What do the Stranger Things Books Mean For The Show?

What do the Stranger Things Books Mean For The Show?

So… Today’s writing will be in English, in consideration of reaching more people, though I might consider a rewrite in Bahasa if there’s plenty of local traffic for the Hit Netflix Show.

All 3 books have been finished by yours truly… within 3 weeks of the third season’s release. (a bit slow by my standards, but still…)

This article contains spoilers for all three seasons, so watch those first if you want to read this article. Oh, and it also contains spoilers for all 3 books. Suspicious Minds, (narrated by Eleven’s Mother, her friends, and Dr. Martin Brenner) being the first, Darkness on The Edge of Town (narrated by Jim Hopper) being the second, and Runaway Max (narrated by none other than Maxine Mayfield) being the third.

This article is purposed to help those who don’t want to bother buying and/or reading the book but wants to know the plots revealed and the potential seeds for a story in the fourth season that are revealed in this book.


Suspicious Minds.

Written by Gwenda Bond.

This book takes place at the year 1969 and 1970. It does not alternate in timeline, but it does have multiple characters narrating the story.

This book exploits and creates the most plotlines when compared to the other two books, being set way before the first season and before Eleven’s birth.

The main plotline explains how Dr. Martin Brenner experiments on a bunch of girls, mostly at college level, as he uses his tech and knowledge to create potential weapons. Among the three experimented girls (do note that they receive a decent sum of money and had no idea they had a sociopathic, insane doctor leading the experiments) are Gloria Flowers, Alice Johnson, and Terry Ives, who is El’s mother, and is now insane and deeply traumatized thanks to some of the events that occurred in this book. That Martin Brenner, what a nice guy!

It explains how Kali, also known as Eight, (made an appearance in season 2, when El ran away, you should already know that) managed to see Brenner’s lab in Hawkins as evil, and how she was kept in custody. Kali was also trained by Brenner, and she was mentioned by Terry when visited by Hopper and Joyce in the second season. So, that’s good news, Kali escaped.

Those three girls eventually gained some psychic/strange/mental powers, which includes peeking into the future, and Astral Projection, (the thing that El does to look for someone using a blindfold and static noise) it is also noted that these 3 girls played a role in El’s powers.

They peeked into the future at some points, and saw El. In the future, which caused them to assume that Brenner has a second child in captive. So, this naturally sparked their curiosity.

After receiving experiments, and forms of ways to activate mental powers, and also seeing how Kali is kept captive through face to face meetings in the lab and (DUH!) Astral Projection, they realized something’s wrong… (took them a while)

They obviously snuck around the lab in an attempt to cut themselves loose of Brenner’s experiments and free Kali, as they did this, they happened to meet some files. Files of a Project INDIGO and a Project Mk ULTRA. The project INDIGO involves 10 of Brenner’s subjects, from Project 1-10. Project Mk ULTRA however, was about administering electric shocks to the potent Alice Johnson in an attempt to trigger mental powers.

These Project INDIGO files aren’t revealed, because of something I like to call a Writer’s excuse… (you know, the story forces the protagonist to rush, while in reality the writers are trying to hide stuff for future plotlines, so only some are revealed, we writers like doing that, wink, wink)

There are no subject 11, at least not yet, and the girls assumed (correctly) that they saw a glimpse of the future. They got a look at Kali’s files, and encountered information that revealed Kali’s powers.

At the climax of the book, as well as the end, three important things happened. The girls cut loose of their bonds with Brenner, Alice Johnson fled to Canada with Terry Ives’s help. And lastly… Terry gave birth to Jane Ives (fathered by her Boyfriend, Andrew Rich, who died in Vietnam) AKA Eleven, who was taken by Brenner, and receives mental training, isolation, and abuse. Brenner is officially Father of the Year here.


The reveal of projects 9 and 10, maybe 1-7 as well, the return of Alice Johnson, and/or Gloria Flowers, as well as their psychic friend that helped, Ken. Also, the rest of Project Mk ULTRA being revealed. I would want that.

Darkness on the Edge of the Town.

Written by Adam Christopher.

I’ll just skip most of the story since they don’t really matter to the canon Stranger Things world. However, since Jim Hopper does die (unless he comes back, stupid cliffhangers!) in season 3, if you want to get some El and Hopper moments, and some more badass cop moments, read this book.

It has 3 narrators, Hopper, Lisa Sargeson, a psychic/psychologist, and Hopper’s partner, Rosaria Delgado. It’s timeline alternates when Hopper has some flashbacks, or when Eleven, who is hearing this story from Hopper at during Christmas, 1984, asks a question. Main timeline, year 1977.

It tells about Hopper’s exploits in New York City, when he still had his daughter Sara, and he and his wife, Diane, is together.

Point is. He tries to catch an insane serial killer + cult leader named Saint John. Saint John’s biggest plan is to destroy New York City, and Hopper stopped him.

During the way, he does meet a special agent, and his case was stopped by this special agent, but Hopper being Hopper kept pushing on, and… he was told to go undercover and pretend to be a… Runaway cult member.

He blew his cover during the Saint John Cult (name of this organization, Vipers) /Gang -because being a cult leader is not enough for the guy- so called Armageddon and he helped kill him when his partner was endangered.

Saint John happens to be a War Veteran who actually believed in the Day of The Serpent, or his version of Armageddon lead by Satan himself, and is not just using that story to inspire hope and fear to his followers.

It is a thrilling tale, and I do suggest you just read it. At certain points of the story, Hopper told El that Rosaria Delgado survived, and they had a happy-ish ending as partners, and Hopper also had a happy ending as a Father and Husband. Okay, at least… before Sara died, and… yeah, so, it was partially happy.

Come to think of it, Guy’s a lot like Hercules. A miserable dude with anger issues who loses his family and goes insane and more miserable as he tries to redeem himself.


The most obvious plothole to leak out of this book is the return of Rosaria Delgado in the wake of Hopper’s death. That is, if Hopper IS dead… I think it’s the only one that’s explicit here. Maybe some of the surviving gang members that befriended Hopper and helped him might also return… but… you know, I’m not taking any chances.

Runaway Max.

Written by Brenna Yovanoff

Apparently. This book is very short. And it is only narrated by Max.

It’s not even half the length in words to the other two books.

The book is a bit complicated to explain, it does alternate a bit in timeline, but it mostly revolves during the events of the second season of Stranger Things. It retells the story, but in Max’s point of view.

I’ll just tell you the key points.

  • Max’s father is a guy who makes Fake ID’s and also arranges sport bets. He lives in San Diego, and Max goes to her mother during the divorce.
  • Max might dislike Billy, but, apparently, he sees his stepbrother as a womanizing jerk who happened to protect him when needed, and is usually right when he makes a point. Kind of like Barney Stinson from HIMYM if you ask me…
  • Billy receives lots of torture and physical abuse from his dad. Thought you might want to know. Considering… He’s dead. And if you’re also confused why the heck did Max cry when he resented and disliked his stepbrother anyway.
  • Max tries to run away right before the incident that involves Steve, Dustin, and Lucas attempting to burn a demodog down. She doesn’t believe the existence and the stuff Lucas told her. So, it’s a good thing Lucas came just in time to show her proof.
  • Most of the book doesn’t have much to add to the story, but it does seem enticing to try and hear it from her Point of View.


The only important one is when Max ran away, and just before she did, Lucas came knocking down her window to prove his story regarding the Upside Down and the Demodogs.

So, enjoy, and I certainly hope you guys got helped by this article, and saved some reading time! Until next time!


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