[Azriel’s Late Post] String Theory Public Lecture

[Azriel’s Late Post] String Theory Public Lecture

Seri Azriel’s Late Post ini adalah kumpulan tulisan yang dibuat sebelum laman dikakipelangi ini diluncurkan, dan ditulis selama periode 2015 – 2017. Selamat menikmati🙂

Foto Prof. Peter Bouwknegt di Situs Kampusnya

Last Wednesday, I went to ITB to hear a public lecture from Prof. Peter Bouwknegt, who is Dutch but lives in Australia. This lecture is actually about general String Theory which I am already familiar with, but adds some more technicality towards it.

First of all Prof. Peter starts by explaining what String Theory is, its a Theory of everything that unifies gravity, weak nuclear, strong nuclear, and electromagnetism, if proven correct. Our current unification of the universe is a rather simple one, called the standard model, which cannot unify gravity.

String Theory runs on the foundation of belief that particles aren’t stagnant and can make vibrations. To define String Theory, we cannot use the Feynman Diagram. A Feynman Diagram is a path of particles that is only 2 dimensional. To form particles that support String Theory’s 10 dimensional unification, we need a different diagram. A 3 dimensional path is what we need. The shape of this diagram is infinite, and much weirder than a Feynman Diagram, as it is… Okay I cant explain the shape, let this picture explain. The image on the left is the Feynman Diagram, and the String Diagram is the one on the Right.

Prof. Peter also states that String Theory, despite can go to a multi dimensional form, should still be calculated on the basis of single dimensional being. Until string theory is quantified by default, only then multi dimensional basis of our dimensions can be defined. So, until we can define gravity, we can’t think of multi dimensional existence, as String Theory can exist without multiple universe’s existence.



Honestly this is done. But Prof. Peter did sum up the general idea of String Theory:

  • String Theory is a 3 dimensional moving version onto our current Standard Model
  • The amount of possible string form shapes are Infinite
  • Multidimensional existence is possible, but is not a must
  • Every type of matter can take this form, and weirdly since we don’t know 96% of our universe, I wonder the shape of Dark Matter strings
  • Gravity is defined by this, because if everything moves, gravity can make its weak pull.
  • Nothing is stagnant.

So pretty much this is all that is in that 30 minute lecture. The other 30 minutes are used to ask questions and university promotion. I asked what is Graviton (which is a hypothetical particle that forms the mediation between gravity and quantum fields, has enough force to perform a pull) and about some complex stuff regarding the end of our universe… precisely this is what I asked: “If the laws of physics are indeed a death warrant (as to what Prof. Michio Kaku said) to all intelligent life, and multiple dimensions exist, will the destruction of one universe lead to another?” Prof. Peter answered philosophically that we definitely don’t want that, especially if we are a new universe, then the old ones will just get consumed by Entropy, and lead to the Big Crunch, and trust me, no one wants that.

At the end of the lecture I talked a bit with a man that was promoting the physics institute that I cant remember, because Prof. Peter is unavailable, and got his name card. He told me that if I do get a scholarship (which he wishes me to get) please consider our university. As a matter of fact he thought I was a Physicist… Because I asked a complex question. Well, I’m not, I am a 14 year old homeschooler.


Its a good lecture and very efficient judging by the 30 minute time stamp, but I personally enjoy the math and technicality added onto something I know.

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