Tale Of A Little Princess…

Tale Of A Little Princess…

This article is a short story about a little angel whose appearance in my life has completely changed it…

Her tanned skin, her sweet smile is so good to me. When I see her face, there’s not a single thing I would change. Cause of course… she’s amazing… (References to Taylor Swift’s Back to December, and Bruno Mars’s Just The Way You Are). She’s so cuteeee, and she fills my day with joy, lifting up days that could’ve been a terrible one.

Also it’s written fully in English since Mimicry is indeed a thing… And also, since… I wanna be poetic, and I want to sound sweet starting about… now (excluding the words inside the parentheses). What kind of disappoints myself is that I don’t have enough of a capability to wrtie in a poetic and sweet way using my mother tongue… I apologize…

At The Beginning…

(Once again I referenced a song, since… yeaaah…)

It was a Friday afternoon, my house felt rather warm, but at the same time, after opening the gates to my house, all I felt was a chill. The door was a bit harder to unlock, and I think a hear a little grunt. And it really did scare me. What was I supposed to do…

I entered my parent’s room, and I saw 2 women wearing Hijab, one of them is a familiar face, I’m guessing it’s Bubi’s friend who is also a midwife, I forgot her name, and the younger one is her assistant. My mother was yelling. Without needing to see her face, I could imagine (FYI, I couldn’t) the pain she’s going through.

She was pregnant. For about 8 months at the time… Morning that day she told me that it was her anniversary, her 12th to be precise.

Babah was there too, calming my mother, who is currently fussing… a lot. More than I’ve actually ever seen her do.

It was a rather short afternoon, as I couldn’t really remember what else happened rather than those short glimpses of memories, passing through me…

Later that night, I saw my father order some food, which was something that did cheer me up, I was simply hungry… Apparently something else got delivered before the food arrived.

YEP, a little princess was born. . .

When she was born, the food arrived. I took it, ate a bit since I don’t think I was allowed to enter the room without a cue, after a few minutes of eating, whilst listening to the compelling music of my sister’s cries, I was told to come in.

Anyways, she was still kind of crying? I wasn’t really sure, she does yell a lot nowadays, after seeing 3 year old Sister yell, I doubted whether that was a yell or a cry.

She looks… chubby, and cute. She’s got a caramel colored skin, the way she “colors” my life… She’s still got no clue who the heck is this guy, and who am I? She just experienced underwater birth, then she touched air.

After cleaning the pool up, that’s used to give birth a little girl. I ate and It tasted good. But it got interrupted once in a while by “Congratulations!” from the phone… Apparently internet did its job and enabled news to travel quickly.

Oddly enough everyone that Babah (my father, in case you don’t know), contacted was… not told that she’s born. Especially Bubi’s mother. NO, she’ll freak out when she figured out that her daughter just gave birth… in her own house.

Babah just said that Bubi wants some company to my Mother’s side of the family. And onto his side of the family, Babah frequently answered the question “No, she gave birth in our house”.

Well that night I didn’t sleep at my house, no… I got separated from the newly born angel which apparently changed my life. Not like most people, who not only said congrats to me, but also said… “Don’t be jealous”.

Why would I be jealous? Can’t anybody see I’m mature enough to not be jealous? (FYI At the time I’m not really sure). Now, probably I won’t ever get jealous. Hopefully, never. . . . . (No, I wasn’t talking about Alice, or anyone in particular, don’t ask)

Joy, and stuff other than Joy…

It was at this point that I completely realized that… Okay, don’t try to be Poetic Azriel, you REALLY couldn’t hold yourself from being poetic…

So, from her birth I was the first one to make this chubby little princess laugh. (HAHAHAHA JOKES ON YOU BUBI! Sorry, I was being competitive) she usually laughed to the word… Potato. Which was also a reason that I wrote about potatoes on that series.

In case you don’t know yet, this little princess began eating by herself at the age of 6 months. That expression when she struggles to eat her food isn’t found on kids who needs to be fed. As a mother it was Bubi’s job to make sure this girl gets the choices that suit her best. And this was the choice she made.

She grew, slowly, but… also in a cute way. Looking more sweet, acting more cute, and apparently, she’s got a fascination for a certain animal with a tusk and trunk.

Still adorable. She’s grown up to an age of 2, and … a lot of months, until she could walk.

The hesitance on her face before trying, the smile and cheers of everyone when she’s finally done it. It’s very nice to see something as cute as THAT! Every time she laughs, my heart glows a little, every time she cries… I tease her, since it’s cute when she cries . . . (I was being funny…)

Okay so an explanation of feeling isn’t my strong suit.

I guess we shall move on to her troubling times…

This Girl…

Like most girls I’ve met, this girl is apparently very scary, and at the same time she really can be mad. As a matter of fact, some girls do look a “bit” cuter when they’re… mad… (NO NOT BUBI, A mad mother is the third worst thing after a Zombie Apocalypse and an error in the timeline). Umm on topic.

She’s actually a very possessive.. and hard headed little girl. Yes, even for a little girl, she’s already possessive. Anything that belongs to her, nope, I can’t have it… I don’t really mind, she’s still cute, and her laughs, and curly hair has managed to cheer me up everyday.

However, there must be a storm (or rain, at the very least), to create a rainbow. Without the bad times, like her constant teasing, or often times, possessiveness and her certain reaction when she’s mad, there won’t be the good times like her hugs, her smiles, and her certain curiosity with my stuff.

So, yes, I do have bad times as a brother, even with… this amount of age difference, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have good times either.


As she grew up, the more I have to commit to her, willing and wanting to take the time to talk to her, wanting to tell her a story, and of course learn about the story before telling her about it (FYI, I read about Chinese Mythology, and Hercules’s 12 labors, just to find the simplest, most child friendly version that I can sugarcoat for her).

I do enjoy having fun with her, it’s the times like this, those where I put some effort into to get the most of these precious seconds that flows faster than the waves reaching the shore.

Her activities at the age of 3 is a lot! It’s not rare that Bubi has a rather busy schedule so I’m going to have to take care of her, taking her to her activities. I’ve actually taken her to a music class, a drumming/percussion class, a book reading with children activities in it, and a few more.

Of course I do this for free (most of the times) like a good brother should. But I’m not just taking care of her because I was told so, I also took care of her because I do enjoy taking her. Her activities are fun and I think she deserves to be taken to those activities, because she deserves the best.

Babysitting is a common thing to do… And trust me, if you’re able to take care of my sister, taking care of Jack-Jack, the son of Mr. Incredible would be less of a challenge. She’s troublesome, and sometimes she teases her friends to conflict, or oftenly she also gets hurt. If you took care of the problem incorrectly with her, you’ll end up making her cry.

You need to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve to be able to take care of her. She’s a handful…

In Conclusion…

As usual, even though at first I wanted to make a short story, I kinda failed at that, but still, I do hope you still like it.

Anyways, just so you know, this was written in a way with a hidden meaning behind it, but we’ll save that for AFTER the quote.

This article is a birthday gift to the little princess that was born about 3 hours ago, at this day, during the year of 2014…

Happy Birthday Alice!

I’ll let this quote conclude for you.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there -Cheshire Cat

Oh dear, WordPress is having issues with image uploading again… I’ll edit it out as soon as the problem vanishes the way Cheshire Cat vanishes, for now enjoy the text.

The Cheshire Cat is my favorite character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland…. OH LOOK! Same name as my sister! (Yeah it was an obvious thing by the way)

So, The Cheshire Cat is a bit mischievous, and a bit… well he’s helpful, unless he’s not…

Now, I really like that quote because it really does symbolize life, and in a shorter case, this writing.

I began writing hoping to actually be able to write a short story. Which I failed, so I changed my course, following the rhythm of my actual writing, and hopefully, I succeeded. I just followed the flow and found an ending, as well as a way out.

Life is the same, although you can’t always follow the path you wanted to follow in the first place, you could always prep yourself to choose wisely. . . and let the road take you to where you wanna be.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Until tomorrow, Stephen Hawking’s life would be discussed here, what a great coincidence that he died at the same day as Einstein’s birthday, and my sister’s birthday as well…


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  1. First of all I did cry a little when I read this post.. (well a lot actually) ahaha
    Secondly, Lucky for me I dont remember the birthday experience to be that gruesome..
    But well perhaps I just love to have a beautiful birth story, that every mother deserve

    Thank you for being such a great son dear Jaja..
    and most of all than you for being a wonderfull brother.

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