Low Cost Self Driving Cars

Low Cost Self Driving Cars

So, it’s rather known that Mr. Elon Musk is apparently “crazy” enough to go to space. But nah, I’m not going to be discussing that today, because I’ll be discussing about his other not so crazy project, self driving cars.

Now I won’t be having a discussion about my dream car (Tesla Model X), since it’s going to be less funny, and I’d also love that car so much, so no, Tesla won’t be much of a discussion today. Instead I’ll make fun of a possible future of… just carry on, I really hope you’ll laugh at least a bit after this article.

Today’s article would be written in English however, because this topic would be something funnier if everyone from all around the globe read it. So, we shall carry on and find a way through this article.

Low Cost Green Cars

So, some phenomenon happened here in Indonesia… Meet the Low Cost Green Cars, Agya, and Ayla…


Agya is made by the company Toyota, whilst Ayla is made by Daihatsu. Not giving a fullbody picture because I’ll have to admit I’m very bored of it. Seriously though, it looks relatively bad, to be fair not like, Nissan Juke bad, but… it’s still pretty bad.

So, they’re known as a Low Cost Green Car, LCGC for short, and they’re pretty cheap, their latest factory brand new models are now ranging from 120-155 million Rupiah (about 10.000-13.000 US Dollars), which is relatively cheap for a car. Older models could cost about 88 million Rupiah, or about 7.000 US Dollars, and they usually allow paying through installments.

But well, that’s one of its downsides. Because they’re that cheap they can be owned by anybody who used to own 2-3 motorcycles instead of 1 car, and are they green?

No, they’re not green, they just have low CC, maybe they’re just thinking of a nice acronym, because a Low Cost Car just sounds cheap, and LCC kinda doesn’t have enough of a ring to it. So, anybody whose even thought of a Hybrid Prius as a green car, don’t get your hopes up that much, it’s just a low cost and low CC car. So, LCCC then? No? not as catchy? Kay then…

So, when you consider how much of these cars exist nowadays, ever since its release about 5 years ago, at an April during 2013, and also a massive spiking in the new models and stuff… It’s not that green, it really isn’t…

Apart from that it’s not that comfortable, has a relatively low size, and is pretty much an excuse of a car, who has no personality. Unlike those cars they buy at Top Gear/Grand Tour, it really is just a small lame excuse of a car.

So, what’s the connection between this and self driving cars? We’ll get there…

Cutting Corners

OHHHH DEAAAR… This is where it gets ugly.

So this company wants to introduce a car that’s cheap and they cut corners by making cheaper and cheaper stuff, claiming its green to make people proud that they’re contributing to the environment for it… which is rather counterproductive when you consider it’s not that green as a single car, and it’s also very un-eco friendly with the amount of cars they’re making and running each day.

So, in terms of the connection between the self driving car and the Agya and Ayla is that to make it cheap, they’ll cut corners? Right? Yeah it’s very right, so, now, we’ll come to the ugliest part…


In the not so distant dark future, we’d have a low cost self driving car eventually. As we’ve evolved from, cars for the rich, to green… sorry, “GREEN” cars for the people with just enough money to buy a car.

Keep in mind that cussing and yelling at people inside of a car is a common thing these days (and since mass produced cars have existed anyways), so yeah, since nowadays these people who owns a car usually don’t own these cars and pretty much aren’t really that used to driving a car, because cars are larger than a motorcycle, their usual method of transport, they tend to brake terribly, run too fast, and ruin road tempo… Oh really though, it really is, very funny when you have a person that happens to drive you (no offense) yelling at these cars and call them “YOU LCGC!”.

Now imagine a life where you’d have a low cost self driving car. Coming back to cutting corners, this means they’d have to save some stuff, whether it be the interior, engine, or anything really.

Now a possible way to save on expenses when making these cars would be… through copy-pasting random codes of say, a Chinese (no offense) self driving car, without even evaluating it, because you know… cheap production.

Then some more expensive stuff you can save on, the sensors! Let’s buy a cheap sensor, because proper sensors are overrated! Yeah of course let’s do that. What else could someone save on a self driving car huh… hmm…

Oh yeah, cheaper touch screen! We don’t need it to be that sensitive anyways this isn’t a phone after all, so the car would be driving itself! What is this, a phone? Of course not, we don’t even need to operate the car it’ll drive itself!

Of course we can also cut corners on a bunch of stuff, like the typical cheaper engine, cheaper interior, and just your usual Low Cost Car needs.

So, now, this would mean there’d be these terrible features on a car that’s meant to drive itself… Like what!?

I mean giving a car to a people whose never driven before is one thing, but giving a self driving car cheap features is another thing! Like, who the fudge is not gonna yell at a self driving car who could accidentally hit stuff, accidentally brake, cannot be overridden because the touch screen lagged, the sensors not detecting the need to brake, and thus road chaos!

Of course they’ll need road-testing before release, but… seriously though,  a road-testing on a self driving car should be an entirely different case, because… it needs to face a gazillion different things, and situations. Like, are you nuts? I mean, surviving and making a trip home is one thing, facing a traffic jam and braking successfully is another, but being in a (or near a) car crash is another danger… meeting roadblocks are also something that needs to be dealt with and pre-programmed… if they don’t what’s gonna happen then?

Seriously though… Low Cost Self Driving Cars are literally accidents waiting to happen, let’s hope it doesn’t happen… No seriously though, don’t get any crazy ideas after reading this article, my intention is literally the opposite of it, don’t get too many crazy unrealistic ideas. That is assuming you’re not Mr. Wilman from Top Gear/Grand Tour who produces the show…

In Conclusion

Well, I have not too many conclusions, heck I don’t think I even have a single conclusion, it’s very tricky isn’t it…

Just know that cutting corners and cheapening (wow, cheapening is an actual word) things aren’t always good, but having a crazy idea is okay… so long you can anticipate that insanity of yours, being do-able. Wow, insanity and doable, aren’t they friends?

And on that terrible disappointment… it’s time to end! Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned for my next article, and good night!

(Grand Tour reference 😀 )

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