Jaja’s Greek Mythology – The Beginning, Part 1

Jaja’s Greek Mythology – The Beginning, Part 1

I’ve recently taken more interest in Greek Mythology (I have been interested at it for a long time, but more recently), and decided to write them up using my version, and my own words. Jaja’s Greek Mythology is a series where I tell stories about a certain hero, god, or goddess. I will try to post a mythological figure every 2 weeks. For now, let’s take a step back, and start at the beginning.

I won’t post events based on the timeline, but I would at least describe how myths begin and end. I’ve done the Theseus story and the world was definitely created by then.

DISCLAIMER: What You May Read Down Below May Be Violent, I Don’t Recommend Using This As A Bedtime Story, Unless You Want Your Child To Have Nightmares.

In most cultures, par the Greeks, earth was created by the gods, on Greek Mythology, the Earth, and Sky created the gods… Well, sort of gods, I would not necessarily call them gods, but as for now, let’s just look at what the Greeks thought of until the “Big Bang” happened.

Everything was an empty void, Chaos was all that loomed, and well the name of the void is literally Chaos. Was it Chaotic back then? Nope, everything is literally what you would feel when you close your eyes, and wear an earplug. Nothing. But well, apparently “Nothing” has a consciousness, and Mr. (or Mrs.) Nothing here thought that: “Man… an empty Void is BORING”, which is what you feel if you are closing your eyes, lying down, and wearing earplugs. Heck, I’m not even sure I would have lasted 3 minutes with Nothing but Chaos, and boredom.

So Chaos willed Gaia to exist. What is Gaia you might ask? You’re standing on it right now, unless you’re on a plane, that is. Gaia is Mother Earth. She isn’t a Mom yet, but well she is female. I’m thinking of something simple here, If Chaos got bored, out of 2 options of gender, Chaos chose a girl, which is the gender of making things complex until you can’t even understand it anymore. Maybe Chaos hasn’t thought that through too much.

Gaia has the ability to project her consciousness onto the form of a woman. Anywhere the earth is, she can appear there. But, well, eventually it got boring. Gaia stared onto emptiness and apart from the Earth? Everything is still a Void, so if you stared from a mountain, what you saw was blackness, and nothing else. You guessed it… BORING.

So, Gaia willed for something else to be a boundary between the Void and Earth. She formed a sky, who is the first male. The sky was named Ouranos, which by the way, is Greek for Uranus. Now you know the origin name of Uranus, bonus points! Ouranos could also deploy his consciousness onto the Earth, and gave Gaia someone to talk with. Gaia also created a Dark Pit, called Tartarus, who is also a Male personification, inside of the Earth. Tartarus was a part of the underworld, and is only a 9 day fall away from the Earth, just find a hole to Tartarus, leap onto it, and BAM, you’ll be at Tartarus 9 days later, and you thought Bekasi was far away…

For Now, Both Chaos and Gaia has Created 5 things.

The Sea, with Pontus as the personification, The Underworld, called Erebos, The Dark Pit, known as Tartarus, which is basically the Underworld, but way deeper than that, The Sky, personified as Ouranos, and Definitely, Gaia, as The Earth.

Pontus, Appearing Physically
The Underworld, Currently Still Empty
The Deepest Depths Of The Underworld, Tartarus, A Prison For Monsters

(Note that Humans are not sent to Tartarus, but it’s pretty hard finding a picture of hell that isn’t for humans, and that was the best one I found)


Ouranos visited Gaia a lot of times since they should be very bored with their task of keeping the Earth and Sky alive, most of the things that you could see back then, were already a part of their bodies.

They eventually fell in love with each other and had a first batch of children that was new creatures, that well, these creatures were not like them. They are not personifications of something else. They are large giants, called The Titans and they were the first the first gods.

Their names… You don’t have to memorize them, they’ll only be a part of this story, and well a bit more on the next ones, but they aren’t as commonly retold like the Greek gods we know of. Okay, but for the male ones, their names are: Oceanus, Krios, Koios, Iapetus, Hyperion, and Kronos. The girls’ names: Phoebe, Themis, Theia, Tethys, Rhea, and Mnemosyne.

Ouranos Standing Near Gaia And Their Cute Baby Titans.

Good luck pronouncing those names, by the way.

Anyways, Ouranos didn’t really care about his kids, and didn’t even visit Gaia that often, maybe he isn’t the Daddy type. As for Gaia, she really loves her kids, and every time Ouranos visited, Gaia reported she has new children.

The second batch of children are triplets with one eye, and are as large as the Titans. They are known as the Elder Cyclopes, opposed to the regular Cyclopes, they are immortal. Yeah, that’s all I found, they were the first Cyclopes to ever roam the Earth. Their names are Brontes, Steropes, and Arges.

A Cyclops, They’re Giants With 1 Eye

They were UGLY, only a mother could love them. I meant that literally. Ouranos maybe thinks “They can’t be my sons! They are ugly, I’m the sky, of course I’m handsome”. So, he proved and showed Gaia he literally is not the Daddy type, and Ouranos threw all of those poor one eyed men onto Tartarus, so he never has to see them ever again.

Gaia was devastated, she was a very motherly being, but well, she still gave Ouranos a chance. She gave Ouranos one more date, maybe he’s changed. Who knows?

Well Homer (the writer, not the yellow one) must’ve known.

Gaia gave birth to the Hecanto… Wait, I don’t know how to spell this, I’m googling first . . . Hecatoncheires. To put it simple, imagine a gigantic man, with 100 arms, and 50 heads. They are known as The Hundred Handed Ones, and I recommend calling them that instead, as it is easier to say, and makes it easier for me to spellcheck :D. Take a guess. . . If Ouranos cast away people with a Large Eye on the center, what would he do to something 100 times more gross than that? Since Murder hasn’t been invented yet, he cast away the Hundred Handed Ones to Tartarus. Their Names: Cottus, Briares, and Gyges. Much easier to pronounce than the Titans.

A Hecatoncheires, Ew

Gaia got fed up of Ouranos’ definition on parenting. So, she asked all of his kids to do something. Kronos, the youngest of the 12 came out with an idea. Now, Kronos when compared to his brother’s, he doesn’t really excel at anything. But Kronos is the Cruelest, most Crooked, Titan.

Now, imagine what would a guy like Kronos do? Well, he suggest that his brothers catch his father, stretch his arms. . . And, he would do his part… Okay, Kronos is known as “The Crooked One”, not long after this and I did recommend you to not read this as a bedtime story. Oceanus wants nothing to do with this, he just played and met with his uncle Pontus, because he loved the oceans and waters.

Kronos promised the 4 of his brothers that he would split the earth, and give each of them their own territory if they agreed, so they did. Kronos is good at getting those business deals.

So, Gaia invited Ouranos for one more night, and she wore the most beautiful dress made out of tree barks, and jewels she found inside the Earth. Ouranos was astounded when she met Gaia, but he was surprised. His 4 sons caught him and pushed him down on the ground stretching his arms.

Kronos already prepared a special weapon for this occasion, he invented a Scythe, you know, those things that the Grim Reaper carries. Before he cut up his father, Ouranos cursed Kronos, he said that “One Day, You Will Suffer The Same Fate As I Do, Your Throne Will Be Taken By One Of Your Children!”. Kronos did not really care about it at the moment, he just enjoyed cutting up his father, until he lost his consciousness, and the sky lost its personification. He threw what was left of his father onto the ocean, and from seafoam, and his body parts, a goddess was born. She would be rather intrigung, but I do not like her personality, so maybe we’ll postpone her.

Now you might be thinking, THE SKY IS DEAD? WHAT THE HECK IS UP THERE THEN? Okay, Ouranos is technically immortal, but he can’t maintain any more consciousness, or a physical form, it probably takes him all of what’s left of his might to keep the sky up and running. He might be able to appear in physical form, if he wants the sky to disappear, which would lead to him, and everything on Earth dying. Now, the sky is still there, but it has nothing to keep it afloat, so the Titans split up the world onto 4 pillars, one on each corner of the Earth, to hold the sky.

Kronos released his brothers the Elder Cyclopes, and the Hundred Handed Ones, on one condition, he requested them to build the most beautiful palace on Mount Othrys, the tallest Mountain back then. So they did, they were the best constructors anyone could get in Ancient Greece, because well, the Hundred Handed Ones has 49 more pairs of arms to work with, and the Cyclops were VERY strong.

Now each Titan ended up living happily, and each of them ruled a point, with Kronos becoming the King of everything. Oceanus who refused to help was not given a point, but was given the Sea, and well, that’s how the phrase “Ocean” came out. Oceanus didn’t really mind getting the sea, he always enjoyed the waters.

Now pretty much each Titan got a spouse, which since no one else existed, were their sisters, and a point in the world, and some kids. But Kronos did not want anything to do with kids, because of Ouranos’ curse. Kronos stated that the Golden Age has begun, the time where Titans ruled the earth, but still no humans. For now, I’m gonna give you the specialty, spouse, and children of each Titan.

Oceanus got the Sea, and well, was The Titan of The Sea, that is until the gods come along. He expanded the sea to cover Earth, and the Sea is now mostly water. This is probably the Greek Myth version of the Continental Drift. He married Tethys, and the two of them became the parent to every river in all of Greece. Tethys became the Titan of, actually nothing to be honest, she is known as Oceanus’ wife. They had a daughter named Clymene.

Oceanus, The Eldest Son

Iapetus became the Titan of the West, and he is probably the best Titan in combat, his name literally meant “The Piercer”. Which means Iapetus is the Greek Version of Vlad Dracula. But on a more serious note, he impales anyone he fights, pierces them brutally, and well, he was a pretty strong Titan. Iapetus isn’t flashy, he is a calm Titan, but once you get him mad, well, he’ll go all Vlad on you.

Iapetus The Piercer, Also Known As Greek Vlad Dracula

Iapetus married a Titan named Clymene, who is his niece, she is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, oh my Titans, that’s just weirder… Anyways, they had 3 sons, one is named Atlas, who became Kronos’ general, and one is called Prometheus who is very smart by the way his name literally meant forethought, so he thinks things through before doing it. The last son is called Epimetheus, which literally meant afterthought, and well, he isn’t that smart, because he does things and then think.

Hyperion became the Titan of the East, and called himself the Lord Of The Light, cause sunlight travelled from east to west, and he managed to channel all light, and made himself a shiny showoff. He married Theia, who was the Titan of Clear Sight, and well she loved everything shiny, which, speaking of Shiny, there is a Lord of The Light, so… anything shinier than that? His daughter and son became the personification of the Sun and the Moon. Their names are Helios and Selene, and they are just glowing and glimmering like their father and mother.

The Shiny Titan, Hyperion.

The Statue Isn’t Shiny Cause Lamps and Light Bulbs Were Not Invented Yet

Koios ended up with the Northern Point, and he has the ability of Prophecies, he could ask questions to the sky, and get them answered. Honestly, I think Ouranos’ Spirt is the one who told him all of that, and he was alive, but he is probably traumatized to return back to Earth. Anyways, Koios became the Titan of Intelligence, he also passed down the power of prophecies down onto his Grandson, Apollo, which is known as the god of Prophecies, and a dozen more things, but that is for later.

Koios, Titan Of The Stars

Koios married Phoebe and had 2 children, Leto, Titan of Motherhood, and Asteria, Titan of the Stars. Phoebe ran her own Prophecy business, called the Oracle of Delphi, and it’s the most important Prophecy Center in all of Ancient Greece. Back then Oracles are the malls where socialites take selfies and post onto their social medias, so having the best Oracle in all of Greece is equivalent to having the best mall in the world.

Krios took the South, Krios is a silent Titan, and all he did all day was look at the southern constellations, and think, and all the boring stuff. He has a Ram as a symbol, because the Ram constellation showed up in the Southern Hemisphere of the sky. Krios is also one of the smartest Titans, and is known as Titan of Constellations. He didn’t marry any of her sisters, but he does have some kids with someone named Eurybia, Titan of… Krios’ wife. Nothing else

I couldn’t find a picture of Krios because he seems to be boring and the Greeks didn’t bother to make a statue of him.

Oh, by the way, Themis didn’t get married, and became a mediation Titan if there is some conflict. Officially known as Titan of Justice and Natural Law.  She is very wise, and is normally called if there is some conflict between her brothers.

Mnemosyne also did not get married, but she became the Titan of Memory, and oh boy… She is boring. She is that girl who knows everything and corrects every single wrong thing you say. Yup, you might guess why she didn’t get married.

Kronos, didn’t marry anyone yet, but he is very happy and became King Of The Universe, and Lord Of Time, like Doctor Who, you know, the name of the Alien Species he is, is Timelord. Anyways he can’t travel through time, but he could accelerate and make things seem fast, or decelerate and make things slow. He used to travel around Greece, and accelerate things so they get old and wither. Then he slows it down, so they die a painful and miserable death. . . Wow, that’s cruel, and well, I did mention that he is a sociopath right?

World’s First Ever Murderer, and Time Lord, Kronos

No One dared to dispute Kronos, cause well, dude would stop at nothing to keep his throne. What part of Cruelest, and Most Crooked you don’t understand? Oh regarding the curse, wait for next time.

So story ends, at least for now, and by the way, Bubi likes the Titans stories more than the gods, cause the Titans are less human-like than the Greek Gods, showing more strength and just overall more cocky, the way a deity should be. They do lack the brains though, and you’ll see more of that later.

Wait for Part 2!


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