Weekend Debates: E-Sports, Independence and Profit

Weekend Debates: E-Sports, Independence and Profit

Once again, ada serial baru…

It seems to me like… Kalau di serialize ngebikin konten on a daily basis ga bakalan terlalu pusing…

Anyways, on topic

Weekend Debates are a series of articles published on a Sunday, discussing whatever topic I debated yesterday on my Debating Club

Well, aku juga nulis ini untuk membantu promosiin klub debatnya ya. The debate is full in English, and if you wanna try and practice your arguments just come.

Informasi dilanjutkan dibawah… Untuk sekarang bisa baca artikelnya aja dulu. Btw selain intro and outro yang di Bahasa Indonesia sisanya akan ditulis di Bahasa Inggris ya…

So… E-Sports

Ini topik ku! Anyways, dengan Hype pada 2022 bakalan include E-Sports sebagai Olympic game, Debat kemarin membahas ini…
Motion: The House Would NOT Include E-sports in the 2022 Olympics

Definition: The so called sports would not be included in the Olympics at the year 2022 if they involve computers, and utilize the brand of a game outside of an actual sport that is brandless.

Main Arguments:

  • E-Sports should never be included in the Olympic games because they are simply a marketing tool for companies to have players join the game.
  • E-Sports should also never be included because they do not have its players engage in physical activity, or detailed thinking the way a real sport does, and the way chess does force its athletes to think.
  • In addition to the definite fact that E Sports will never be a sport, there will also be an additional fact that this enables kids to dream they can play in a competitive level, whilst their definition of practice is basically making their brains less reactive to things outside of a game.
  • The previous argument cannot be applied on physical games because at the very least, if you exercise all day you’ll be healthy. And being a healthy person is a good thing. The same doesn’t apply for Online Games.

Questions and Interruptions :

Unfortunately none, since every other community member was a bit confused as to why there’s an Electronic Sports Olympic. This debate could be a bit more fiery, but there’s more to come.

Therefore I concluded immediately


E-Sports will never be a sport because firstly, a sport is something that basically trains you to be a better person, there is nothing that you can gain by “practicing” all day when playing games.

In addition to that, this will bring a very bad image for future generations when all they get from the names of their athletes as Online Usernames, and not ACTUAL Athletes like Taufik Hidayat or Bambang Pamungkas as their role models.

Also, face it, Electronic Sports are a mere marketing tool, let’s not give the companies a practically free marketing tool in an event as big as the Olympics.

Regardless, I truly hope E-Sports will never be included in the Olympics thanks for listening.

Kay, jadinya sih, Debate mengenai E-Sports ini diubah jadi artikel… Semoga bisa ngerti… Btw itu conclusion nya overextension karena aku kepengen dan ngarep dapet pertanyaan. Tapi tetep we ga dapet.

Sayangnya debat pertama hari ini kurang seru karena kurangnya interupsi. Debate number 2!

Profit Based Colleges.

Topik ini dibawakan oleh Kakak Alfira… Jadi aku ga tahu research dan lain-lainnya gimana. Perspective akan ditulis sebagai opponent

Motion: The House Would BAN profit based colleges

Definition: A profit based college is a college that doesn’t need a test for it’s acceptance, or one with a relatively high acceptance rate. Whilst the college would also charge for a high amount of investment to enroll there.

Main Arguments:

  • From her experience, Kak Alfira has stated that she’s seen numerous amounts of people who go to a so called good college, only to spend their times fooling around. These profit based colleges are basically filled with spoiled kids.
  • These spoiled kids who don’t learn properly also have a chance to misuse their degree, for instance if they become a doctor, it will be more likely for them to malpractice because of they’re incompetence.

Question from me, interrupting…

Now, you’re saying that these spoiled kids would actually practice things, but there is a huge probability that the parents are just doing this for family pride… Could I hear your thoughts on that? Since I heard that there are a lot of graduates from Unpad’s medical school who are only called doctors by their parents. They don’t even practice.


It is true that things like this do occur for family pride, but I’m only using doctors as an example. There are other fields who would enable these rich spoiled kids to get a job because they’re enrolled in a good university, whilst there should be other people that are maybe smarter than this enrolled person who’s a better candidate for the job.

Back onto main arguments

  • I would like to give an example of a profit based college, for example *censored name*, who… From my friends experience, most of the students there only laugh around and don’t take class seriously. Things like this are a very bad example for that generation. We should let someone pay amounts of money just to graduate.

Question… Again, from me

I’ve also heard that *censored name* has actually created good graduates, so long they can generate enough quality to keep up with the investment, why should you ban them?


It is true that they could create good graduates, but if we’re talking about the majority of people who go there, it’s those who fool around.

(I’m relatively satisfied with the answer and allows Kak Alfira to proceed)

Back to Main Arguments

  • Lastly, another good argument for the banning of profit based colleges is that there are many non profit colleges that are able to generate much more better graduates than these expensive ones who are just a bunch of rich people paying for their degrees.

Conclusion :

Profit based colleges set a bad example for a generation, because ot somehow enables rich families to give education that some spoiled kids don’t deserve, and the other kids of the same year enrolling should also get the quality of the educators in profit based colleges even if they couldn’t afford to enroll there.

Hopefully you understand why I would like to ban these, and thanks for listening.

Waw, nah kan kalau dipotong potong rada lebih seru ya… Langsung aja deh ke debat ke 3


Topik ke 3 ini dibawakan oleh Kak Rio dari ITB, langsung masuk aja deh… FYI ini sedikit lebih pendek dari yang lain.

Motion: The House Would Allow Provinces or Regions to Separate themselves from countries and be independent.

Main Arguments:

  • There are many regions that are isolated from others and don’t get the amount of infrastructure building that they deserve.
  • These regions also tend to create more resources than some other provinces or regions inside a country.
  • I believe that it would be better for them to be independent so that they should be able to manage their resources on their own without needing to rely on the country to give them resources. If they’re independent from the country, they should be able to manage themselves and have their own share of resources
  • Of course, they would have to be economically independent unlike Timor Leste when the country separated themselves from us. It would also be better if the province would only split up after a majority of the citizens do agree with that change.


FYI we didn’t interrupt this is just a pre conclusion session of questions.

  1. What if a country choose to not allow the province to be independent because they are not economically able to stand on their own feet?
  2. What if a country choose to not allow the province to be independent because the country still needs the resources from the province?
  3. Lastly, what if the citizens there have been given many resources and enough infrastructures from the country but they still want to be independent?

Answers from Kak Rio

  1. Like I said, they should be able to rely on themselves before they should be independent, the definition isn’t there yet, but I am certain that they should at least have something to offer the world, like for example Oil (Riau has Oil) , or Gold (like Papua)
  2. That’s the exact thing we’re avoiding here. The selfishness of countries. That’s what this debate is generally about.
  3. Its their right and a minor loophole in my system, but I think they should at least repay the infrastructures built by the country, and the country should be transparent with the cost to make the infrastructures or the resources given.


I believe we should get rid of these selfish countries and let provinces be independent so long they are capable to do so. This should be done because countries really deserve the right to have their own ability to manage their own resources without being chained by some country above them

Topik debatnya hanya 3 hari ini, karena umm, yang dateng cuma bertiga plus master debate-nya…

Promotion, and Details

Kalau mau iseng cobain belajar Debat, di Bandung sendiri, ada komunitas Debate bernama LEDS yang ada di Baltos, lantai 3 di Food Court.

Setiap hari Sabtu, jam 16.00-selesai.

Untuk contact person, bisa kontak nomor ini… +6282118719158

Ini bukan promosi, aku cuman pengen share aja pengalaman debat tuh gimana sih, karena seru kok!

Hope you enjoyed this article…

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