Earth. A Short Poetry

Earth. A Short Poetry

This is once again, not an excuse of a shortage of ideas. Today I would like to present something different, I just had a random flash of lightning, maybe it’s from the universal mind, or earth or anything really. I got a message in the form of a poetry, which honestly I’m not even sure about its contents, but I’m going to write it anyway.

Minor break before we actually go onto the poetry, I actually really wanted to write a song, but I lack the instrument playing skills to compose, and… yeah I’m not making too much excuses here, point is I haven’t. So… let’s just get on to the poetry!

The Earth

I am the Earth
Mother of all life
I stood during life’s birth
and through neverending strife

I’ve felt joy and sorrow
All living things took its part
But now I fear there shall be no tomorrow
As humans have torn me apart

I feared their creation
There are many definite evidence
That these beings with great imagination
Have abused their intelligence

I truly love all my children
But it seems these ones don’t love me back
They’ve taken all that I’ve hidden
As if compassion is what I lack

I was created with many a resource
They all belong to nature
These humans, they took it all by force
Sucking all of them, it’s their behavior

These humans, they’re really cruel
Stripped their mother of her soil
Taking everything, from gold to fuel
They see them as nature’s spoils

It isn’t too late for them to change
Should they slow down and hear my voice?
It seems that taking care of me is strange
They’ve left me no choice

Oh my dearest children
I don’t want to finish you all
But you’ve cut my age by a million
I guess there must be a time for you to fall

I really wish you could forgive
But I’ve never been so mistreated
I wish that by doing this, I’ll be able to live
Earth will not be defeated

What kind of mother slays their own child
But what kind of children mistreats their mother
Every single bad deed that I’ve compiled
Counting one after another

Never before have I created children so intelligent
But never before have I seen a creature with such greed
They’re acts are completely arrogant
Only without them, I shall be freed

Had only they changed
Had only they could realize
And acted less deranged
To me they’re still life’s prize


In Conclusion

As I’ve said in the waldorf article released this very day… I really would let you conclude… The story has spoken about most of it…

However I am really just recently stepping inside the realm of poetry, so please… give me feedback! 🙂 Thanks!

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