Why You Should: Speak English

Why You Should: Speak English

So, you’ve read this article? http://dikakipelangi.com/programming-skill-penting-di-era-digital

I am officially making a “Why You Should” series now! After some success with the programming article, I’ll do my best to help explain some of the things I’m doing as a homeschooler… Of course with some of my rather unique activities it would be rather intriguing to pull one or two things together and form an article.

Of course, what’s the point of learning something, if you don’t have a reason to learn the thing? So, that’s what this article is for… to give you a reason, a justification, or whatever word you wanna use, to learn something. It’s important!

Like, it’s really funny when you have someone learn something because they must, not because they want to, or because they can benefit from it… Oh wait, that’s basically our education system… Gee, isn’t it surprising when people don’t wanna go to school.

Some of these answers would be taken from a meeting at Taman Bahasa Bandung and Capetang, 2 communities that can help you to practice your English communication skills, and also from LEDS, a place where you can practice debates in English and argue with people…

Their locations will be included below, and note that this is not a sponsored post, it’s time to give back to communities who have given me important experience and knowledge.

So, let’s head on to the article… (Btw normalnya mah serial ini akan ditulis pakai bahasa Indonesia, tapi karena artikelnya tentang ngomong Bahasa Inggris, jadi ini bakalan ditulis pake bahasa Inggris.)

Intercommunicative… Intercommunication

Intercommunicative… a word I seriously just made up 10 seconds ago… And to prove its existence I googled it… it doesn’t exist…

Intercommunication, engaging in a two way conversation, or communication. (This word does exist, in fact Google autocorrected intercommunicative with intercommunication)


A Universal Mind


Evolution of Mind

And some other articles discussing about philosophy.. and stuff so complicated I don’t really wanna explain it here… But, overall it’s discussed that us humans will eventually develop and become a citizen of planet earth. And especially in the Evolution of mind article, we are eventually going to reach the point of complete evolution and become the voices of Earth.

English is a language that’s currently the most spoken language in the world, and for now, it’s the language that is globally used by everyone, anywhere, and I believe it’s also a language that can make the world more connected.

Right now, the world is basically connected… I’ve mentioned one or two times on how easy it is to get a bombing news in say, Palestine, than it is to get news about a theft near your house. And now, thanks to information technology on the complex levels, such as remotely controlling a satellite, and to the simpler ones, such as social media… We have a world linked with the touch of a finger.

But, seriously though, it would be really ironic for you to use social media (since I don’t use social media), to use google while searching and manipulating some images… Basically connect with the world, but you lose that capability to communicate with them. You may be connected, but you may not really communicate?

Isn’t it… devastating? You’re one step closer to the world, or perhaps, even you’re one keystroke away from communicating with the world… Yet, you’re unable to do so… because of the one barrier left… Linguistic barrier. (Wait, there’s also the emotional and physical barrier too, but those… are other things, that’s out of context)

So, speak English! It’s one way to connect with the world.

Conclusion of this chapter… Internet connects the world, English enables people to experience the world.


Culture is disappearing each day in the flickers of light from globalization, and honestly, through tourism, we can preserve the heritages left by the country. Take it from museums who have some of their guides require English Speaking capabilities, or have some of the English text on their displays.

Not only does English as a language helps us link and connect with other cultures, it also helps to make our culture more well known to the world, whilst indirectly enables our culture to be preserved, and not getting… “Swallowed” by other cultures. Because there comes a time where we must influence instead of getting influenced. And to influence, you would need a language to connect with everyone.

To influence is to lead, to be influenced is to follow.

Other than culture preservation, tourism enables a country to gain income, and of course, income is always a need, be it for a person, or a country.

Now, of course, leading is a good thing, and should we spread our culture, and “influence” other countries through our culture, following isn’t always a bad thing. There are times when we really do need to follow, and sometimes, we’ll have to deal with following.

And once again, we can’t share our own culture, nor experience a slice of other cultures without a language that should easily be introduced to countries. Of course, when you really want to learn about a culture, language is a crucial part of it, but when we want to experience slices of experiences, a global language would be most helpful.

Therefore, to conclude this part… Culture must be preserved, and shared, share it through a universal language.

Universal Language

Closing the conclusion of culture, we’ll move on to reason number 3, a reason that’s important, of course, but when you only give it a brief look, it’s no different than reason number 1, or number 2. Therefore, I’m discussing this.

In Star Trek, every species to join the Federation must be able to speak English, and fun fact, Lieutenant Uhura speaks 200 interspatial languages. Now, the only species that I know of to not speak English are the Klingons, course, they’re Klingons, and with their “Remain pure” stuff… The Klingons do have a right to not speak English.

On topic… When you take your time to get more than one look in Star Trek, the Universal Language is still… ENGLISH. And in our scale, for now, the language that citizens of Earth, or perhaps Humans as a species use to communicate is… English.

Can we agree?

Now, as to why this is different with the Intercommunication topic in the first paragraph… This sees English as a noun, whilst intercommunication is a verb, a process where English helps people communicate… Now, English isn’t a process, at least not in this paragraph. It’s an identity. It’s proof. Proof that you are… indeed, a citizen of Earth.

Does this mean that English is something people must speak English to be a citizen of Earth? Course not, but to be honest, why shouldn’t we speak English? I’ve heard people complain about patriotism, while truth is, it’s a matter of post colonialism trauma and not exactly a loss of patriotism.

For now, I’ll let you think as to WHY you’d not want to speak English, because right now, it appears to be more than a demand, or a skill… it’s a need.

English Completes Me

In an overkill-y sense, English is a language that completes a person. Why is that? Is this person so… “hopeless” he or she can’t find a spouse or partner, so they use English instead? PFFT… No, not really.

Currently, English is the most complete language, containing many words that newborn languages don’t have yet. And for some intellectuals, or people who wants to speak in a very comprehensive manner, using English is probably one of your best bets.

Since making a complicated sentence isn’t quite easy when you know a word, but you don’t know it in other languages, that’s basically why English exists. This universal language enables you to find newer words, and then discover their meaning, or perhaps “make” a word in your own language.

Isn’t that rather enjoyable?

Though, please note that this doesn’t necessarily mean you can only speak intellectually in English, it just makes it easier… And of course, don’t forget to respect and love your own culture and language… It’d be quite a pity to actually use English as an excuse to not know some words in your own Language…

That does happen to me though, sometimes I know the English word, but not the Indonesian word… Happens.

Concluding this chapter… Consider English as a very complete Language, and it’ll help you complete your own language. Respect both, and love both… Especially your own.

Special Thanks

Before we conclude, special thanks to… (in no particular order)

Taman Bahasa, for the spirit of all the members and ideas there, young and not so young… Your spirit and consistency amazes me.

LEDS, for the countless debates and all the knowledge, chats, arguments and news there… Your creativity in topics constantly intrigues me.

Capetang, for the conversations, and chats to keep me satisfied, and to learn new things once in a while… Thanks for the Public Relations and how you care about the community and their English speaking skills.

Now it’s time to conclude…


So, to conclude today, how, oh how, does one speak English… 1 word… PRACTICE!

English is best learned through practice, and through interaction, not through formulas in textbooks. What is this, math?

Language is an art, and according to many cultural studies, art is best learned through practice. Of course, theories help, but if we don’t use all the theories we gained, our skill would be very limited, and they’d be… borderline useless…

So therefore, practice, practice, and practice! With help, you’d be able to speak English pretty fluently…

In fact you can try and join some of the communities I thanked there…

LEDS has its meeting during Saturdays at Baltos’s Top Floor in the foodcourt, starting from 16, or 16.30. Please come on time, otherwise you’ll miss some funny chats, or theories onto how you could, or should debate. Search LEDS in Instagram for further details, and please contact through the account.

Taman Bahasa holds its meeting Every Sunday from 8.00-10.30, it’s okay to come late… though you’ll miss some intriguing conversations. Held at ITB, right across the main entrance you’ll find a banner. Taman Bahasa has a Facebook fanpage, you can find it on your own 🙂 .

Capetang has its meeting Every Thursday, starting from 15.30, and again, it’s okay to come late, and its held at Taman Sejarah. Usually Capetang is bombed to the world through Humas Bandung’s Instagram account, so you can just check it out…

It doesn’t really matter who you are, where you’re from or what you did on all of these 3 communities, just come and practice your English…

Until next time of course, good night 🙂

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  1. Azriel,, what a great you are.. Unfortunately I’m not as good as you,,, it makes me unconfidence to be your friend…

    1. English isn’t talent Kak… it’s a skill, obtained through years of practice, and consistency… You can just try and practice, and sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it

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