The River Of Time: A Piece Of Poetry

The River Of Time: A Piece Of Poetry

To increase my poetic skills, and harnessing that inner poet in me, I’m going to try to make a poet in English, every Thursday. In Bandung here, we have a special day each day, and Thursday’s special event is Kamis Inggris, or English Thursdays.

Special thanks to random topic generation for granting me the flow of time, or life as the subject for today’s article.

I personally love the randomly generated topic because of my personal interest to Science fiction, and also Albert Einstein’s relativity theory.

Enjoy the poetry! It’s relatively short actually…

Indonesian Version Of The Opening:

Untuk menambah kepuitisan di Bahasa Inggris, aku akan mencoba, dan juga berusaha untuk membuat sebuah puisi di Bahasa Inggris setiap hari Kamisnya dalam rangka Kamis Inggris.

Terima kasih pada random topic generator untuk memberi aku ide puisi mengenai aluran waktu, atau kehidupan.

Sebenernya ini menurutku cocok buatku yang emang doyan Science Fiction, dan juga teori relativitasnya Albert Einstein.

Sesudah pembukaan, ini adalah sebuah puisi yang relatif pendek, dalam Bahasa Inggris.

River Of Time

By: Azriel M.A.H.

Silence. Listen carefully
To the time stream
Flowing with your destiny
Carrying your dream

Quickly, it flows one way
As one moves with the current
So does one’s history lay
And what’s left is certain

Never will you know surely
What secrets it may bear
Where the river would journey
Nor why it took you there

Flow in the rivers
The current becomes greater
Accept the water’s shiver
And you’ve become better

To the wrong path you swayed
And prejudice shall follow
To the right path you stay true
Awaits for you, a better tomorrow

Memories carry your success
And names, etched through the stones
These stones marked those who excelled
For determination lies in their bones

Joy flows with the waters
As it flows, love lies somewhere
They shall complete you after
For love is what the river can spare

Through your long journey
The waters shall become passive
Rest, no longer shall you be in a hurry
Slowly, comfort be with your passage.

Hopes, dreams, and desires
Have they become real?
All your life, are they acquired?
Or are they just visions of what’s ideal?

Your journey must end today
You’ve triumphed, suffered, and fought
For this is a fate that cannot be delayed
We hope, your name will not be lost

In Conclusion

Did you like it? Is it good? I’m really-really still learning to make some poetry so any feedback would be greatly appreciated… Thanks for reading.

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