Cloud of Fear: Piece of Poetry

Cloud of Fear: Piece of Poetry

Selamat hari Senin… Hal buruk, banyak sekali hal buruk telah terjadi di tanah air tercinta di beberapa hari terakhir. Terrorisme sudah marak, dan membuat setiap detik di hari-hariku tegang, dan ketakutan sudah tersebar dimana-mana. Aku berharap bahwa orang-orang yang merencanakan terrorisme ini menyadari bahwa mereka sangat kejam.

Esok hari akan ada artikel tentang rantai informasi, dan perannya dalam revolusi, atau mungkin penggulingan sebuah pemerintahan, tapi untuk hari ini, puisi saja ya.

Oh, puisinya dalam bahasa inggris ya… Selamat menikmati!

Intro Bahasa Inggris:

Good evening to you on this Monday. Terrible things have been happening throughout Indonesia in these past few days. Terrorism is a canon, rather scary, and makes my day more tense… Fear is all over the place. I truly hope that those people would eventually realize that what they’re doing is terrible… No, I’ve no better wish.

I have a long article planned tomorrow, about the way information and networks could cause in a massive revolution, and overthrowing of a government, but for now… I’ll settle for a poetry. (note that the article would be written in Bahasa).


Cloud of Fear

By: Azriel M.A.H.

For a moment, there was peace
Light flashed and chaos boomed
Notice! Silence ceased
Now it seems, we’ll be doomed

Destruction is all that seems
Flames, rubble, dust
Desperately, out comes a scream
Is this the world you trust?

No time can you question
What horrors lie beneath
This insane obsession
These puzzles are incomplete

Reveal to me what’s true!
Darkness is the answer
Clouds of fear are in your view
Inside it, must lie a disaster.

 Flames, are what’s apparent
Dancing inside the smoke
Blaze! Thoughts so abhorrent
Burn and consume all with a stroke

Blinded by the cloud
Doubtfully you live your life
Tension and fear shrouds
With it, hope shall strife

When everything seems glum
Once more flames struck
Your time will come
It’s only a matter of luck

Terror strikes, panic spreads
Flames consume and burn
Truly, the world dreads
Are you just going to mourn?

Move! Gather your forces!
Stand up and fight!
Face this threat so enormous
And put out every last light

Clouds of fear and judgement…
Shall blind us no more!
Together, we will be triumphant
For unity lies in our core!

In Conclusion

Today’s conclusion is simple… Society has its problems, that’s a cold hard truth. It is however up to us to stand up, unite and fight against it. Don’t let a chaotic, tense and fearful condition cause more chaos and conflict. Make this chaos an opportunity to unite once more, and fight (Fight is a metaphor for like, be together, don’t exactly fight) the way heroes fought for our independence!

Until next time!

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