Wheel of Power: A Piece of Poetry

Wheel of Power: A Piece of Poetry

20 tahun yang lalu, Indonesia mengalami reformasi, dan sesudah kekacauan cukup brutal selama 3 hari, tepatnya 13-15 Mei… Kerusuhan ini membuat banyak orang paranoid, sekolah pun diliburkan (kayanya muridnya mah pada seneng sih) Tetapi, akhirnya pada 21 Mei, 1998, Pak Harto turun dari “takhta”-nya dari Istana Negara.

Menurutku sebuah kekacauan yang monumental seperti ini adalah sebuah momen pas untuk… Sebuah Puisi. Dalam bahasa Inggris tentunya. Puisi ini tentang reformasi dan perpindahannya kekuatan dalam sebuah kondisi politik… Selamat menikmati 🙂

Wheel Of Power

By: Azriel Muhammad A.H.

A new leader rose to power
Control is what he sought
Their people feeling empowered
Smartly, he fought

From above, endless gazes rest
Issues, they attempt to solve
For a leader, truly knows best
With each obstacle, he evolves

Loved by his people
Respected by his rivals
Orders, echoed like a ripple
He triumphed every trial

Pointless it may seem
For fame, is followed with hate
And he becomes what people deem
His fall, is what people await

Frightened, he plans his move
For his fall must he evade
His worth must be proved
And his control doesn’t fade

His reign may seem short
And the wheel must turn
Revolutions, he must be alert
Or his power will be torn

Fear develops, hate grows
The riots have threatened all
Leaving his position exposed
Will he take his fall?

He mustn’t accept defeat
His homeland is in havoc
His ego is all that he needs to beat
Will he live a life so tragic?

Pride, kept him at his place
Never must he step down
But the future, he can’t race
And he must reach a sundown

When he’s not overthrown
Sooner, time will chase
The law will leave him dethroned
And his fate is beyond the gate

Accept this fate, Shall he?
He must make his move! Fast!
For this time, it is to be
A time that’s truly the last

The wheel has spun
A new leader has surfaced
Repeating what’s been done
Ready to promise his service


Semoga artikel dan puisi ini dapat dinikmati!

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