[Azriel’s Late Post] My Paper On CERN

[Azriel’s Late Post] My Paper On CERN

Seri Azriel’s Late Post ini adalah kumpulan tulisan yang dibuat sebelum laman dikakipelangi ini diluncurkan, dan ditulis selama periode 2015 – 2017. Selamat menikmati 🙂

What is CERN? CERN is a council that does nuclear research, it uses French for its acronym what does it stand for? ConseilEuropéen pour la RechercheNucléaire (As I’ve said European council for nuclear research)

Location: Meyrin, Switzerland precisely in the Route de Meyrin.

History: The CERN lab was founded or created, at 29th September 1954, apparently that is when nuclear based tech starts to become famous, and there were 12 countries taking part in this project firstly(Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Sweden, United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia), now there are 80.

Cyclotron: this is not from CERN but this might matter at the next part, a cyclotron is a particle accelerator that uses electronic forces and sends them to the particle accelerating it…

CERN’s first Accelerator: CERN was in to particle acceleration since it was created, and it is first ever accelerator was called the synchrocyclotron which focuses in nuclear science, and I think this thing accelerates particles to fuel nuclear energy. The difference of the synchrocyclotron, is, the electric shock used is not constant it increases depending on the particles speed, now this is the first particle accelerator reaching the near speed of light (probably hypersonic.) this accelerator was disabled at 1990

First particle collision: the first particle collision to happen at CERN, is using the proton synchrotron accelerator, uses special proton beams that jetted particles, and due to this collision (I believe it did not reach light speed I do not know for sure) a new world of particle physics is opened, and due to this collision the Large Hadron Collider existed!

Antiparticles: This is a project CERN has been working on actually, it regards antiparticles, and anyway what is this particle? The antiparticles are a coolparticle that has the same mass, but has an opposite particular structure and charges if compared to the original particle, also its positron has an opposite charge, apparently a few antiparticles are created in particle acceleration and collision.

Large Hadron Collider: The most famous particle accelerator ever in the history of CERN it is also the largest particle accelerator or collider in the world, it is created to answer dozens of physics based question, and my 3 favorite questions and projects include: the search of a parallel dimension or universe which actually means we might actually not be the prime universe, if we are not the prime universe what will happen in our alternate lives? Project ALICE is apparently a project that is trying to figure out what did the big bang created, one of the objects that the big bang created is an amazing particle called quark which uniquely is fluid, because if I am correct not much quarks are not solid, the quark that project ALICE is trying to recreate is called a quark-gluon plasma which is actually a liquid state of matter that theoretically would give us a clue about quantum mechanics, this liquid state of matter is hot or warm, and very thick (scientific language is high temperature and high density) lastly is project CMS which hunts for quantum mechanics and the Higgs Bosonor the god particles, which apparently is a particle created with weak electromagnetic fields and the Higgs Boson is theoretical, and hard to prove but, once we know it exists we know it’s everywhere, but if Higgs Boson exists, it is no use for non-scientists (theoretically)

Big Bang Energy: Large Hadron Collider would also try to find this energy of the big bang that started with a single hydrogen particle apparently CERN is trying to recreate this energy, only with 2 light speed Hydrogen particles, although it might cause a black hole, an energy explosion that destroys this planet, it could also open a new dimension, or even create a new universe and a new energy source, but it is still theoretical.

Conclusion: well apparently CERN could reopen possibilities of everything or end this universe, so my question to CERN is are your experiments dangerous or incredible??





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