanan kawinan sampai tutup ya..

Salah satu pojokan di Nini Anteh

Untung bubi inget pas keliling siang ada resto namanya Nini Anteh, dan kami makan disana. Yg bikin suka sama resto ini adalah dekornya, ditata seperti rumah nenek jaman dahulu. Dengan furniture jadul, plus lemari pajangan berisi koleksi piring jaman baheula. Dan bubi suka karena semua ruangan dalam Dilarang Merokok, YaaaaY…

Art for toddler

Art for toddler

Bubi mau nyoba bikin beberapa postingan art for toddler berdasarkan pengalaman berkegiatan sama neneng ya..

Hari ini, Senin 17 Juli, Bubi mengajak Neneng utk mewarnai lingkaran-lingkaran yang sudah dibuat bulan lalu.

Awalnya si lingkaran ini juga kegiatan art neneng, yang meilbatkan cat poster dan rol tisu bekas.. Cara mainnya cuma stamping ke kertas menggunakan rol tisu bekas sebagai capnya..

Nih, kaya gini…

Terus karena tadi Neneng pengen kegiatan pakai cat air.. Bubi minta Neng mewarnai lingkaran-lingkaran nya deh.. Syarat dari bubi tadi buat supaya lingkaran sebelahnya beda warna..
Dan neneng berkreasi deh..

Neneng bersemangat sekali mengerjakan kegiatan ini.. Oh iya sekedar teview yaa.. Cat air yg Neneng pakai ini merknya Giotto, beli di Gramedia dengan harga 50rb (pas beli dapat tambahan diskon 15% entah promo apa jadi lebih murah lagi.. Sebelumnya Neneng pakai cat air keras yg tanpa merk, beli di spm Borma harganya dibawah 10rb. Tapi sudah habis dan pas mau beli lagi, eh sudah ga ada barang tsb di Borma huhuhuu..

Oh iya alasan Bubi pakai cat air keras sebenernya relatif lebih irit dan ga banyak kotor balatak dibanding menggunakan cat air pasta.. Tapi, karena pengen Neneng kenal banyak jenis alat gambar, jadi Neng juga suka melukis menggunakan cat air pasta 😉
Dan inilah hasil akhirnya..

[Review Buku] Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

[Review Buku] Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential (Photo Courtesy

Kitchen Confidential adalah buku yang mengorbitkan Anthony Bourdain menjadi seorang celebrity chef sampai dengan hari ini, sebetulnya masih ada beberapa buku lagi setelah ini, tapi menurut saya ini adalah buku terbaik yang pernah ditulis oleh beliau. Walaupun banyak kritikus yang mengatakan bahwa buku ini termasuk lebay dalam mengupas seluk beluk dunia kuliner, tapi ada beberapa poin menarik yang membekas bagi saya saat membacanya. Berikut adalah beberapa diantaranya :


  • Bisnis restoran adalah salah satu dari bisnis paling beresiko. Ternyata pemeo 9 dari 10 restoran itu benar adanya, dan itu berlaku hampir di seluruh dunia. Bourdain awalnya membahas ini dari sisi pengeluaran, karena seperti kita ketahui, fixed cost dari sebuah restoran / cafe sangatlah tinggi (biaya gaji, listrik, investasi awal, stok bahan baku, sewa (bila ada)), hingga tak heran bila tempat yang rasa makanannya biasa-biasa saja (apalagi yang ga enak), biasanya tidak akan bertahan lama. Selain itu, menurut Bourdain, kondisi keramaian suatu tempat saat baru buka tidak bisa dijadikan patokan, karena masih banyak tamu yang bersifat coba-coba atau datang karena mengenal pemilik dari tempat tersebut. Kestabilan suatu restoran / cafe baru akan terlihat setelah beberapa bulan bahkan tahun dari sejak berdirinya.


  • Jangan memesan menu ikan di hari Senin (dan juga steak well done :D). Kenapa? biasanya pengiriman bahan baku untuk akhir pekan tiba di hari kamis atau jumat. Dan bahan baku yang tidak habis terjual di akhir pekan itu, akan dipush untuk habis terjual di hari Senin. Karenanya banyak menu “spesial” di hari Senin yang terdiri dari menu ikan, karena daya tahan ikan jauh lebih pendek dari daging di dalam lemari pendingin. Selesai bahas ikan, apa hubungannya dengan steak well done? Well, ini menurut Bourdain lo ya. Katanya, ketika orang memesan steak well done, maka sama saja dengan orang tersebut memesan seonggok karbon, kenapa? karena dengan kondisi dimasak well done, maka rasa asli dari daging tersebut sudah hilang dan tertutup karbon hasil grill. Dan ketika ada tamu yang memesan dalam kondisi well done, besar kemungkinan crew dapur akan memilih stok daging yang lebih lama berdiam di kulkas, karena toh rasa akhirnya akan sama saja 🙂


  • Dunia masak memasak tidak seindah acara-acara memasak yang biasa kita lihat di televisi, pun dengan kehidupan para chef, tidak seindah penyajian para celebrity chef di acara mereka. Dunia yang riil terdiri dari berdiri berjam-jam melakukan kegiatan yang sama berulang-ulang (anda grill master, ya dari datang hingga pulang di depan panggangan, dan seterusnya), dan ini memerlukan kedisiplinan dan komitmen yang tinggi dari semua crew dapur, mengapa? karena disaat jam sibuk, tamu tidak peduli ada pesanan sebanyak 24 piring steak yang harus selesai dalam waktu yang bersamaan, yang mereka tahu bahwa mereka tidak ingin menunggu lama hingga makanan tersaji di meja (apalagi di era internet ini, telat sedikit, posting ke medsos, ga enak sedikit, posting ke medsos). Dan ketika seorang chef mencapai garis komando tertinggi di dapurnya, itu adalah hasil dari perjuangan keras bertahun-tahun. Ini sedikit banyak mengingatkan saya dengan hierarki yang agak mirip di bisnis RM Padang. Anak rantau yang baru datang biasanya memulai karir sebagai pencuci piring, kemudian naik pangkat ke level penyaji minuman, dan seterusnya, dimana impian terbesar si anak rantau ini adalah memiliki Rumah Makan-nya sendiri. Demikian pula halnya dengan hierarki di warung pecel lele pinggir jalan, anak baru biasanya memulai dari pencuci piring, terus berjenjang hingga akhirnya bisa memiliki warungnya sendiri.


  • Anda pernah memakan sesuatu yang tampak indah, ditata dengan baik, etc tapi rasanya ga karuan? Well, buku ini sedikit banyak mengingatkan kita bahwa esensi utama dari sebuah makanan adalah rasa. Penyajian sebaik apapun akan terlupakan ketika rasanya ga enak :P. Di era instagram ini, ketika orang berlomba-lomba memajang foto makanan di laman instagram mereka, terkadang faktor rasa ini terlupakan. Tidak hanya sekali saya melihat orang yang menghabiskan waktu lebih dari 10 menit untuk mengambil foto makanannya, lalu mengeditnya untuk kemudian diunggah, belum lagi setelah itu selesai, masih dilanjutkan dengan insta stories. Tapi setelah itu? orang tersebut hanya mencicipi makanannya dan kemudian tidak menghabiskannya. Such a waste. Kadang saya heran, apakah memang tidak enak, atau memang hanya senang icip-icip? Ketika kita bisa memahami proses pengolahan sebuah makanan, energi dan waktu yang dihabiskan, mungkin kita akan bisa lebih menghargai makanan tersebut, we will not take things for granted 🙂.


All in all, ini adalah sebuah buku yang sangat menarik untuk dibaca, dan juga menambah wawasan kita tentang dunia kuliner. Bagi  yang ingin mendapatkannya, di toko buku online macam Amazon, Ebay atau Book Depository banyak tersedia, bahkan saya pernah iseng mencari edisi bekasnya di Tokopedia dan menemukannya 🙂