Why You Should Play Board Games…

Why You Should Play Board Games…

Insert Crickety Sounds Here… I really wanna discuss this since December 2017, but I haven’t really put the time to actually do this, so I didn’t… My bad… Anyways, I’m gonna discuss this about now

In the 21st century, course, who plays board games? Wait, a lot of people actually. Hang on, by a lot I don’t exactly mean the majority of people. Because not a majority of people do play board games, but still a lot of people do…

Well, for once, unlike most of my articles on subjects like analog games, for once, I won’t give a single negative commentary about online games, but I would like to highlight more onto the positive benefits of Board Games instead of… “mildly” ranting about the downside of online games.

Regardless, after we finish the setup, let us start the article!


Number 1, of course, Interaction… Should there be a better reason than proper interaction… I mean, Board games are a very good way to interact with others, even if you usually feel awkward when interacting with others.

Why is that? Well, first of all, it’s basically impossible to play a board game with your mouth shut, and it’s also impossible to play a board game alone. Wait, sorry, it’s not exactly impossible, but it’s very tricky, unless you’re willing to play the board game representing the moves of multiple players. (or you bought one of those, Single Player Board Games, which beats the purpose of board games in the first place).

Considering how social interaction diminished over the past few years, playing a board game could somehow force people to interact.

I guess, considering how often I’ve pointed these facts out, I think, we should… move on to the next subject.

Glorious Victory!

Well, this applies most for competitive board games, but in cooperative ones, this could effectively be applied as well. Winning any game is a fun thing, but imagine winning something in a face to face condition, and doing the whole job of winning yourself, and most importantly, you get to win some bragging rights!

Okay, don’t brag after winning something that’s a bad habit… it really is. But seriously though, winning something in an immediate and direct face to face environment does give you that sense of satisfaction.

When it comes to cooperative games, beating the game itself also gives you satisfaction. More importantly, the satisfaction granted is shared, especially after beating a game that’s hard like… for instance… Pandemic, Call of Cthulhu edition. Winning that game is one achievement… Because of how hard and tricky that board game is. You should try it out in Hard Mode, and I’m seriously going to wish you luck, because… Hahahaha… Just… good luck… It’s so hard to beat.

Calculation… and Stuff

Count and calculate every move and action. Make sure that you don’t miss a single move. Don’t do that, I fear a misplay. Unfortunately, the dice roll failed…

Well, this is more of a benefit instead of the reason someone plays a board game, but believe me, board games help you calculate stuff. Just, pray you’ll do a decent dice roll, or just play a game that doesn’t involve Random Number Generation. A properly calculated action and turn, would indirectly teach you how to deal with the same situation in real life.

Of course, sometimes board games don’t even involve calculation, in that case, I welcome you to skip onto the 5th reason to play board games. But, if you’d like, you can read reason number 4 first.


Because of its face to face nature, tension among board games are felt much more than it would be in other types of games. It isn’t rare for me to stand up and panic during climax moments, fearing that someone will throw an evil trick, or… just basically get beaten…

That tension each time you take a turn, or someone throws out something that messes up the game flow amplifies the fun, and trust me… this is something you won’t get in an online game. This tension can only be found in real life situations, because without being in the presence of something else, the tension would be converted onto something that’ll piss you off…

On the bright side, this tension also adds up to reason number 2, which means… you’ll be more satisfied with your victory when you play a tense game!


Really… I don’t need another reason to play board games. Board games are fun, and in a sense, they can be as fun as any other game on earth… Well, the taste and definition of fun board games are different per person, but almost most games can be deemed fun when played together with your friends and family.

Any board game can be fun, if you see it as such…

In Conclusion

Concluding this article, there shouldn’t really be much more reasons for you to play a board game rather than number 5. In addition to that, you would need friends to play board games with, and also, the more options that you can choose from… the better…

Now, problem is, board games are expensive, and then the next one is, sometimes, not all your friends and family enjoy playing board games… so… should that be a reason to not play board games?


Fortunately, there’s many places that appreciate board games and open up a board game playing session, such as language courses to help teach the language as well. Sometimes, there are also events like a playtime or a playday to play board games in. There’s also the option to go to a board game cafe and play with other visitors of the cafe, with the coach/gamemaster to teach you…

Without any endorsements or whatever, a Board Game cafe I visit pretty often just reopened at Sidomukti. Its name is Shuffle ID, and you should try and visit there! It’s a very fun place, and there’s tons of board games to choose from, with only 30K rupiah of an entrance fee!

Anyways, it wasn’t an endorsement, just… as a regular, I want to help promote that place… It’s a wonder how places like Shuffle could provide a second home, or just, Board Game Heaven for people who enjoys playing Board Games, like for instance, Bubi and me!

*picture above is a pic of Bubi playing at Playtime Guy with the glasses and blue shirt, is NOT me

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