Abstract Review of “The Burning Maze” By Rick Riordan

Abstract Review of “The Burning Maze” By Rick Riordan

I’ll admit today is a bit tiring. However, that won’t stop me from giving you guys a book review. However the review would be abstract. I would give spoilers, but they won’t be connected to any scene, and all of them would be nothing but pictures. Similarly to this image, which is a spoiler abstraction of Avengers Infinity War.

You’ll know about the spoiler only AFTER you see the scene revolving one of those pics so now… Get ready for 9 pics to abstractly spoiler Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze.


Note that these images are not in chronological order, and there is about 9 pics, one for every 5 (ish) chapters.

In Conclusion

  1. May these abstract spoilers guide you to this wonderful book
  2. I will review each and every single one of these images when I do release the official article
  3. The book itself is amazing! When you put your full thought into it… You can easily step inside the shoes of people in the book scene

Until next time!

Oh Wait, you can scroll down below to see the spoilers explained and giving them context, hence it’s no longer abstract… This would mean spoilers, spoilers and spoilers however.

Putting into Context

Again, last warning, spoilers if you haven’t read the book. On top of that, they’ll only be simple captions, but regardless, enjoy!

Baby Boots

Well, unexpectedly this is the literal translation of the third and final emperor of the triumvirate. Caligula. Yes, Caligula, the cruel, teenage, god complex, emperor… literally translates to Baby Boots.

And this does explain why Commodus is given the central territory to mark the area and be some sort of a barrier so Caligula and Nero, which are uncle-nephews to one another, do not clash.


Still on the Caligula subject… Apollo is a Sun God, but he only gained that job after Helios the Titan. Helios lost that job because eventually the Greeks forgot about him. On top of that, being the Sun is also one of Caligula’s desires. So, he ordered Medea (who is revived again) to capture the essence of Helios and make a burning maze, and also… to trap Apollo.

With the essences of both of these gods, Caligula can finally become the sun.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is the name of a Dryad who constantly uses her magical gel to heal the wounds of Meg and Apollo.


Not a guitar, it’s a Ukulele. So, in the Book, Apollo met up with a species known as the Pandai. These Pandai (plural)/Pandos (singular) are creatures with… yeah read the book.

Anyways, they are hired as Caligula’s guards, however a Pandos wanted to be with Apollo and joined his group. This Pandos only joined Apollo since he really wanted to learn how to play his Ukulele. Which is probably the reason why this may be a rather obvious pic, but you’ll understand… after reading of course.

White Horses

Incitatus. That’s the name of Caligula’s talking white horse. Yeah, the Horse speaks English, and is therefore made a council member by Caligula. He does many annoying things in the book.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser was a rich actor. But he got bankrupt… Same thing happened to Tristan McLean, Piper’s father. Thanks to Caligula and Nero, Tristan McLean is now officially, bankrupt, and owes some people lots of money. Which is the very reason I used Brendan Fraser’s picture.

Boats aligned

FYI that’s probably one of the best pics I got. Anyways, if you’ve read the book that’s actually describing the scene where Jason died… Yes, Jason Grace dies. For real…

In the middle chapters, Caligula aligned 50 boats in honor of his sister, and made a bunch of parties in the boat. Apollo said he did this once to say “Boo-Hoo, stupid prophecy, I can be emperor, no matter what you tell me”. And now he does this again.

(The prophecy states that the odds for Caligula being a Roman Emperor is as low as riding a horse across a river. He did this by lining up 50 boats THEN riding the horse).

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi here is a minor jest. Well, at the end of the book, before going to Camp Jupiter and securing the Sibylline books from a Harpy whose the source of prophecy at Camp Jupiter.

The trip there is actually done in a plane, but Apollo is given a gift of Bon Jovi casettes for the trip…


Herophile, (Friend of heroes), is the Oracle that Apollo must save. She gives her prophecies in the form of puzzles, similarly to those in a crossword. For instance… Don’t come here it’s a … four letters, starts with a T… The final climax of the book concluded with a prophecy uttered from partially Apollo, but mostly… Herophile herself.

Here’s the prophecy in case you forgot… (not that you’d probably get it anyways, these prophecies are so contextless, that you’d not understand it).

Apollo faces death in Tarquin’s Tomb, unless the doorway to the soundless god is opened by Bellona’s Daughter

For all I know so far, Apollo would die in the tomb of the last Roman King, Tarquin, unless Reyna, the daughter of Bellona would do something involving a soundless god.

Problem is, the Greeks don’t have many soundless gods. Except for the Goddess of Silence, Hesychia or her Roman Form Silentia, and Harpocrates, which is an Egyptian Greek god hybrid. It’s… confusing for now, we’ll understand this in the fourth book.

The Tyrant’s Tomb.

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