Tribute To Stan Lee: A Short Story

Tribute To Stan Lee: A Short Story

You will forever be a Superhero for me, and thousands, if not millions like me. May you rest in peace and find the meaning of life… Stan Lee. This is a short story, a monologue, perhaps… I would like to dedicate to Stan Lee.

Oh, and I’m competing for the English language search engine this time, because I’m emailing this to Marvel’s marketing team or something like that… Wish me luck.


Early morning. Time doesn’t seem to flow, doesn’t it? Clock struck 7.07, okay, the clock is indeed a microwave, but nobody seemed to really care about that. Songs fuel my head. Five For Fighting’s 100 Years made me think about one’s life. Isn’t it an ironic time to listen to sad songs? Joy, I cannot feel any this morning, a chapter on a book I’m reading is about death, I didn’t get the best of sleep last night either…

Then a voice came to me, just as the lyrics hit “Time to buy and to lose yourself within a morning star.” My ears felt as if somebody called my name. I didn’t seem to get that the first time, seconds later, the voice called back, again it was my name being sound.

I didn’t want this song to be interrupted, but it’s my mother calling, and a mother’s order should never be questioned.

So, I walked a bit, each step felt heavy because the echoing on her voice and the lyrics have went all the way, from the singer’s point of view, he’s dying, just waiting for that final moment before everything ends, it was sung like this “I’m Ninety Nine for a moment, dying for just another moment” life seemed hollow when I opened the door to my mother’s room.

It’s time. Everyone knew it was bound to happen, yet we would simply reject and fear this very moment. He’s gone.

I didn’t feel much pain, regret or suffering… It didn’t hurt, I wasn’t touched, something’s wrong. The amount of emotions I use is only a little more than those of a sociopath, it appears to me I think too much, I talk too much, and I don’t feel one bit. The slightest bit of emotion I occasionally feel are there, but once it goes out, I push them back into my heart, right where it belongs. No tears should ever come out.

Our superhero, our artist, the creator of the world’s most loved heroes, he’s passed away, onto a better place now. Stan Lee, he’s gone.

There it goes. 95 years of experience, 95 brilliant years of creativity, 95 years of constant inspiration, and the last of those 95 years on his famous cameos… (even on a DC movie, yes, I won’t forget Teen Titans Go! To The Movies)

I wasn’t thinking much about it, I remembered my Mother’s promise to herself that she’d send flowers on the day of his passing, and I remembered what I said to myself years back, when I was just a child, still fantasizing on being a somebody…

8 year old me, wasn’t on my most Comic Book Geek phase… I was playing soccer a lot, and wanted to be a player somewhere, dreaming of fame, how ironic were my thoughts. Inspiration. Fame is nothing without successfully inspiring people.

Actually I forgot about that promise, I never really thought about it that much… I always wanted to inspire people, just like he did… The “How” never really came to me. I always liked being the center of attention, and it happened more than once when I tried to impress people by asking a complicated question in public seminars, one whose answer was already known by me just to make people know I ask such complicated questions. I’m not proud of it, never was, I was only looking for a temporary high.

I kept my thoughts to myself, I didn’t want to think much about it. I know I had to, and eventually I did.

Stan Lee wasn’t just a split second subtle cameo in movies, he was always energetic and happy. He influences and makes people feel safer about themselves, covering up one’s fears and insecurities with one of his superheroes.

Spider-Man convinces highschoolers to remain confident, giving them that sense of courage some people might be missing. Black Panther sends…

Forget about this. Who am I to talk about this really. We got the message that Stan Lee wanted to send through his superheroes, we don’t need anyone explaining it to us, we all have our interpretations, each one may be different, but they’re all as beautiful as one another.

Stan Lee does that. He gives us a sense of inspiration, he’s heroic in the sense he helped save people who are insecure, and felt weak… He gave them shelter, he gave them a sense of strength they really needed. That’s how I felt when I read the tales of his heroes, it served as a second home to hide away from your problems… Your mother in this house gives you the pep talk so when you leave this second home of yours, you’d face your problems with more courage, more responsibility.

How does one leave one’s mark, leaving others in awe, in inspiration… How.

Our human society and history works the way footsteps by the shore get washed by the waters.

The further you walk upshore, the less likely the waves would sweep your footprints, the stronger you put your feet down, the less likely those prints would vanish in one tide.

The walk is never easy, but when you reach a place so high that it won’t be swept away even when a Tsunami occurs… You’ll be someone everyone remembers the instant someone mentions something relevant to you.

Stan Lee is way up there, he’s definitely the first name someone thinks of when you hear a thought about Superheroes.

No one’s comparing anyone to anyone, everyone’s special in their own way, and everyone has their own ways to do things…

But, sometimes, one must have the courage and power to do something, stepping out of their comfort zone, and they must also be willing to take responsibility of the things they’ve done and made, even when they’re not at fault… (thank you Mark Manson for showing me that, but it’s not your day today, so, I think this mention is more than enough)

I want to inspire people. But, what have I done to accomplish my goal? Here I am, sitting in this couch, consuming my daily dose of post-modern philosophy and Marxism, doing absolutely nothing productive, and related to my goal.

Do I really want to inspire people? Why haven’t I done anything to accomplish that? I should start doing something…

Time to move myself, and I’ll write this… One more step further from the shoreline, leaving a tiny mark people might notice.


I’m not going to reflect or conclude anything today, not much.

Just, be sure that one day, you should try to leave your mark, don’t stray away from living your life, but be prepared of death, leave a legacy, step further away from the shoreline, take responsibility, and be courageous of your actions.

Thank you for reading this article, it is a tribute after all.

May you rest in peace Stan Lee, forever you shall be a superhero to me.

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