So… Social Media

So… Social Media

Oh dear… I’m very worried about this subject… And I have to tell you… You should be worried too. Well to be fair, this is something that is borderline unavoidable for mankind, just like how we’ll be extinct because of viruses… (I’m kidding, we’ll be killed by Artificial intelligence, not viruses…)

As far as I know, most people who owns a smartphone owns at least one social media account (unexpectedly, including my grandmother), and I have to tell you, just by getting a glance of somebody sitting next to me queueing in a hospital, I’m just astounded at how people can be so open to a bunch of strangers on social media.

To be fair, I have (almost) nothing against social media, and both of my parents are active and have a decent amount of followers and friends in Instagram and Facebook respectively. The only thing that I’m disliking about social media is how my mother posts about me in her account, without my permission… Even then, it’s not the social media that I’m against, it’s how she doesn’t ask for my permission… (What she posts about me is out of subject, not discussing that)

My Experience With Social Media

I used Facebook when I was 10-11… And I used Facebook to play games.

What? You thought there was gonna be more? Of course not! 😅

Just as an FYI, my account isn’t deleted, I don’t care about it, but it’s last activity is about… 2-3 years ago I guess? Before Social Media even has that much users.


I sometimes can’t believe that there’s a person on earth who would even do things like this.

About 15 minutes ago, when this event happened and it gave me inspiration for this article… I saw a person sitting right next to me, in a hospital. Instagram Story-ing (not a word, hopefully it doesn’t become one) the queue and surroundings of the registration… Room?

Anyways, that just straight out sucks… For the following reasons of course…

  • What’s the purpose… (No seriously, what on earth could the purpose of someone doing this be)
  • A Revelation In Location… A girl (presumably in college) just revealed her location… This isn’t that bad if you’re not a kind of paranoid person, but this isn’t good as well.
  • Waste of time… (Let’s leave it at that)
  • Remind me again… who would care? (Don’t say or think, her friends of course people wouldn’t care about a picture… If you want people to sympathize for your sick mother, make a WhatsApp broadcast, not an Instagram Story)
  • Umm, any uses? Like I said, if you want someone to give you moral support or sympathize, there are other options, broadcasts in WhatsApp groups, talking in person, have your significant other calm you down, or whatever… An Instagram story is probably the least effective (read: no effect at all)

I could go on and on and on… But I don’t want to sound too annoying… So let’s just get on ahead to the main problem of social media…


That, my friends, and dearest readers… Is the main problem with social media… 😅

If you think usage alone isn’t enough of an explanation, then let’s describe it more.

Social Media is a great thing! It really is, it helps you connect with the world, it also helps you get some funny jokes, and some fun facts presented in infographics, plus information for discounts and promotions.

You could also use it to sell stuff, and promote some of your own stuff, and more stuff related with the word stuff, because I don’t actually know what people sell in Social Media, so I just use the word “stuff”.

On the other hand, people overabuse it, sharing TOOOOOOOOO much of their personal lives there (which I’m not entirely against, if you’re really that open, your loss), using it to passive-aggressively pressure people who is having a conflict (I’ve heard of real life cases… Believe me, I HAVE, and it’s… Something that makes my face look like… 😐😐😓😓😨), now comes the part where people absorb too much information in a glimpse of an eye… I’ll go on a wee bit in the next part.

Too Much Info…

It’s a bad thing… It seriously is…

Within the last 20 years, the Human race have lost 33% of their attention span. And our attention span has become lower than the attention span of a goldfish.

So, if you’ve heard the saying, as ignorant as a goldfish, I think we should correct that as ignorant as a millennial.

Why is this happening? Well, for starters, too much information is the main source. Info flows too quickly, and most millennials fear that if they don’t keep up with the latest and best news, they fear they won’t be accepted in their social circles or whatever…

And now comes the 2 words I set to bold…

Latest and Best news, or info, the best news is relative of course. Some people think that a new encryption algorithm discovered is a very good and worthy to share news. While other people might think that the biggest news of the day is the fact that One Direction just broke up… (Okay, that’s indeed a sad thing, at the very least we have 5 solo artists now… [I just found out they broke up when I heard Harry Styles’s newest single, so I’m slow on news]).

Edit: Apparently that wasn’t Harry Styles, it was Niall Horan.

Now in terms of latest, Social Media somehow presents info in a very streamlined and easy to access way. This in itself… Is as bad as Michael Jackson’s “Bad” for our attention span.

Why? An overload of information and just how our generation behaves in general is a terrible match up.

Let’s see… We want the latest, “favourite” most trendy news.

Now, in terms of getting the latest news from social media (or any news portal in general), that can easily be done by scrolling up and refreshing. But what is hard is… getting that best news.

They (millennials) want something that can be a discussion topic amongst their friends. And… If they fail to find it, probably they’ll be disappointed, or they’ll follow with whatever their friends found. This is why they must rapidly move and find something interesting within the caps of their attention span (FYI, it’s 8-9 seconds), and probably, in an article, it’s either a clickbaity title, or a clickbaity first paragraph. Good luck with that.

Social Media and News

Now, why am I correlating, news between social media?

Social media and news are essentially the same thing. Only, they have different functions and content writers.

The news are written by reporters whose job is to present news, and their entire job revolves around it, and although the news contents are in a sense, degrading (later story… Patience yound squire), they’re not 100% trash.

On the other hand, the contents of social media is written by essentially everyone who uses social media. Which means, the contents may include whatever People would want to write, regardless of how trashy or useless their contents is.

So, I’m guessing this should be enough for you to conclude onto how social media should be used. I’m not concluding anything, since I’m not a user, and hopefully, I never will be a user…

In Conclusion

Use things accordingly.

Yes my conclusion is no more than a 6 syllabled word.

Whatever that is, don’t abuse it, and use it according to its original purpose.

Social Media is made to connect with people, not brag that you’re in a holiday, or showing everyone you just bought a new… (What do they post in social media again?) Or perhaps at the very least, just use it accordingly.

Regardless hope you enjoyed this article!

Also a short comic from Sarah C Andersen for the laughs, just before we close the day…

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